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Fashion Clothes & Shoes

The fashion gestane is great to bring news and clothes for pregnant women to wear comfortable clothes, and each day that passes these clothes are more beautiful and delicate, is what happens with the new Fashion Clothes Pregnant 2018, several different and very comfortable pieces, all this so that the woman can feel good in this special moment of life. Continue reading “Fashion Clothes Pregnant-Photos”

Above all Female Fashion:Tips, Models

Check out our tips with more than 130 model inspirations and looks with women’s overcoats, know where to buy yours and what differs from trench coat !

The female overcoat is the key piece that can not be missing in the closet on cold days and can make a total difference in our look!

Want to learn how to compose the looks with your overcoat?
Come with us and show you how to DRIVE in the winter!(I.e. Continue reading “Above all Female Fashion:Tips, Models”

How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress

In Brazil literally discourages buying shirts and soccer jerseys, because with the taxes you will not be able to find your team’s soccer shirt from the heart for less than 200 reais, of course the current shirts, without being the outdated that when you leave the line end up entering the promotion and you pay around 100 reais. Continue reading “How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress”

Fitness with Printed Legging Look

Like printed legging? See how beautiful our partner Ana Paula Fronza with your printed legging and top fitness Specialità!

Here on the blog we are happy when we can inspire you to take care of more, give ideas to improve your quality of life and your self esteem. Our idea is that everything is better when it’s taken care of, don’t you think?

This time we we were inspired with the photos from our partner Ana Paula Fronza and we want you to know! Continue reading “Fitness with Printed Legging Look”

The Pants that Saved Me from Laziness

Think of a person tired. How could you understand, yesterday I slept a little late (the previous post was posted around 2:30 in the morning). It happened that a crazy insomnia took me by storm and the most I could do to deal with it was to take advantage of the extra time in the morning to post. Continue reading “The Pants that Saved Me from Laziness”