Kiko Nail Care Strong Nails

After showing the make-up trends for Autumn Winter 2016 2017, Kiko Milano surprises us with a new rainbow nails for the world.

It comes the new enamels Nail Care line, for a manicure impeccable, always the center of attention. Many treatments for brittle nails, weak, flaked, yellowed and also for those who can not stop eating your nails! Continue reading “Kiko Nail Care Strong Nails”

Light Brown Lipstick Trend in Makeup

The lipstick nude has been one of the most used by women when the intention is a discreet makeup, simple and natural. Now, the stakes are brownish tints, tones but clear, nothing strong and rude. The tone often resembles the lips appeared in some international shows and is already winning fans. Continue reading “Light Brown Lipstick Trend in Makeup”

How to Prepare a Perfect Makeup for Party

Whenever a party, most women care about, especially with the makeup you will use in the event. Now we’re facing the hottest season of the year in many regions, in addition to thinking about how it’s going to be the make, you also need to use some techniques so that the skin stays perfect for longer. Check out some tips: Continue reading “How to Prepare a Perfect Makeup for Party”

How to Apply False Eyelashes-Step By Step

Nowadays, those who want to make a beautiful makeup cannot open hand of false eyelashes. Even with all the technology and power of new masks for eyelashes, the best make-up artists do not exempt the accessory to ensure a powerful and striking look. But to rock using Cilia, even in a make homemade, you need to know how to properly apply them. So, if you haven’t mastered this art, check out a step by step with tips: Continue reading “How to Apply False Eyelashes-Step By Step”

Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Tan

Makeup tip to highlight your Tan

Summer is the time of year when many women secretly enjoy the Sun, ensure a skin more tanned and with that healthy appearance of the season. Even if it’s not in a natural way, that is, even if the Tan is the result of using some kind of self tanning lotion + colour dial or even Jet brass, another way that does not affect skin health, the important thing is to know how to value that. Makeup this time of year usually changes, all to highlight the skin in a balanced way. Continue reading “Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Tan”

The Perfumery Bruckner in Munich at Cheap Price

Only the most luxurious brands and the highest quality niche products can be found in the exclusive assortment of perfumery Bruckner.

Since 1893, the Munich tradition of perfumery Bruckner enjoys a first-class reputation in the world of fragrances. The nobility also relied on the services of fine address at Marienplatz. And thus acquired the couple only ten years after the establishment of a special predicate, that one is still proud of perfumery Bruckner Philippine and Magnus Bruckner. Continue reading “The Perfumery Bruckner in Munich at Cheap Price”

Crackle Enamel-How to Pass

How you must pass the cracked glaze

Do you love wearing nail polish and like to innovate every week? Get to know a different way to make your nails with the craquelado enamel, which is an enamel model in trend in the fashion world. Know that it is possible to make the nails craqueladas following some step by step that you find in the web. Continue reading “Crackle Enamel-How to Pass”