Tablet with Beautiful Design

This new model of Tablet that is coming to the market has as major design your differential, where one of the edges is more “chubby”, a kind of cylinder, and in it there is a kind of “kickstand” that is nothing but a retractable support that allows the use in three modes: Continue reading “Tablet with Beautiful Design”

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Memory Card

Any mistake and there goes your favorite photos, videos or music. Even if you do not have a backup, all is not lost!  Today I will show you some ways to recover deleted files and bring them back from the catacombs of your Android with and without Root access. Continue reading “How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Memory Card”

Tablet Cheap Walmart: Check Out the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Walmart online store is promoting a special offer of the model, which is costing today only $ $299 real.

The model is a great cost benefit to those looking for a tablet for basic activities with the Android system 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet 3 Lite has a compact design that is designed to fit in your hand. Has 7-inch touch screen offers more space to explore applications, watch movies, read books and surf the Internet. It also features a 2.0 mega pixel rear camera that lets you take panoramic photos and record videos. Continue reading “Tablet Cheap Walmart: Check Out the Samsung Galaxy Tab”

Smartwatch Clock

New Watch has received more than 60000 orders before you even hit the market. Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli are among consumers

About two years ago, the image of the prototype of a smart clock viralizou strong on social networks. Instead of stylized pointers or touch screens, the typical points of Braille characters. Behind the cool design, the promise of inclusion of millions of visually impaired people in the fantastic universe of the so-called “technology of wear”. Continue reading “Smartwatch Clock”