8 Remedies for Yellow Nails

The snuff, use of nail polish or even internal problems produce yellow nails, if you have yellow nails these natural remedies will help you whiten your nails to look perfect.

White vinegar

A simple and effective way to whiten nails is dipping for 5 minutes, nails in white vinegar, because vinegar is a little strong remedies repeat this every three or two days to start noticing results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its multiple uses and properties, one of them is to help keep your nails white and strong; just rub your nails with gel inside the leaves of this plant, two or three times a day.

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Top 12 Nails with Designs

If you love to experiment with nail polish, French manicure and styles such as acrylic or natural nails, then we have a surprise for you. Nails with design have become fashionable and the reality is that when it comes to colors, sizes, shapes and styles, anything goes. Therefore, these nails with designs that can not be missed.

12. Kiwi Designs

If fresh designs will go best with your style, surely nails stickers with kiwi designs are an excellent choice, with bright green colors and touches of black and white blend perfectly with casual attire.

11. Flores Designs

Other designs that stand out much in sight thanks to the number of colors are floral. With this option your nails attract attention of all. They are very heavy for people who like more showy styles ranges.

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Top 10 Nail Polish

The nail polish on this article can make hands stand out and look amazing with glitter, matte and all worship this season, the crackle.

10. Metallic

The finish gives this nail polish is amazing as it stands without using brightness and range not only consists of silver or gold and has spread covering colors like turquoise, purple, emerald, to give them a more elegant and modern touch your hands.

9. Nail Polish Bicolor

With technology, it is now possible in a single enamel can have two colors. The simple reason that will change your mood can you believe it?. Changing shades will degrade, causing the nail is one color above and below another.

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Nails for Halloween

Give a different touch to your look this Halloween with some nail designs for Halloween that we recommend, you will feel.

Nails houses

Haunted houses are part of the stories of Halloween, you use them as inspiration to create this funny, background colors may vary from purple, green or orange, you decide.

Nails anime characters

Draw the typical vampire makeup for Halloween characters (http://www.listofusnewspapers.com/vampire-makeup-for-halloween_2016/) but in the anime style, give a different these fictional characters in your nails touch. You can draw different characters by nail or choose only one character.

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Top 8 Trends Nails for Halloween

For this Halloween, also use a  makeup Halloween dare to use fun designs on your nails, choose your favorite undead that night design.

8. lines

If you are not interested make designs but want to stay in the trend of Halloween, creates lines with the colors of this celebration either orange, black, purple or even green. It depends on you design.

7. Ghost Nails

Dare to make this funny Halloween Ghostly fingernails, you can use orange, black and white or simply draw up the ghost of a transparent layer of varnish.

6. Nails Blood

With a little red wine and varnish or clear lacquer, white or black you can create this effect nail with blood. Simpler designs but yes chilling.

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Ombre Nails for Summer

Come summer and do not forget to look coquetry in your hands, which is why we bring this easy ombre decorated for your nail colors this season.


  • Colored enamels
  • enamel base
  • white enamel
  • Brightness
  1. The first thing you have to do is apply nail foundation on your nails, once dry you can apply other colors. Remember that seasonal colors are coral, emerald, violet, lemon, red and neon colors.
  2. This gradient is very simple because you do not have to apply it with sponges, simply apply the lightest to the darkest in each of the fingers, starting with the little finger and ending with the darkest on the thumb color. You can go brightening the color of the glaze by applying a drop of white enamel.
  3. Eliminate excess enamel with cotton to your skin is not stained colors.
  4. Once dry, apply brightness to the set ombre not look dull and the colors stand out. Ready, now you have nails with envy.

Remember that nails make her look all your outfit, and the decor is always important according to ehuacom for how to take care of false nails all occasions and this season anything goes, so try with colors and decorations boast.


Introduction to Manicure & Pedicure

5PCS  lot Pro 100180 Slim Gray Nail Buffer Sanding Sandpaper Nail Files Manicure Pedicure Nail Art Tool Professional 12in1 PedicureManicure Set Nail Clippers Cuticle Grooming Kit Case Free Shipping

Manicure all have sometimes been associated with a beauty luxury, as it is a cosmetic beauty treatment that causes the nails and hands to beam. In the past it was only practiced by the nail technicians and nail beauty salons, but with a smart manicure set, you can now easily and simply, even do manicures at home. By manicure, nail free edge will be shaped, the nail will be nurtured and massaged and finally a polish can be used. The result is healthy, beautiful nails.

The same treatment can also be performed on toenails, and here is called the treatment, pedicure. A well cared for feet with a fresh pedicure, is incredibly elegant in summer, where the toes are shown above in sandals. So let the feet and nails beam on the cape with each other with a manicure set.