Nexus 5 Only to Denmark with 16 GB of Memory

Nexus 5 are presented with both 16 and 32 GB of memory, but it is the only Edition with 16 GB sold in Denmark.

Since Google unveiled their new Nexus 5 last week, they stated that this comes in a version with both 16 and 32 GB of memory.

It will only be possible in Denmark to buy the version with 16 GB of internal memory, since Google does not want others to sell the model with 32 GB.

-“In Denmark has Nexus 5 16 GB memory. There is concluded an agreement with Google that 32 GB version only sold via Google, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

You will be able to buy Nexus 5 with, among other things, Telia, TDC, 3, Telmore, Call me and Elgiganten. Price will be around 4,000 dollars without subscription.

HBO Nordic Now Ready in the Danes’ Xbox

Danish Xbox users, with Xbox Live Gold membership, can now watch HBO Nordic directly from their console.

HBO Nordic have now been available for Xbox Live Gold members, Danish on their Xbox console. The new application provides users with access to a lot of TV series-both old and new episodes, the newest episodes can be viewed 24 hours after the world premiere, even with Danish subtitles. It writes our site.

The TV series, which among other things has access to is the HBO series: Games of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, The Sopranos, Entourage, Sex and the City, the Newsroom and True Blood.

A subscription to HBO Nordic costs 79 dollars per month and is not binding.

Kazam: That Is Why We Are Here Also about 15 Years

Web TV: Kazam does not go after the rapid gains. The investors behind are experienced people who have long-term plans.

The new mobile producer Kazam throwing huge sums of money in a big European launch of, in the first place. seven smartphones.

The money comes from private investors (private equity investor’s) already is behind mobile amongst other brands on the Russian market, something they have done for over 10 years. One example is the Plane Mobile that is dominated in Eastern Europe and Russia. Continue reading “Kazam: That Is Why We Are Here Also about 15 Years”

Kazam Promises 4 G Phones at the Beginning of 2014

Web TV: Kazam starts with 3 g phones, but the Director promises 4 g products at the beginning of 2014.

The seven smartphones it debuted mobile fire Kazam has presented to the European market, are all 3 g phones.

Telecom operators focus on 4 g LTE terminals. That is precisely why Kazams products probably will in the first place, not be on the shelves in the operators ‘ businesses.

One of the reasons for the lack of 4 g products are according to the manufacturer, a temporal factor, if one were to meet the timetable, and reach to launch in 2013.

-“We have decided to set up our company and begin with 3 g. We ovevejede a launch with 4 g today, but we didn’t think the time was right for us. At the beginning of 2014, in the first quarter, we come with 4 g LTE phones, “says Kazams topdirektør Michael Coombes.

He says that 4 g products also will lie in a lower price range than the competitors offers.

That Is Why Nexus 5 More Expensive in Denmark Than in the United States

Web TV: LG and Google have different pricing on Nexus 5. Here tells more about the price of the LG new Nexus phone.

When Google introduces a new Nexus phone, be it for sale through Google’s own webshop for a relatively aggressive pricing, but when Nexus comes to Denmark, the price is somewhat higher.

Nexus 5 costs 349 dollars in Google’s online store for the 16 GB model. This is the equivalent of $ 363.62 crowns, but LG’s indicative price is just below the 4,000 dollars.

The price difference has got several potential Nexus-buyers, to accuse LG to put Nexus-phone overpris in Denmark. Continue reading “That Is Why Nexus 5 More Expensive in Denmark Than in the United States”

LG: There Will Be No Shortage of Nexus 5

There will be no shortage of Nexus phones in Denmark this year, it promised LG at a news conference.

LG promised at a news conference where they showed off Nexus 5, that there will be enough Nexus phones, at day one of with Nexus 5 in the shops.Christmas trade is vital, and this time there will not be lacking phones.

Nexus 4 has been a great success, and who are alone in Denmark sold more than 10,000 copies of last year’s model. It illuminates the LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

-“Nexus 5 comes in Danish shops between the 25. and 27. November 2013.0 “is the message from LG-boss.

From the sales start, it will only be possible to buy the black model-so if you want the white, you have to wait until the beginning of december.

The vejlendede price is around 4,000 dollars without subscription for a 16 GB model.

Our Site for iOS Updated

Our site for iPhone and iPad has been updated and makes it easier to follow one’s favorite artist both online and offline.

The popular Swedish music service our site has been updated to iOS, with new features for the iPhone and iPad, which makes it easier to follow his favorite artist both online and offline.

It is now possible to view concert dates on the iPhone and iPad, as it also is possible in desktop Edition, writes our site.

The new features have been available in a collaboration between our site and music tracking service Song Kick.

Our site has also got an improved and faster search feature that now includes the user’s playlists and profile.

Our site for iOS is available for download via the App Store.

Apple: the Next iPhone May Get Ultra Thin Sapphire Glass

Apple has signed a major agreement with a manufacturer of Sapphire Crystal, which render it probable that the next iPhone will have just Sapphire glass on the screen.

Sapphire Crystal has so far been very expensive and complicated of the produce, but also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Why has it so far has only been used in Apple’s iPhones to the glass in front of the camera lens and in the fingerprint reader in the new iPhone 5S.

But with new technology and lower production costs, it is possible that Apple’s future iPhones must be fitted with screens of Sapphire Crystal.

Apple has partnered with the GT Advanced Technologies, to a value of 578 million dollars, about production of Sapphire Crystal, writes our site.

Techsitet our site has been visiting at a factory that manufactures Sapphire Crystal-see here how it turns into.

LG: G2 Gets Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest version of Android, according to LG to get the top model G2.

Google and LG has just introduced the Nexus during november 5, which is ready for sale in the Danish businesses.

The phone comes with the latest version of the Android operating system, version 4.4 KitKat. This version is exclusively reserved for Nexus 5 in a period before other phones may use it, according to LG.

Thus must LG, exactly as competing manufacturers, wait to get out on the KitKat addition products. But LG promises that the top model will be updated.

-“We come with an update plan for LG G2 for Android 4.4 KitKat at the end of this year or early next year. But of course there will be an update to the G2, “such were the words of Fenton, country Manager of LG in Denmark, at a press conference in Copenhagen.

G2 has with most reviewers and end customers, received a very positive reception.

Google Teams with Nexus Partners

If a mobile manufacturer will be Nexus-partner with Google, it is a blueprint, believes a producer.

Since the first Nexus smartphone from Google saw the light of day in January 2010, it has triggered additional attention in the mobile industry and among end customers when new Nexus phones has been revealed.

The extra attention is contagious also of on your business partner, that Google has chosen to each phone.

HTC was partner at the first Google phone, the Nexus One. Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy produced Nexus, while Nexus 4 and 5 have been LG products. Continue reading “Google Teams with Nexus Partners”