Drivenow: How to Use Car Sharing in Foreign Countries

Drive time from meeting to meeting in London, sightseeing at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna or in the holiday relaxing sunset to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen for drivenow there are certainly many beautiful application scenarios abroad. So that this works, you need to advance your drivenow account for use when abroad unlock.

Drivenow abroad use

There are only four sites abroad, where you can use drivenow: Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and Vienna. To get there with drivenow cars, you should call the drivenow website prior to departure and sign in using your log-in data. In the settings, call the point of international use and select the country in which you wish to travel around United States of America. Click on accept and already working the car hire outside Germany by customer card. Abroad which is advantageous, to go high roaming charges for the use of the Internet the drivenow app out of the way. The detailed step for step instructions shows how activation works. Continue reading “Drivenow: How to Use Car Sharing in Foreign Countries”

New Vulnerabilities in ios and OS X.

A team of security researchers from the universities of Indiana, Beijing, and the Georgia Institute of technology have a report to unpatched vulnerabilities in ios and OS X released. These vulnerabilities affect one only OS X, allowing malicious apps on both operating systems passwords and user data from other apps to read.

Known affected apps

Examples lead the apps very popular and well known apps on. So an app that is manipulated by the researchers, managed to read contacts and notes from evernote, or stored passwords from 1Password. The passwords in 1Password are no longer in danger, because the researchers informed the manufacturer and this quickly even though the error is Apple. Continue reading “New Vulnerabilities in ios and OS X.”

Recipe for Success: No Sports Car and Listen to the Belly

What started in 2000 with the first steps in the parental home, ended spar mobile the largest independent online provider of action packages for Wilke current in a company that currently has generated 300 million euro per year with Smartphone and tariff. The short time available exclusive deals due to negotiations with almost all manufacturers and wireless providers. Wilke reveals the reasons of the ongoing success story current in an interview on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of savings mobile and gives personal insights.
Learn more about saving mobile

Our site: you can still remember your first phone?

Wilke current: Ja.Ein Siemens S6, I later by Siemens to Nokia and then Apple changed.

What has driven you establishing saving mobile? Were a mobile freak or an entrepreneur type?
Continue reading “Recipe for Success: No Sports Car and Listen to the Belly”

Samsung Gear S: Test the Smartwatch with Mobile

Test conclusion: what you should know

The chunky mobile phone watch gear S with your own SIM card can very much, but tricky as a sand Viper. So the call forwarding from your mobile phone to the gear properly can go S in the money. And: many great features are hidden in the depths of the menu. Best price on the Internet: 347,37 euro * this product at Amazon order per good display waterproof SIM-card slot cons short battery life without matching Smartphone not usable test note of the editorial 3.05 satisfying user rating (out of 2 reviews) also under Watch fans there people that the timepiece can be not large enough. With the gear S, they have the equivalent among the networked, digital watches, like the Phablet see the Smartwatches. It is then also a lot of technology on the wrist. The gear comes with even a SIM-card slot S. Thanks to the mobile phone connection run different functions without mobile connectivity. The built-in UMTS-chip receives notifications or dates. And Yes, you can make calls even with the gear S wrist. Greetings from Michael Knight. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S: Test the Smartwatch with Mobile”

Android Auto and Apple Carplay: 40 Brands in the Check

Mid 2014 Apple and Google presented their networked car systems. The goal: Every car driver of any car brand to offer a networked Navi with meaningful apps and a good voice control. Since then, much time is passed and hardly anything happens. Our site has checked whether carplay Android car offer and your car brand is.

BMW, Mercedes, Porsche: not keen on Android

The South curve of the German car manufacturers is restrained with regard to car Android. Mercedes and BMW have clear words: it is in dialogue with Google and would like to find out what do the Americans with the data of the car driver. All three want to keep itself in power. For the time being should therefore only Apple carplay offer. Continue reading “Android Auto and Apple Carplay: 40 Brands in the Check”

Bittorrent Shoot: New Sharing App For Photos And Videos

Many will know it: one is at a party and shoot photos with your Smartphone like mad and takes videos. It’s not uncommon, that someone would like to have the snapshots. In this case, many users rely on Messenger or the worthy old email, send it to them. Who however do not like to give his contact details to strangers, only the transfer by Bluetooth remains on-the-fly. The opposite however has an Android or Windows phone device, and you own an iphone, be faced with a dilemma: no files to be the Apple Smartphone via Bluetooth: send and receive. Who finally want to leave all that behind, which should consider the new sharing app bittorrent shoot. You sent pictures and videos namely cross-platform and at the same time respects the privacy of users. Continue reading “Bittorrent Shoot: New Sharing App For Photos And Videos”

Medion Akoya E7416: Aldi-Nord-Notebook in the Test

The Medion Akoya E7416 supposed to be a new notebook? No, the identical Windows model was already end of January 2015 with the full model name Medion Akoya E7416 (MD99460) at Aldi Nord branches. From June 26, there will be an improved version with the type MD99585. At first glance, manufacturer MEDION has only a larger hard drive bought that influenced the pace of the work but image shows dramatic, as the test computer.

Big rather than small

The Medion Akoya E7416 is a 17-inch notebook with enormous dimensions such as the January model: whopping 41, 3 x 3, 0 x 27, 8 centimeter measures the E7416. It is almost as large as a sheet of DIN A3. So the device brings a lot on the scale: with stately 2.75 kilograms it weighs more than two current Ultrabooks in the 13-inch format. Continue reading “Medion Akoya E7416: Aldi-Nord-Notebook in the Test”

Instacast: Give up German Developer

Instacast by the software company Vemedio, based in Ludwigsburg, Germany so far was one of the most beautiful and best apps for managing podcasts on iphone, ipad, and ipod. The program convinced the users and was a very good customer reviews from around the world.

The best podcast apps for ios and Android

10 Podcast Apps

Ten recommended apps

Vemedio is

Now is unfortunately: Vemedio announced a few days ago to add Instacast and more apps. The company not managed to gain sufficient money for the development and maintenance of programs. Vemedio continued to finance mainly on your own cloud service, through which you subscribed to the podcasts and always gave the current broadcasts on his device. For this were less than 15 euro per year due Continue reading “Instacast: Give up German Developer”

15 Years Of Savings Phone: Blast Deals And Contests For The Birthday

Spar mobile is the largest independent online provider of action packages now consisting of smartphone and tariff. The company is negotiating with almost all mobile phone and tablet manufacturers and mobile phone providers exclusive deals that are available only for a few days or weeks on

The beginnings in the nursery

in his room in the home founded in 2000 as a sideline to training wilke current. For three years he worked in as a single contractor, until he founded the saving mobile gmbh in 2003 with the previous savings and hired two employees. Continue reading “15 Years Of Savings Phone: Blast Deals And Contests For The Birthday”

LTE: The Top Smartphones, Availability And Rates For The Mobile Data Turbo

2015 the transmission standard of the fourth generation (4 G) LTE Long should term evolution in our latitudes be widely available and replace UMTS (3 G), but middle of the year there are still many gaps. You can even enjoy of Turbo-fast mobile Internet, you need a LTE enabled mobile phone. In the overview you will find the hottest LTE smartphones along with mark and day-current best price. Transfer equipped with the appropriate LTE Mobile phone rates rates are possible on the road, providing even the domestic DSL connection in the shadows.

The most popular smartphone with LTE

30 smartphones Long-term evolution mobile phones Continue reading “LTE: The Top Smartphones, Availability And Rates For The Mobile Data Turbo”