Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

The children’s day is knocking on the door and a lot of people start getting desperate! Replace the present by souvenir might be a good way to save, the happiness of the child with a gift.Save depends on the choice of a gift, but also a rigorous research. Commemorative dates, changes in a store and another may reach percentages absurd! Haggle! The prices are varied, but the maximum limit that we consider is 30.00 R$. Anything posted here is more than this value. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Children’s Day”

Fashion Pearls: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings

Fashion Pearls never go out of fashion, but was featured in the years 2012/2013 and for those who love rock, continued this in fashion, giving your charm, delicacy and beauty in looks in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.Fashion pearls give glamour, elegance and sophistication, see tips on where to buy the jewelry. Continue reading “Fashion Pearls: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings”

Women’s Fashion Winter: Kamaleoa Fashion

The brand of women’s fashion winter inina Kamaleoa stylist’s involvement arose Beth Corrêa with fashion and beauty world, through your experience as miss and your life. When creating your clothes and your style, aroused the interest in people by the beauty of the pieces. Continue reading “Women’s Fashion Winter: Kamaleoa Fashion”

The Right Lighting for the Kitchen

Lighting plays an important role in the creation of the environment from anywhere. As in the case of a kitchen, even here it is very important the choice of the type of lighting. Stop and think about what kind of light makes you feel more active and dynamic, for most people the clear and bright light is activated. Continue reading “The Right Lighting for the Kitchen”

Fashion Bracelets: How Cheap Accessories, Blends Models

May seem extreme, but the Bracelets are the major players among the fashion accessories and undergo variations of a featured more in sizes, ranging in larger, medium-sized or smaller bracelets, but are always present in looks and arms.Extremely valued, they were trained by the French Vogue as absolute trends of next season (2013), especially the more colorful models, an example of which are always in compliance with most commonly used accessories. Continue reading “Fashion Bracelets: How Cheap Accessories, Blends Models”

Long Dresses: Photos and Models

In 2017, the models gowns arrive quite sensual and elegant for the female audience. To enhance further the female form, the moa designers bet on necklines, daring slits and strategic cutouts, transparency, and a lot of lightness in the tissues, which facilitate the movements and confer grace and delicacy to the floor of the women, and in this post we will see some outfits a more read than the other see and check out. Continue reading “Long Dresses: Photos and Models”

Production of Led: to Light Emitting Diodes Are Manufactured

Thought about man’s right, LED lamps are real little miracles: need same light output up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, have a life span of up to 20 years, and are so flat, are glued as LED band at just on furniture and co..

But what are LEDs really and how you make the partly tiny light-emitting diodes? We want to answer that. Continue reading “Production of Led: to Light Emitting Diodes Are Manufactured”

How to Use: Gucci Dionysus Handbag

From time to time a new bag comes up, a bag-wish that starts to pound a lot among the fashionistas (a half-way thing without explanation, right?). This year without a doubt, it was Dionysus da Gucci, a model inspired by the Greek god of wine, who became so famous that he won several models, materials, sizes, colors and prints – all with this clasp with tigers’ heads at their ends. Continue reading “How to Use: Gucci Dionysus Handbag”

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Samsung with Style

Conclusion: The chic Galaxy Alpha shows in the test, it is equal to the iPhone 6, but no new Android benchmark. The battery life going right, the display is too fuzzy because of the Pentile matrix. Plus design and handling are greatest, there is a big minus for the missing microSD slot. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Samsung with Style”