Looks for Women with Thick Thighs

Despite the overwhelming majority of women prefer a body more thin and dry, these days, have thick thighs should not be synonymous with disgrace to anyone.

Unfortunately, the world of fashion does not recognize the beauty of the women more plump and so continues to make clothes so small, but so small that even Barbie could use.

If you have thick thighs, your beauty can and should be highlighted. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, we created a list with some tips you can follow to stay even more beautiful-just the way you are.

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VIP Pregnant

All women pregnant jet-set! Who will visit the Stork this year?

The year has just begun but for many women VIPs will certainly be a sensational year. Many, in fact, coming into 2011 with a beautiful belly! Which port will knock the Stork?

It certainly has gone to find the supermodel Miranda Kerr, who last January 7 became a mother of Flynn, had by actor Orlando Bloom. Will pass home of actress Natalie Portman, fresh winner of a Golden Globe. Her baby bump, banded in a silk dress, is one of the most beautiful images of the ceremony! Even the French colleague Marion Cottilard expecting her first child, in 35 years, while it will be the fourth for the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham who, after three men from strange names, hoping for a girl. Continue reading “VIP Pregnant”

Stylish Maternity Clothes Pregnancy

Hach yes, alone is the word “Maternity” it makes my cold down the back. I think of Jogging oufits, shapeless cuts, faded leggings and Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. Argh.
In pregnancy with Xaver I was relatively pragmatic was concerned what maternity wear, I wore wide stuff on, much COS was there, I shopped some clothes a few sizes larger, did much of the man and managed almost entirely without a real “fact part “by pregnancy.However – I have hardly increased, and my stomach was not SO big. I’m afraid that this time will be different. So it looks like so far, I’ll carry around by spring such a giant ball in front of me that I probably did not rumkomme to “Maternity”. And then comes the lactation and I need quiet friendly stuff-much reason to go shopping!

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Sleeping With a Bra

Atlantico: Marilyn Monroe apparently wearing a bra every night in order to keep a firm chest. Today, no scientific answer was given to this question. What do you think are the advantages to wear a bra at night?

Moookherjee Robin: I see no advantage to wear a bra at night, I see only disadvantages. It is irrelevant because the night there are only a few movements. Being in a horizontal position no longer skin. Furthermore same day, it is not necessary for small breasts, bonnets A or B to wear a bra. This has not much interest but from a certain weight, the skin stretches when walking or when running. Ideally, from the size C or D, better wear a bra.

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How to Choose a Pregnancy Trousers

That’s it! Your favorite jeans do you most. Here are some shopping tips to find the pants or jeans that fit you beautifully. One two three!Call a girlfriend, let’s shop!

Available Models

In the shops, there are more and more models of pants, capri and jeans. There is no doubt there is a model for you. Now it is to find it!

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Pregnancy Maternity Style Tips

My girlfriend Karline Lisk was not without reason, the first mom that we have portrayed here . She is just pure inspiration! Transparent, wise, warm, natural and so beautiful. It is logical that they are now that she’s pregnant for the second time (it’s a boy!) Show their favorite belly looks had.

Karline has always been a trendsetter-really, already in primary school – she loves fashion, music, lifestyle, she dares mode moderately longer than most and even if they now, in the 39th week of pregnancy, slowly annoyed is of the pounds, the belly and clumsiness, her coat still every morning something new one. She still wears colorful nails, loves large labels and, above all wearing just spent with passion their impressive collection of small handbags through the area, “before the Wickeltaschen madness starts again.”

We have photographed two weeks ago and here is the result!

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Winter Outfits with High Waisted Pants

Because of the peculiarities of time inhabitants of the region are forced uteplyatysya well with the onset of winter. On top of freezing warm coats, sweaters nodes and comfortable gloves raskupayutsya immediately. Not to mention women’s trousers for winter. Buying them, you get fancy pants and warm kolgotы in one product. Now you can forget about ugly slacks with nachesom, wool leggings and leggings. Modern women’s ski pants with elegant girlfriend, not stesnyayut movement and good combined with daily wardrobe and upper clothes in casual style.
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Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy

With the arrival of summer many expectant mothers have posed the problem of hair removal during pregnancy, wondering if hair removal with intense pulsed light can be harmful to an unborn baby. Let’s find out together.

It is probably the most advanced method for the treatment of unwanted hair. The pulsed light epilation can eliminate permanently and safely that terrible fuzz too which until a few years ago we could monitor only provisionally. But it is safe for pregnant women? Are there any side effects to an unborn baby? Continue reading “Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy”

Late Pregnancy: Having a Baby at 40 Years Old

Growing steadily year by year, the percentage of women who decide to have a baby in 40 years. Here’s what you do if you have finally decided to fulfill your desire for motherhood.

There are plenty of moms who decide to have their first child at the stroke of the “door”. But is it really a choice, a desire to pursue the desire for a child with maturity and conviction, or late pregnancies are just a side effect of the times. Out of the House not earlier than thirty, very precarious jobs and hardship, and no kids up to 40 years, for some it is a choice for most instead is a necessity. Continue reading “Late Pregnancy: Having a Baby at 40 Years Old”

Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

You can use body lotions, cosmetics and perfumes in pregnancy? And hair dyes and nail enamels? Find out in our article.

In some cases, prudence is never enough, and if it is true that pregnant women are aware that taking certain medications may not be healthy for the fetus, probably most unaware that even hair dyes and cosmetics can be dangerous. Alternatively you could use a selection of safe products or prepare your favorite cosmetics at home, especially when it comes to body lotions or facials. Continue reading “Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy”