BB Cream CC Cream x x DD Cream – Learn to Choose!

Innovative and practical products, cosmetics BB Cream CC Cream and DD Cream bring a mixture of substances in your composition and facilitate the life of who wears makeup on a daily basis.

If, however, you’re confused about which product to choose, what are its functions and that each is composed, this post is for you!


First coming to the Brazilian makeup market, the BB Cream is very useful to gather the main products used in the preparation of the skin to make in one product. Contains protection against the Sun’s rays – replacing the sunscreen when there is no claim to expose if button-, moisturizer and primer, besides having a slight pigmentation to leave the skin uniform, which overrides the base on levinhas productions.

The BB Cream is super suitable for who needs makeup lasts all day. As for oil, the BB Cream has variations, it is possible to find products more “crisp” to those who have the skin more oily, and some with a higher amount of moisturizer for the skin drier.


The CC Cream is a version of the BB Cream specializing in specific types of skin. The big product focus is to guarantee uniformity to the skin color of the face covering sun spots, for example. In addition, the product contains anti-age and antioxidant in your wording.

If your face has a few little spots of Sun, or, if you like the idea of adding the anti-age in a same product (already complete), the CC Cream is for you.


DD Cream is a sort of “final version” supercompleta two previous products, because in addition to containing all the benefits of BB and CC Cream, DD Cream is also focused on giving an effect of tanned skin and hide small skin scars.

To choose which is the best product for you, take into account factors such as: age, skin type (oily or dry), the presence or absence of blemishes, lines and scars and, especially, what is your expectation for the operation of the product.

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