4 Boxes of Gift for a Very Special Packaging

The month of may can be considered the month of mothers, and is is celebrated mother’s day in various countries of the world, only that on different days. That is why we are paying special attention to the world of gifts and, above all, to something that, in principle, we do not much interest, and is the wrapper. Continue reading “4 Boxes of Gift for a Very Special Packaging”

Jimmy Choo Keychain

The holidays will be over, but the Jimmy Choo gift ideas are still the most beautiful and interesting of the fashion scene. In this case we see a beautiful pattern keychain, one real shoe addict can not do without, at least, to make clear his inordinate passion for shoes, right? Morse KC keychain that mimics the shape of the beautiful dancers Jimmy Choo, has an idea to give away but perhaps especially to treat yourself, then if you have a friend fashionista of which you have forgotten during the festive season, I would say that is the proposal perfect, no? Continue reading “Jimmy Choo Keychain”

Wedding DIY: Table Cards Cupcakes

On today’s DIY Tuesday, we will introduce you to the winners of our wedding DIY competition. Birte from Hamburg has not only won the competition with her table cards Cupcakes, but is also a professional sugar baker by profession. She works for a very tasty food portal and runs her blog with the name Not all cups in the cupboard for two years. What is it about? To her cup of love, of course. We wish you a lot of fun with the baking (we can also imagine the tasty and tasty table cards at a party or a baptism). Continue reading “Wedding DIY: Table Cards Cupcakes”