Resin Jewelry

Even if it may looks at the moment does not, but summer is coming. All those who want to dream now a little by the seaside, can do with great jewelry from the sea.

Small fish in many beautiful colours for the ears or the charm bracelet with small silver shells and turquoise beads are perfect when it comes in the summer on the beach. This jewelry suits bikini as well as to the beach dress for the evening stroll along the beach promenade.

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Which Jewelery Does It Almost Always Fit?

Every woman knows this moment:you have chosen a nice outfit, but has the spoiled for choice.Which earrings should I combine to this top?Does this bracelet fit?My personal selection of jewelery is huge – often I am simply overwhelmed.However, I have some jewelery in my jewelry box, which I almost always can combine everywhere. Continue reading “Which Jewelery Does It Almost Always Fit?”

Find Out How to Measure the Ring Hoop

Find out how to measure your hoop ring. This is a question that haunts many consumers, is to present, to celebrate special occasions or even to compose your look from day to day, the rings are remarkable and essential accessories to create a sophisticated and feminine look. One of the biggest questions when buying rings is the size of the rim. To help you in this regard, we have prepared some tips for you to learn how to measure the ring hoop by using different techniques with varying levels of precision.

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Overlap of Necklaces. Blend Out The Basics

How About Letting Any Basic Look Interesting? Invest In Overlapping Necklaces.

First the choker, then the paste little tie, and now to complete arrived overlapping necklaces. All these trends are making the head of the ladies and don’t get out of blogging and novels. The idea is to add two more necklaces of different sizes, but with the same style or same colors in the same look, let the modern and impeccable production, in addition to super feminine. Continue reading “Overlap of Necklaces. Blend Out The Basics”

Beaded Jewelery – Extravagant Jewelery with Pearls

Whoever thinks of pearl jewelery first sees Omas’s pearl necklace before his eyes.Or simple pearl earrings.Pearl jewelry is usually associated with something old – sometimes even called old-fashioned.Of course pearl jewelery is distinguished by its classic elegance.Especially at weddings you are always well clothed.But pearl jewelry does not always have to be classic.I’ll show you a few extravagant jewelery with pearls.And these are also still affordable! Continue reading “Beaded Jewelery – Extravagant Jewelery with Pearls”

Marshop: New Bracelets Collection of Men’s Accessories

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Getting the vibe of yesterday, where I spoke here about Male Ringstoday still in the rhythm of Accessory hahaha only this time is not to present a brand, but to share the launch of a new collection, Yes, the Marshop presents its new pieces focusing on the mixture of Materials. Bora pro post NOW take a look at the bracelets and Necklaces that landed there? And still have 2 COUPONS to give aqueeeeeela help, explained everything right below haha GO\o Continue reading “Marshop: New Bracelets Collection of Men’s Accessories”

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets: Almost everyone has been one already sometime, whether a band woven from bast in childhood, a seashell Anklet in the youth, or later a silver charm bracelet with engraved – for that you’re never too old. This an accessory every day reminds us of our best friend, our sister, our holiday love. More than an engagement ring a friendship band shows a connection between two people and it can be a day, day off each other think. Because friendship bracelets to wear always, never actually puts it. Continue reading “Friendship Bracelets”

Jewelry with Pearl Trend

The Jewelry More Fashionistas To 2015

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10 Ways to Restore the Glory of Your Jewellery

The silver your lost luster? That gold ring isn’t as pretty as before? Wants your diamond shine again? You don’t need to buy expensive cleaners to restore the past glory of your jewelry, there are a number of simple cleaning methods that you can try at home!

  1. ammonia solution for gold and silver

A simple solution of ammonia can increase the brightness of gold and silver. Mix half a cup of ammonia transparent with a cup of warm water (tap). Add the items of gold and silver in the solution and soak them for about ten minutes. Remove them, clean with a soft cloth and allow to dry. You should notice an immediate difference. We do not recommend that you use this method for jewelry with pearls (ammonia can damage your delicate surface), but it works very well with diamonds! Continue reading “10 Ways to Restore the Glory of Your Jewellery”