Sony Xperia Z3 in the Test

It was just eight months ago, when Sony presented with the Xperia Z2 its then flagship smartphone. Two months ago, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the Xperia Z3 and its next high-end smartphone. And this is not enough: there are already first announcements to the successor, which is already in spring 2015 come on the market and again take a bigger step.

But I would not want to anticipate and dedicate myself today the current water and dust-proof smartphone highlight of Sony-the Xperia Z3. To what extent it differs from the  Xperia Z2 and whether an update is worthwhile, you will learn in the following. Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z3 in the Test”

Nokia Lumia 625 Smartphone

Launch of Nokia enters the category of low-cost devices with 4 g and is a good option for anyone who ventures with first smartphone

Nokia was slow to join real in the Smartphone market against rivals iPhone and Android. After the partnership with Microsoft geared, the manufacturer started to bet on the number of appliances Lumia, with options for all tastes (and pockets). The Lumia 625 (R $1,049), rather than a more advanced version of Lumia 620, brings more sophisticated design, the largest screen found on line and 4 g connection Lumia. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 625 Smartphone”

6 Security Tips for Tablets and Smart phones

Many blog readers have asked me about the need to use antivirus for tablets or smart phones.

In fact so-called computer viruses are only a part of the plagues developed to steal data, erase information or modify the settings of an operating system (see the types in this Tecmundo site article).But to make matters worse, let’s just call them viruses. Continue reading “6 Security Tips for Tablets and Smart phones”

Sound Cleaner: See the Best Noise Canceling Headphones

Listening to music in noisy environments is a big challenge.If you set the volume to a minimum, you may not hear the right music due to external noises.If you set the volume to maximum, there is a risk of permanently impairing your hearing.For this type of situation there are noise-canceling headphones. Continue reading “Sound Cleaner: See the Best Noise Canceling Headphones”

SD Card Headphones: See Models that Dispense the Mobile Phone

The headphones with SD memory card slot are ideal for anyone who wants to listen to their favorite songs without needing to spend battery of the cell phone.The tip is also valid for more sports users, who want a portable and compact device at the time of practicing their activities or day to day. Continue reading “SD Card Headphones: See Models that Dispense the Mobile Phone”

Check Models of Headphones for Use on the Cell Phone

Every day more used to listen to music in any occasion, the headphones have become indispensable, especially when facing hours of traffic and in the practice of exercises.

Headphones: Discover Myths and Truths

Thinking about the ones that connect to your cellphone to listen to music anywhere, we’ve listed some models for users who are looking for quality without spending too much, with models that are sold in Brazil and do not exceed $ 100. In the list below you can find headphones for all occasions and tastes. Continue reading “Check Models of Headphones for Use on the Cell Phone”

Why You Do Not Need a Smartphone with Removable Battery

Smart phones with a removable battery have become endangered species in recent years.  This feature does not seem to be a priority among manufacturers as these handsets are becoming less numerous. Needless to say, this trend confirms my sense that having a smart phone with a removable battery is not that important in 2017. Continue reading “Why You Do Not Need a Smartphone with Removable Battery”

10 Basic Tips to Save the Battery of Your Smartphone

Everyone knows that smart phones usually devour the battery. Screens, high-definition applications, processor power … all components consume a lot of power, including high-end devices, so much so that today’s devices have well-designed economy modes, as you can see in our comparison of the Galaxy S5 And the HTC One(M8) and its economy services. Continue reading “10 Basic Tips to Save the Battery of Your Smartphone”

Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera

Device will hit stores by the end of this month

Presentation held days before the IFA 2013 , technology fair that begins on Friday (6) in Berlin, Samsung introduced some of the new features of the Galaxy line for the next few months. Among the highlights for the Galaxy Gear, smart watch with built-in camera. The unit’s worldwide release scheduled for Aug. 25, but the price for Brazil has not yet been revealed. In the United States, the Gear will cost $ $300 (R $700). Continue reading “Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera”