Tie Out of Wool

The General förhållningen to kostymmode are often quite strict and formal. Many people choose safe bets in front of personal combinations. That is why it is almost always a silk tie that goes on when the tie is required. Anyone who has ever tried to carry a ylleslips know, however, that it is an equally successful combination. Continue reading “Tie Out of Wool”

Female Nerd Style

The nerd style, or also called Geek, has done quite successfully in the world, being used mainly by younger gang, and one of the predominant styles among Europeans, especially in London. But none of that outdated stereotype of geek underdressed “, that only think about studying and don’t care about fashion. Quite the contrary! The geek style is super cool, and is present in several international shows, and strong bet among the fashionistas on duty. Continue reading “Female Nerd Style”

Plus Size Winter Fashion

The plus size fashion this winter appears, in addition to sophisticated, light and comfortable, bringing mesh clothing in large cuts that give woman greater freedom of movement. An example of this, are tissues that appear soft and practical in focus, the so-called meshes, blends sharp Rome and plush. The winter color chart comes more discreet, in earth tones, blue and green variations. Continue reading “Plus Size Winter Fashion”