Nail Polish Farm

For last week chose a glaze very different from what I’m used to using, incidentally, never used any tom even looking! I don’t usually spend shades of rose, pink, purple or lilac-I never liked in my hands-but I couldn’t resist this glaze Risqué! Since he left the collection inspired by dishes of brazilian cuisine, I was looking forward to spending some of the colors, I found this so different and captivating that I gave up even the Carrot risotto, a pretty Orange!

I spent two layers of Lavender Marshmallow (cute name for a Nail Polish!) and not to lose the habit: glitter nail! This time I used a silver Brocade played so unappreciative of the tip to the middle of the nails. The end result was pretty cute even, I felt that my nails were decorated sweets, cute!

But don’t nominate this combination for the affliction of textures in the hands as the caviar balls or stuffed-the glitter bothering to do basic things like washing their hair, and also “scratches“, be careful! I would trade this Brocade by the glitter of the nail pink with gold, a finer type, in dust-I think you’d be more beautiful! In less than three days I had taken the glaze because it inconvenienced a lot, but I decided to share with you why we don’t just live of hits, right?! I think it’s important to comment when things go wrong too, stay alert!

Like the lilac enamel?

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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