Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use

Photos and Modes of Velvet Lipstick

The velvet lipstick is in the latest trends of fashion, and anyone who has had the pleasure of checking this news knows how interesting this lipstick is, and the texture of it is very different, which is why it got its name.And those who are passionate about lipstick are sure to love this novelty, so be sure to check out more information. Continue reading “Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use”

BB Cream CC Cream x x DD Cream – Learn to Choose!

Innovative and practical products, cosmetics BB Cream CC Cream and DD Cream bring a mixture of substances in your composition and facilitate the life of who wears makeup on a daily basis.

If, however, you’re confused about which product to choose, what are its functions and that each is composed, this post is for you! Continue reading “BB Cream CC Cream x x DD Cream – Learn to Choose!”

Vintage Finger Nails of Spfw

This Saturday (June 18) ended the 15th edition of SPFW, and of course we were there as we showed in the last posts. In the lounges of the great brands and media were also just news. I was in the Glamurama space on Friday (June 18),  where supermodel people paraded their models in a very vintage environment (with a sensational mobile and decoration that I want for my house). There were two Risqué instructors who glazed the nails of the visitors with the novelties of the Isabeli Fontana line.

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Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos

How to Make Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step?

Olheiras is something that bothers a lot and women are the most worried about this issue and so we are bringing here some tips on how to make Makeup to Disguise Dark Circles because as we know this makeup does a miracle in the face of people, do not let check. Continue reading “Makeup to Disguise Darkheads Step by Step – Photos”

My New Favorite Lipstick Is Brazilian

A couple of weeks ago I got a box in the mail here at home. Here I come running excited to open.

When I lived in Brazil, came a bunch of stuff nothing to do back home. Things that were told and that had nothing to do with me. But, since the change to SanFran, the frequency of receiving gifts fell. However, practically anything that comes in here is pretty cool. I think, because of the distance, the staff in charge when the stuff is really good and for sure, I’m going to enjoy it. Continue reading “My New Favorite Lipstick Is Brazilian”

Permanent Hair Removal of Bikini Zone and Other Intimacies

The SmoothSkin gold* have I introduced to you in October 2015. Here you will find details: SmoothSkin gold – permanent hair removal for home. For permanent hair removal with IPL, it is recommended to use the device a week for 12 weeks. I’ve done that. The unfiltered test series is now complete and the results can be found at the end. To anticipate it: it just keeps getting better! Continue reading “Permanent Hair Removal of Bikini Zone and Other Intimacies”

Nail Polish Farm

For last week chose a glaze very different from what I’m used to using, incidentally, never used any tom even looking! I don’t usually spend shades of rose, pink, purple or lilac-I never liked in my hands-but I couldn’t resist this glaze Risqué! Since he left the collection inspired by dishes of brazilian cuisine, I was looking forward to spending some of the colors, I found this so different and captivating that I gave up even the Carrot risotto, a pretty Orange! Continue reading “Nail Polish Farm”