My New Favorite Lipstick Is Brazilian

A couple of weeks ago I got a box in the mail here at home. Here I come running excited to open.

When I lived in Brazil, came a bunch of stuff nothing to do back home. Things that were told and that had nothing to do with me. But, since the change to SanFran, the frequency of receiving gifts fell. However, practically anything that comes in here is pretty cool. I think, because of the distance, the staff in charge when the stuff is really good and for sure, I’m going to enjoy it.

Because the mail box this week was one of those examples.

The truth is that I didn’t know a lot of the Vult before coming here. Look at that crazy, I had to change my country to fall in love with a brazilian brand. I’ve never bought any of them, but, by some happy coincidence, when I moved here they started sending me some things here home.Remember right from the first packet: a set of liquid lipsticks in shades beautifully intense, just the way I like it. Easy, delicious, and duration, despite the matte texture, super moisturizing. Until I told them this post here.

Months later, a new packet. This time, a beautiful cry illuminator and my new favourite eyeliner (that I’m using, type in this video here).

Finally, two weeks ago, another surprise of the Vult arrived here at my residence. This time, a whole case of new Matte Lipstick line Stick, a collection of lipsticks matificados of all possible colors, everyone in that pencil format that facilitates the hell out of time to pass.

As with all things that arrive here at home, the first thing I do is test. To see if the thing is nice and worth coming here to tell about it. And testing is always fun.

I spent a good 2 hours with lipsticks in one hand and makeup removal wipes. Passes and get passes and strip, testing all colors. Really very practical application, super hot and the regulator in the own use of the Pencil Sharpener.

The colors are super varied and range from nude and pale roses, the most extravagant, roses in red wine tones and purple. My Favorites so far are the 02, which is a beautiful half nude, 08, which is a tomato red and surprisingly charming, 11, a purple Gothic Medium soft which I thought was pretty cool.

Needless to say, that my Ruby Woo ended and I was dry to get a new one. I changed my mind and decided I didn’t need another not now.

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