10 Ways to Restore the Glory of Your Jewellery

The silver your lost luster? That gold ring isn’t as pretty as before? Wants your diamond shine again? You don’t need to buy expensive cleaners to restore the past glory of your jewelry, there are a number of simple cleaning methods that you can try at home!

  1. ammonia solution for gold and silver

A simple solution of ammonia can increase the brightness of gold and silver. Mix half a cup of ammonia transparent with a cup of warm water (tap). Add the items of gold and silver in the solution and soak them for about ten minutes. Remove them, clean with a soft cloth and allow to dry. You should notice an immediate difference. We do not recommend that you use this method for jewelry with pearls (ammonia can damage your delicate surface), but it works very well with diamonds! Continue reading “10 Ways to Restore the Glory of Your Jewellery”

How Jewelry Suits You? The Small Jewelry Basics

We are ladies and we love jewelry that glitters, brings us to the beams or conjures up something understated glamour in our styling. Best Jewelry work, if they fit us, so compliment our type. But how do we know what decorative precious to us works best? We once went to the bottom the thing and have put together a small jewelry world styling Guide for you. Now, you can find out which jewellery is particularly good. Continue reading “How Jewelry Suits You? The Small Jewelry Basics”

Meaning of Ankle Chain

When the warm weather arrives we can finally put our pretty dresses, shorts and our skirts! Of course you want to be sexy and to do nothing prettier that an anklet see more! Very often certain matters (including the meaning of the anklet) on the part of customers of the jewelry, return every year, so we decided to do an article about it. There is a sense to wear the anklet left or right? Continue reading “Meaning of Ankle Chain”

Cruciani Bracelet Where to Buy

The Cruciani bracelets are among the trendiest bijoux of summer 2016 and with their jaunty and very simple seem suitable accessory to any look and any person. At the beginning these bracelets, all made of lace, were worn only by local celebrities who have shown off at very different occasions. It took a few months to make sure that the craze could infect even the “mere mortals” and now, just look at the pulse of some of your friends, to see one of the many models proposed by Chang. Read on to know all about the summer 2016 must bracelets. Continue reading “Cruciani Bracelet Where to Buy”

Jewels of the Danish Court Suppliers

Top model Helena Christensen with bijoux-OLE-Lynggaard

A small Crown adorns the logo of Danish bijoux manufacture Ole Lynggard. And reminds everyone that the operation is an official purveyor to the Court. But not only the crowned heads bear the precious pieces of the company founded in 1963. The brand is l long demand throughout the world. Continue reading “Jewels of the Danish Court Suppliers”