Nokia Lumia 930 in the Test

Now several weeks in which I have extensively tested the Nokia Lumia 930 , I can tell you from my experience. The new top model of Nokia has accompanied me West coast road trip on my USA, I also figuratively trying to put something in this article :). After I at the Lumia 1520 test some have criticized the large screen size, used the Lumia 930 now will use the current trend size of 5 inches who already use also competitors such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and probably Apple. A Smartphone with ideal size and neat power – see all we us but now in detail at. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 930 in the Test”

Get to Know Accessories to ‘Boost’ Your Asus Smartphone

The Zenfone 5 arrived in Brazil in 2014 and fits into the category of smart phone intermediary.If you have already purchased or want to buy the Asus phone, it is worth checking official accessories to make the phone more complete. Continue reading “Get to Know Accessories to ‘Boost’ Your Asus Smartphone”

Sony Shows Headphones and ‘Small Professional Cameras’ at IFA 201

Sony presented on Wednesday (2), during the IFA 2015, in Berlin, products for the most varied public.Highlights were the smartphones of the Xperia Z5 line and the new “α” (alpha) compact cameras with professional configurations.Check out the main releases:

Follow the Real Time of IFA 2015 here on TechTudo! Continue reading “Sony Shows Headphones and ‘Small Professional Cameras’ at IFA 201”

Samsung Galaxy Series

Smartphone brings Android 2.3 version

By Stella Dauer

Without delay, we have prepared this review. The Galaxy S II was launched 28 June day and now we jump through hoops to get it quickly on hand and tell you what is the best Android smartphone of Brazil, with few chances of being toppled from the throne in the coming months.

I warn you that it is awesome. I’ve been with the Atrix days ago and was satisfied with it, I could be completely bowled over with this one. So much so that I even made a comparison between the two, which comes out soon. Take account of S II for now. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Series”

Sony Announces Xperia Z1 and Lenses that Transform

Smartphone In Camera

Smartphone is starting to be sold in Brazil in October

Presentation held days before the IFA 2013, technology fair which begins next Friday in Berlin, Sony showed some of its news for the next few months. The highlights go to the smartphone Xperia Z1 and for lenses and QX100 QX10, that can be coupled to various models of smartphone. Continue reading “Sony Announces Xperia Z1 and Lenses that Transform”

Nokia Lumia 525 to 520 E Succeed Will Attempt to Maintain Its Good Sales

Nokia Lumia 520 is easier with Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that it has not raised great interest among the public. The opposite has been one of the great triumphs of the Finns in recent years, and it seems that soon we will see his successor. Nokia Lumia 525.

The terminal has been confirmed after appearing in a small banner ad in the official website of Nokia as a prize for a contest. There is no more trace, Although some suggest that Lumia 525 is the formerly ‘Glee’ and that, by its nomenclature, will include a basic and simple, hardware designed to sell for a reasonable price. As a reference, the current 520 can be found in Amazon Spain for 135 euros. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 525 to 520 E Succeed Will Attempt to Maintain Its Good Sales”

Nokia Lumia 929, Lumia 1520 with Five-Inch Screen

We knew it for quite some time, but the fact that the Nokia Lumia 1520 has appeared on the market, makes even more interesting any information that go coming about this Nokia Lumia 929.

If the 1520 seemed to us to be spectacular, but with a size not suitable for all audiences, this new 929 arrives to solve the problem. We are practically a carbon copy of the phablet, but with five inches on the diagonal of the screen. A size that we can already consider normal in the world of smartphones. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 929, Lumia 1520 with Five-Inch Screen”

A New List of Internal Names for Future Devices Nokia

The Nokia World in Abu Dhabi they taught us the Lumia 1320, 1520, the tablet 2520, and new Asha. All were more or less expected, and each of them had their corresponding internal name shown in the past, so this type of data filtering, us should prove to be interesting to understand what comes ahead. Continue reading “A New List of Internal Names for Future Devices Nokia”

Nokia Lumia 525 Will Expand The RAM Up to 1GB

If there is a phone that has worked well in the past months on the Windows Phone platform, that is the Nokia Lumia 520. By much hype to give you and demos to the attractive high range, the price is still the most important factor of purchase. Offer a product warranties in the low range has worked it to Nokia, even taking into account the large offer Android. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 525 Will Expand The RAM Up to 1GB”