Real Snakeskin Nail Art

If you think that to be chic are only the bags or shoes made ​​from the skin of the snake, you are mistaken!

America, eternal vagaries of fashion source, he also invented the nail art with real skin of snake.

To have the great and brilliant idea was the owner of a beauty salon (Candy Nail Lounge), Ms. Terri Silacci Monterey, California. Continue reading “Real Snakeskin Nail Art”

Top SPAs in Germany

Cold weather, stress at work or in the university and still sooo much to do – we know it all well! While you sometimes do not know what to do with your tasks, and where your head is, it is often very effective to have time for yourself and for recreation. For this reason, we have picked out 3 wonderful spas in Germany that are full of relaxation, wellness and down-fill. Hunkemöller has also adopted the theme of wellness and designed the first limited wellness collection with great bathrobes, care products, etc.! Continue reading “Top SPAs in Germany”

40’s Makeup – Hollywood Diva Schminktutorial

A 40’s makeup in the Hollywood style is clearly one: glamorous. Makeup is today still very like worn by women all over the world for special occasions even though many no longer know where come from this look and when it was formed. Who by the way love 40’s makeup is DITA von Teese. And we of course! Continue reading “40’s Makeup – Hollywood Diva Schminktutorial”