Story Behind The Flag of Canada

Canada And The Maple Leaf

  • The region in Canada was colonized by European immigrants since about 1600. Political independence has become the state, but only in the 1931st year
  • The first national flag of Canada was a merchant British flag with the Coat of Arms.Even the flag of the Canadian Confederation in 1868 has taken a maple green leaves on the emblem.
  • The sugar maple is one of the most important trees to the nature of Canada, the sheet has always symbolized the region.
  • After the definitive independence of many Canadians were in favor of creating a new, own flag, which should symbolize independence better.The Union Jack of Great Britain should no longer be seen in it.
  • A long discussion followed as to whether at all a new flag would be necessary and, if so, what should they show.Both the English and French speaking Canadians wanted to feel represented by the flag.
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Things You Do When You Wake up

Sleeping well is important, but it is good to wake up even more. That’s such bad habits to overcome for revival by supergirl!
Everyone knows that a good sleep of 7-8 hours restaurateur is essential for our psycho-physical newspaper.

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Meaning of DIT

DIT is an acronym for International Division of labour, which expresses the way how is the distribution of production at the global level, between developed and underdeveloped countries. –

The DIT is characterized by specialization of countries in production of anything, are final products or intermediate products that will be used at the conclusion of a final product. This need arose because it is not possible that a country can produce alone all the goods you need.

The relationship between more and less industrialized countries is an essential part of the DIT, because less developed countries present benefits to more developed, such as cheap labour, low taxes, etc.

Evolving along with capitalism, the DIT is a strategy used to increase profits, since the reduction in the cost of the final product.

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