Google Expects to Sell Millions of Pixel-Mobiles

Google believes in a strong Pixel-sales, despite the limited availability and high price.

The search giant also believes in a strong sales for the company’s two new star phones, Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to Digitimes, the Foundation analysis, Google will ship 3 to 4 million Pixels-telephones in the last quarter of the year.

The strong sales will be an orange in the turban of Taiwanese HTC, the company behind the manufacture of the Pixel and the Pixel XL for Google, as it can look forward to a growth in this year’s mobile production.

Chief Analyst at Digitimes, Luke Lin, estimates that two Google phones, taken together, will be in charge of between 40 and 50 percent of HTC’s total production. Continue reading “Google Expects to Sell Millions of Pixel-Mobiles”

The Price Is Subordinate: Most Expensive Google Pixel Sold out in 24 Hours

Less than 24 hours had to elapse before Google’s most expensive smartphone ever, Pixel XL with 128 GB storage, processing of stock.

Google latest Pixel-phone is more expensive than ever, but it has not deterred people from buying it. Less than 24 hours after launch is the most expensive variant, Google Pixel XL, now sold out. It writes our site.

Google’s Play on the American website where the units can be pre-booked, is both the black and silver variant is no longer in stock, while the blue version is not available. Continue reading “The Price Is Subordinate: Most Expensive Google Pixel Sold out in 24 Hours”

Exolens Pro-a Zeiss Super Optics for iPhone 7

Now you can get the German Zeiss Optics for iPhone 7 with Exolens’ Pro series.

You’ll get it all with, or come a little closer when you’re shooting with your iPhone, it can now be done without compromising quality.

Accessory manufacturer Exolens is gone, in partnership with the German specialist Zeiss Optics in their new series of Pro-optics attachments for iPhone 7.

Pro series offers three models: a ultravidvinklet 0, 6 x Zeiss Mutar Flyleaf, a telephoto lens Zeiss Mutar 2 x as well as a macro-zoom Zeiss Vario-Proxar 40-80-the latter gets first debut in January 2017. Continue reading “Exolens Pro-a Zeiss Super Optics for iPhone 7”

GIFs for All: Giphy Cam Is at Last Ready for Android

The ultimate GIF-app is now no longer reserved for iOS-the people.

GIF’s and internet culture goes hand-in-hand and are now getting the Internet’s kittens, memes and other diverse yet a dedicated app. Giphy’s app ‘ Giphy Cam ‘ gives you a simple and powerful tool to create small animated image files.

The app is not new, as it has existed in the Apple App Store for over a year-but now it is finally ready to make its debut on Android phones.

With the Giphy app lets you record, edit, and share the small movie clips. The app offers a palette of filters as well as both the opportunity to spice up your GIFs with text, stickers and borders. Continue reading “GIFs for All: Giphy Cam Is at Last Ready for Android”

Power Opens Its First Jutlandic Department Store with Wild Deals [Mobildeal]

Get up early, filling thermos up with coffee and do a elektronikkup when Power opens its first jutlandic warehouse in Randers.

Electronics chain makes for its admission on the Jutland mainland, with the opening of its fifth Power house business. And as with his previous business accompanied the opening with a huge quote fest.

Opening the celebration starts Saturday 8. October at 12 noon. 07:00, and you can choose from hundreds of heavily discounted items. However, you must get up early and expect long queue, because the offers are only in limited numbers.

To the waiting and overnight will Power provides music, coffee, water and competitions as well as sleeping bags and tents for the first hundred in the queue. Continue reading “Power Opens Its First Jutlandic Department Store with Wild Deals [Mobildeal]”

Motorola Moto Z: Hands-on with Module-the Flagship [Web]

Motorola Moto Z is a åleslank topmobil that can be a lot of tricks, thanks to its many mods.

Today topmobiler could be something special in order to rise above the crowd of excellent mid-range smartphones. And that is exactly what Motorola Moto Z can.

It is only 5 millimeters thick, but is still packed with all the topkomponenter as you would expect in a smartphone anno 2016.

Its largest party-trick comes, however, from the outside, thanks to its ingenious interface for ‘ Moto high fashion-accessories. The attaches magnetically and provides the opportunity to enhance your phone with, among other things, an extra battery, a super zoom camera or even a floodlight.

See why with in the video where our site takes a first look at the innovative, modular smartphone.

Samsung: We Stop All Sales of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will stop all sales of Galaxy Note 7 while the new round of defective smartphones are examined. Note 7 owners are encouraged to turn off their phone.

After a new round of episodes with smoke and fire development in Samsung’s Note 7-flagship, the company behind, stop all sales of Galaxy Note 7. Both operators and retail partners are asked to halt sales of Galaxy Note 7.

In a press release calls on Samsung while all Note 7-owners to stop using and turn off the phone. This applies to both the original Note 7 phones as well as the ‘debugged’ versions. Continue reading “Samsung: We Stop All Sales of Galaxy Note 7”

Google Pixel Camera to the Test: See the First Photos Here

Google believes itself to their Pixel-smartphone has the best mobile camera ever. See the photos here, and judge for yourself.

Google’s successor to the Nexus phones, the two new Pixel-the best mobile camera phones ever-according to the company itself and test specialists from French DXOMark.

When a new topmobil is introduced, however, it is no longer enough just to be satisfied with the talk. There should be pictures on the table-just like back then, Apple showed off the iPhone 7 qualities as a sports camera and Microsoft showed what Lumia 950 coulddeliver photos. Continue reading “Google Pixel Camera to the Test: See the First Photos Here”

Apple’s iOS 10 Are Experiencing Record Growth

IOS 10 rumbling forward on iPhones and iPads. After one month is the most popular update of iOS ever.

Since iOS 10 debuted on 13. September is Apple’s newest operating system has become an exceedingly popular update for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Four weeks after launch is iOS 10 now to find on 66 percent of all iOS devices-a record compared to the most popular updates, iOS and iOS 7 9, which only mustered 60 percent during the same time interval. Continue reading “Apple’s iOS 10 Are Experiencing Record Growth”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead

After several problematic weeks for Samsung Note 7 top model is over run. The production is stopped permanently.

The future looked bright for Samsung star phone, Note 7, at that time the Galaxy debuted in mid-august. It was at the forefront of technology, critics were wild with it and Samsung got scrambling just to keep up with demand.

Barely two months later, the South Korean giant now pulls the plug on Note 7 and shutter on and off for the production. It writes our site.

Samsung’s debacle started with a series of defective batteries among the first series of produced. In the worst case could phones become so hot that they could emit toxic fumes and constituted a real fire hazard. A huge recall and replacement of the first series. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead”