Apple: the Next iPhone May Get Ultra Thin Sapphire Glass

Apple has signed a major agreement with a manufacturer of Sapphire Crystal, which render it probable that the next iPhone will have just Sapphire glass on the screen.

Sapphire Crystal has so far been very expensive and complicated of the produce, but also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Why has it so far has only been used in Apple’s iPhones to the glass in front of the camera lens and in the fingerprint reader in the new iPhone 5S.

But with new technology and lower production costs, it is possible that Apple’s future iPhones must be fitted with screens of Sapphire Crystal.

Apple has partnered with the GT Advanced Technologies, to a value of 578 million dollars, about production of Sapphire Crystal, writes our site.

Techsitet PocketNow has been visiting at a factory that manufactures Sapphire Crystal-see here how it turns into.


The Danes’ Data Usage on Your Phone in Strong Growth

The last few years, the Danes’ data consumption increased markedly and the honour falls to the spread of smartphones.

A new statistics from Business Protection Agency show that the Danes really has taken the mobile devices for themselves. The most recent measurements have increased by 127 percent. It writes our site.

On average, this increase means that every month in the first half of this year have been down-and uploaded about half a gigabyte of data from each mobile subscription. In the same quarter 2012 figure was 250 megabytes. It writes our site. Continue reading “The Danes’ Data Usage on Your Phone in Strong Growth”

The Danes Dropping Text Message

Was once an SMS the “hottest”, but the Danes’ interest in the little short message has evaporated. What do we do instead?

The Danes’ data usage is in significant growth just now, it shows the latest figures in “Telecommunications Statistics from the first half of 2013” from Business Agency. But the Danes ‘ interest in “the good old text message” has evaporated. It writes our site.

-“Number of sent sms messages is the past year declined from 5,761 million to 5,004 million. This corresponds to a decrease of 13.1 percent, “writes Business Agency. Continue reading “The Danes Dropping Text Message”

Sony Will Soon Be Ready with Plan for Android Update 4.4?

A tweet on Sony Xperia News has triggered speculation and expectations for what Sony models, updated to Android 4.4.

With the recent launch of the next big Android release, Android 4.4 KitKat, then producers by making ready for new products with the latest Android version, but also to find out which of the current models, which get the update.

Sony Xperia News have also been out to tease on Twitter for Android Android 4.3 and 4.4 updates. It writes our stie.

-“#Android @KitKat, we’re excited-next week out news on: 4.3, 4.4; products & more … #SonyXperia, “that was” tweeted “from Sony Xperia News the 1.November.

This tweet has of course been speculations in time, as well as created expectations for Sony soon report out what new and existing models will be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Huawei Also Toying with at the Dual-SIM

Web TV: Huawei is ready to following the aspiring trend in dual-SIM products. Here you can see the Ascend G525.

A small thriving trend ulmer in the mobile industry. It seems that the producers have become aware that there may be a small market for dual-SIM phones-so smartphones with room for two SIM-cards.

HTC has announced a dual-SIM version of the critically acclaimed HTC One, and most recently, the new smartphone-producer Kazam announced seven models, each of which contains space for two SIM cards. Continue reading “Huawei Also Toying with at the Dual-SIM”

Twitter: Flying Start on the Stock Exchange

Twitter debuted Thursday on the stock exchange in the United States with a record-breaking increase not seen since 2007.

Thursday Twitter debuted as a listed company in the United States, and it was off to a flying start for mikroblogtjenesten.

There was so much demand on Twitter’s shares, the price on the first day increased by 73 percent, compared to the assumed share price, type our site.

Such a huge one-day gain is not seen since 2007 for an early-stage equity tells our site.

The day before the stock debut was the shares priced at 26 dollars, but for the price there was 30 times as many orders as there were shares.

About an hour and a half after initial public opening Thursday, was Twitter’s shares put up for 45.10 dollars, but ended up closing in price 44.90 since the day was out.

Google Launches New Text to Speech App

With new text to speech app from Google, you can read your favourite book out loud-but not in Danish.

Google has released a standalone app for text-to-voice for Android in Google Play Big. The application is capable of reading aloud from for example Google Play Books and Google translate, write our site.

Google should supposedly have improved the pronunciation in the application, so you do not have to put ear to excruciating machine-like robot pronunciation, which few will be able to hold out in the long run.

It may not be the big revolution, but do you want to test the new feature, you must activate it under Settings-Language and input-text to speech-output.

But like so much else in this tech-world, is Denmark not chosen as one of the target areas, which means Danish, as language is not supported. Google text-to-speech supports the following languages: English/American, French, German, Italian, Korean and Spanish.

Overview: iPhone 5S Sells Best in Denmark, Test of the iPad Air and See Which Mobiles Are Coming

Sales start of the iPad Air sounded 1. November in Denmark. You can read the test of the iPad Air, and more in this week’s overview.

Google and LG announced last week their new Nexus phone, as well as the Danish price and launch. Around 4,000 dollars is what the phone costs in Denmark without subscription, but with telecommunications companies 3, TDC, Telia and Telmore can you with subscription get the cheaper.

The past week has featured the presentation of the new smartphones from “the new student in class,” Kazam. We were at the press conference in Stockholm, where the seven new Android models were showcased.

Apple presented the 22. October world press for the new iPad Air, where sales beginning sounded the 1.November. We’ve seen a closer look at iPad Air -you can read the test here.

You can also get an overview of what mobile phones and tablets, which lands on shelves at the Danish telecommunications companies in November.

HTC M8 Will Be the First Mobile with Sense 6.0

HTC M8 is the current code name for HTC’s top model 2014 and will be the first model with HTC Sense 6.0.

Next year’s flagship from the HTC has the working title M8 and will be the first mobile with Sense 6.0. It tells the Twitter user Evleaks in one of his latest tweets.

Since HTC One had the working title M7, is it not right up in the air presuming that the M8 will be the top model for 2014. Continue reading “HTC M8 Will Be the First Mobile with Sense 6.0”

LG G Flex Comes Also to the Rest of the World

After launching in Korea have the Deputy Director said that LG is already chatting with operators across the world to launch LG G Flex.

LG’s new mobile with curved screen and which in fact also can be bent part of the screen, is not only a product as Korea’s population can benefit from. After the initial launch in Korea, there are now rumors of a global launch soon.

Vice President Koo Bon-Joon have reportedly told journalists that they are already starting to make deals with operators in the whole world and to the United States, Europe and Japan to come “soon”.

One can only hope that the phone lands on the Danish market so that we can have own view of the case with the huge curved screen front and back to be able to repair small scratches by itself.