10 Items Fashion

We are starting 2011 and you can not stay behind with the latest in fashion, what better way to publicize the 10 elements of fashion, 2011, among which belts, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

10. Socks Short and Long

These fashion items 2011 we arroparán well, choose whether you prefer short or long.

9. Belt Widths

These fashion items 2011 remain stronger than ever, is the best article to accentuate the woman’s waist 2011.

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Chic Round Sunglasses

Sun is not only our friend but also partly enemy. Today defend against enemy into a modern, stylish. Thus, we contribute sunglasses, which can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays to create a unique image or highlight the existing wardrobe.

Round Sunglasses – Extravagant Detail

Points a la John Lennon, “Ozzy” were popular 60-70 years. They prefer mostly representatives of the counterculture, it is necessary to hide dilated pupils and red eyes. In the 90th district. This model is the top of glory to Russia, it should be noted in this regard has already forgotten names Bogdan Tytomyra, Dr. Alban, Sergei Chelobanova (Directoryaah.com). After that young people do not show this accessory, bravely wore round “curtain”. Today, round black glasses prefer extravagant people like singer Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Grigory Leps. Repeatedly in the way they use Madonna. by the way, connoisseurs of this model is known.

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Swimming Glasses Buy Online

Avoid water in the eyes with the right swim goggles

A pair of swimming glasses are absolutely essential for swimming-both indoor and outdoor. It gives you as a supreme comfort to swim with glasses, you with swimming goggles in good quality avoids water and stinging in the eyes. With a good pair of swimming glasses, you can therefore concentrate 100% on your swimming. In addition, it allows you to see more clearly under water, which gives you a better opportunity to orient yourself.

Swimming Glasses Buy Online

Find swim goggles with just the right fit

Pay attention to your swim goggles to sit real close. If they do not sit as they should, you risk as easy to get water in your eyes. This can be both uncomfortable and an annoying interruption in your swim workout. In order to ensure the right fit, there are several ways to customize the glasses, so they are sitting optimally on your face:

Silicone strap on your glasses is always adjustable, so you can easily customize the glasses for your head. Some adjustable straps are even 2-shared in the neck, which gives a superior fit.

In the field of swimming glasses, there are various nose bridges: the flat nose bridge is made of a flexible material, which ensures an optimal comfort. In contrast is the adjustable nose bridge, which allows for easy adaptation to the vast majority of faces.

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