Plus Size Fashion Summer

Plus Size Fashion

Who says you need to be skinny to be fashionable? Making an allusion to known song of Roberto Carlos, to say that, Yes, the fatties, today, can enjoy the plus size fashion. With all the glamour and style you deserve. Each time you come back to this thread, the fashion market come betting strong on plus size fashion, which has gained more and more space and thus making the democratic trends, for all sizes of silhouettes. Continue reading “Plus Size Fashion Summer”

It Starts The Charity Campaign of Topigames and Juegaterapia

A few weeks ago I talked about how a few game developers joined to get donations to the Foundation Juegaterapia, a foundation dedicated to providing a leisure area for children admitted to chemotherapy sessions. Although it was scheduled for last week, there are problems with the management of applications on iOS during those dates have have delayed a little. Continue reading “It Starts The Charity Campaign of Topigames and Juegaterapia”

Smartphone for Pda Fans

Network operators working further on the dream of the perfect electronic companion. With the XDA II, O2 sets his second large touchscreen Smartphone on the market.

The XDA II is missing compared to the Previous XDA the antenna stub, ensure the lens is back in the housing a VGA camera. With camcorder function, Bluetooth and a snappy processor, O2 missed the Smartphone with the Microsoft operating system Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition a contemporary painting. Continue reading “Smartphone for Pda Fans”

Huawei Kirin 920 Welcomes LTE 6 Cat and Prepares Us for The 300 Mbps

Time ago that Huawei tries to highlight on their mobiles with own components: its Kirin series processors are becoming a more interesting option, and now have just announced the new Kirin 920, a few models octa – core that other things include network support LTE Cat 6. Continue reading “Huawei Kirin 920 Welcomes LTE 6 Cat and Prepares Us for The 300 Mbps”