Types of Watches



Boettstorleken always measured in mm and measures at the center of bezelringen without push buttons and crown.
23-25 ​​mm Child Watch or small watches.
25-30 mm Small children or watches.
30-35 mm Larger children watch or women’s watch.
35-37 mm Smaller midsize, medium size, suitable for young people and women / girls.
37-40 mm Large midsize, suitable for both men and women.
40-43 mm Most common size of men’s wristwatch. Medium, both men and women.
43-45 mm standard size larger men’s wristwatch.
45 – 45 mm and above are more men’s watches.

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Warm Sleeping Bag Guides


The extreme range in any case, hopefully not, because it indicates the temperature at which a survival in a sleeping bag with hypothermia is still possible. The comfort range indicates up to what outside temperature a “standard woman” (Editor’s note:.. It really is so, sorry!) With 25 years, 1.60 m height and 60kg in moderate, long baselayer anytime feels.

The limit range is valid for “standard man” with 25 years, 1.73 m height and 70 kg. For this purpose there is once again a norm that unfortunately a disregarded: individuality and physical and mental state. For some people (therefore cool faster) sweat more, others move more (thus warming rather). So unfortunately, the temperature range is a subjective criterion, which can be a guide at best.

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Types of Pillow Materials

Pillows Made of Natural Fibers For Allergy Sufferers

Experts advise to cushion fillings from sheep wool, camel hair, horsehair or lyocell, unless the sleeper sweats profusely. This is consistent to natural fibers, which are derived the optimal moisture and heat. Pillows made of natural fibers feel a little harder than, say, down pillows.you’ll still have sufficient resilience and adapt to your head. Natural fiber pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Is It Okay to Wear Skirts to School

After a sex scandal in several Australian schools, a high school asks the girls not to wear short skirts. Students and parents protested.

How to deal with a sex scandal in a school? In Kambrya College in Melbourne, Australia , was the answer: advising high school students not to wear short skirts. If anything, they would lose “respect for boys and integrity.” Announced at a meeting of students, the new guidelines also state that girls should abandon make-up and stop sending “sexy selfie” , it said in an article by Mashable.

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Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses: Spring Must Have

Hey my candies! Today I wanted to introduce you to my absolute Spring must-have. The Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop. For me, the most beautiful and important companion right now in the spring, where the sun finally can again look often. But let’s be honest, who is not a fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses?

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Slug a Chip and Lock Your Phone up

A new password entry is perhaps on the way-slug a pill with a built-in chip and lock your mobile or tablet up.

Coming all the time new password solutions designed to make it easier and safer to use its smartphone, tablet and the like.

But the latest solutions that are still at the development stage, sounds almost like something from a future film.

Slug a pill with a built-in chip and lock your smartphone up, alone by your mere presence.

The system was presented by Motorola’s technology Chief at a conference organized by the Wall Street Journal, write our site.

The chip will be activated when it comes in the context of digestive juices, and then emit a signal that can be captured by a mobile phone, which thus can be unlocked.

The pill itself is already approved by health authorities in both the United States and Europe, but when it may come on the market is not yet officially.

DIY Motion Sensor Security Light

Motion sensor lights can give you peace of mind knowing that you can track the movement of your property. As the name suggests, motion sensors detect heat at moving objects, including people, animals and vehicles. Once motion is detected, welded lights come on automatically. The lights will stay on as long as motion is detected. Install motion sensor lights can be a quick process that does not require professional help.

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Digital Watch Features

It can be difficult to keep track of all the technical specifications and features when you are making your purchase. We want to help! Here, we have presented the most important features to keep track of when you choose your watch.

Key features

You can set the watch to ring at a selected time. Analog watch displays the time using the dial and hands. Analog clocks is almost impossible constructed in the 12-hour display. Auto Relay Available in watch with automatic works and is a feature that saves energy and power reserve when you put it down.  Bluetooth can send information between Bluetooth equipped devices. date the clock shows the date. Some watches can display the day and month. A standard feature on digital watch.

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Wedding Costs: 30 Ideas to Save on the Budget

Create a beautiful ceremony and not spend much, it is not an impossible mission! To save we have collected 30 easy tips and cut excessive spending will be a breeze, from flowers to lunch, from music to date.

Arrange a cheap wedding is not very complicated, but you need a firm hand and determination. When you are one step away from the altar is very easy to get lost in trivial details, extremely charming and at the same time by the exorbitant costs. It is important, however, to establish a budget and not sforarlo. How to do it? Is easy following our 30 tips to save money. Continue reading “Wedding Costs: 30 Ideas to Save on the Budget”