Alice Inspires Minas Trend!

A fashion event always favors the visual. Everything that attracts the gaze becomes part of this universe, we can and must go beyond the clothes. After all, fashion is not just clothes. And on these occasions (such as the Minas Trend), where the designers ‘ creations are the big stars of a fashion week, the entire environment must accompany with this thirst for novelty. Continue reading “Alice Inspires Minas Trend!”

4 Tips For Decorative Items To Use In Your Living Room

Of room to receive visitors until a restful environment, the living room is the visiting card of the whole House. But how to create a composition that blends comfort and sophistication without losing your identity? The answer is to bet on decoration objects that have not only an aesthetic appeal, but containing a story. Continue reading “4 Tips For Decorative Items To Use In Your Living Room”

How to Decorate an Alcove in a Bedroom

The  sense of intimacy in these rooms in an alcove. We give you inspiration to do it at home…

A room in an alcove with a wall used as bedside

With the help of Colombe Stevens, interior designer, Marie Chauveau, Director of the Agency of Mafia style, has everything renovated the former in his small house in Corsica respecting construction methods and local know-how. Tradition into warm room in an alcove where we built a wall

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How To Use Mobiles To Decorate Your Home

Known primarily for use in children’s decorations, mobiles came out of this universe, and are increasingly being used in other environments of home.

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+ do it yourself: quick and inexpensive headboard

High in the contemporary décor, the piece gives a modern and charming style to the environment and can be made of many materials–and even house plants, such as the succulent, arranged in small terrariums.

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DIY: Table Decoration with Peonies

On the occasion of Pentecost we would like to show you today how you can make this wonderful table decoration with peonies.

In the detailed step-by-step guide, you can see exactly how the romantic peonies are combined into a beautiful flower arrangement so that the table decoration looks fresh for several days. Continue reading “DIY: Table Decoration with Peonies”