Apple Sends the Anti-Europeans Disparage iPhone Model on Early Pension

With the launch of the iPhone 7 using Apple the opportunity to shove maligned iPhone models out of range.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 was the star when the Apple held its annual September press event, but with the launch of a new iPhone happens also shifts in the company’s other line-up.

As expected, the two year old smoking Apple iPhone 6 totally out of range-but the two newer and more expensive iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 16 GB is also sent on early retirement. Continue reading “Apple Sends the Anti-Europeans Disparage iPhone Model on Early Pension”

The History of Ice Fishing

You are a fishing enthusiast with clear water and you’re in a bad mood all winter, because you can’t practice your passion? You see other fishermen take advantage of winter to get out the fishing gear and you would like to start also, but you aren’t sure where to start, what to buy, etc. Here is an article that should guide you to start to fish in the winter! The winter season 2015-2016 is my third season so my beginnings are not too far away which will allow me to provide you with several tips and information to get you started. I still have a lot to learn and this is what makes me love this sport. Naturally, the information that I write in this article reflects my opinion and my approach to this type of fishing, you evolve according to your experience, your tastes and your interest (which will be growing) in the face of ice fishing. In addition, my usual fishing area is the Lake St-Pierre so sure that fishing on a small lake will be different. For your first release, I recommend you to go to a provider where you can rent all the equipment and even a cabin in order to see if you like it, if this is the case and you are returned to the next step and want to equip you to low-cost as well as the basics of this practice, this article is for you… Continue reading “The History of Ice Fishing”

How to Repair Bamboo Fishing Rod

Bamboo is a perennial plant from the tall and sturdy. From this we get a useful material for the construction of various objects. Is often used to make fishing rods whose resistance depends on the processing. But it must be said that even a continuous use may lead to a disruption of the fishing rod. Of course before proceeding to repair the damage should be identified. Then observe it well and decide what steps to take to fix it. The damage that can occur when damages are manifold. One of the most frequent and the tear of a ligament. Or a cleavage in the ligaments and various links. In the following guide I explain how to repair a bamboo fishing pole. Continue reading “How to Repair Bamboo Fishing Rod”

Apple Lowers Prices on a Number of iPads

Apple lifted the veil of new iPads not yesterday, but new variants popping up while prices generally lowered anyway.

Yesterday’s Apple event was first and foremost about the new iPhone 7 and the new Watch Series 1 & 2. Nevertheless happens shifts with manufacturer’s iPad line-up, where certain models are deleted and the prices will be adjusted.

Apple realizes that the 16 GB storage space no longer advocates in an iPad ad 2016, therefore, deleted all the variants of 16 GB iPad mini 2, mini 4 and Air 2. Continue reading “Apple Lowers Prices on a Number of iPads”

What Do You Need for Ice Fishing

Lovers dream many anglers, especially newcomers, to try yourself in winter fishing, anticipating a lot of fun to connect with like-minded people, cold drink, a successful capture. But not all are currently in full you need for ice fishing, so that even in extreme conditions quite comfortable. Of course, there is nothing of ‘war’, as they say, fishing, fishing, even if it is cold. But there are still some points that need to be taken into account.On what accessories are needed for winter fishing, it is necessary and not try to say in this material. Maybe this article will be useful not only for beginners! Continue reading “What Do You Need for Ice Fishing”

How to Build a Spinning Reel


Fishing is a passion that goes for more among men. Who has never made a trip to the lake or River along with the grandfather to go fishing and take home a treasure trove? Well, to succeed in this task, it is not enough to have a good cane but you need the right equipment. We see so as to better prepare for a fishing (alone or with others) starting from some small notions on how to build a reel spinning. Continue reading “How to Build a Spinning Reel”

Missed You Yesterday’s Apple Event? See It Again Here

Yesterday’s Apple event saw three promising products from tech-giant. You may experience, or review, the full presentation here.

Yesterday’s Apple event brought three promising products from tech-giant. You may experience, or review, the full presentation here.

A total tech-press came with, as Tim Cook & co. yesterday unveiled their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well as a new and stronger Apple Watch Series 2.

Much was leaked prior to the event, but in the course of this morning’s meeting, could Apple showcase how the many small improvements together could go up into a higher unity.
At the same time you can see Apple explain why now is the time to scrap the headphone jack in smartphones.

Click on the link here to view the two-hour spectacle.

Would you rather settle for a map concoction of what Apple’s iPhone 7 offers, you may want to read all about the new iPhone here or view the 107 seconds long concoction underneath.


How to Make a Lure from a Spoon

Also in fishing, as in many other sports of nature, creativity plays a very important role in many cases, especially in some situations where you find yourself in the position of having to use the few things available. To be able to improvise you should be familiar with the techniques adapted to build with your own hands some artificial instrument that can give us a helping hand when we want to go to “tease” the distracted or listless fish. In this guide I will discuss in a few step helpful hints on how to build a fishing spoon with one used in kitchen. Continue reading “How to Make a Lure from a Spoon”

How to Repair Bolognese Rod

Those of you who are fond of fishing, but sometimes thinks it’s impossible to prove themselves in this beautiful and exciting activity? Sometimes though, there is ever in this pleasant hobby, because it is deemed too complicated in the use of hooks, fishing lines or cane without knowing that, with good will, all of us are able to work and become discrete fishermen. In this guide we will see how to repair a fixed barrel and also a bolognese Rod. First of all we will see various aspects of the two rods and the advantages of both. The whips and Baldwin have always been quite distinct from a clear differentiation and hardly were interchangeable. The bolognese Rod has an extraordinary strength and is built with fibro-carbon reinforced high strength. In this guide we will see how to use it. Continue reading “How to Repair Bolognese Rod”

You Must Have the New iPhone 7? [Vote]

Do you plan to buy Apple’s new iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus 7, or skip over?

It can probably not be gone no one’s nose over, that this week has been at Apple and iPhone 7’s character. Therefore, we of course also ends the week with a vote on the brand new star on the smartphone market.

This time we will hear whether Apple has caught your interest with the new iPhone 7 and whether you even need to buy a copy, which can already be pre-ordered at a large number of telecommunications companies and retailers. Continue reading “You Must Have the New iPhone 7? [Vote]”