What iPad You Need to Have? [Vote]

Apple’s new iPads are landed. The reminder up and down in Apple’s range, some are better, others are cheaper. What do you have?

Apple Developer on the iPad’s form and functions, at the launch of the iPad Air 2. With a profile on just 6.1 mm is the thinner than ever. With a new camera, a new gold color, higher processor and Touch-ID gets you more than ever when you buy iPad Air 2.

Little brother iPad mini 3 convinces is not in the same degree. Except for the new Touch ID sensor and gold color, separates it from the predecessor.

If the budget is not for the big iPad, there may instead be money-saving, in the previous models of the iPad mini and iPad Air, as all now get a generous discount.

Are you contemplating the new iPad Air 2? Or would you rather jump on one of the previous iPads, now where the price is lower? Give your opinion below.

High-quality Cycling Clothing

Cycling is fun, it’s healthy and promotes the circulation of oxygen in the body. you can ride a bike in any weather, in summer as in winter, in bright sunshine or in rain. There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing accordingly. Clever and appropriate bike clothing is therefore especially important. You must be breathable primarily, waterproof and windproof, but must not restrict freedom of movement of the bikers. These advantages are important because a cyclist always sweating, and when the wind when driving dries the sweat, the body temperature drops rapidly, which the risk of injury increases and colds favors. The right bike clothing for all weather conditions is therefore mandatory in the Biker equipment. But not only for sporty savvy driver is correct Cycling Clothing important. There are many people who travel daily by bicycle to work. They often have the bad luck that uses rain after work and the homecoming journey is uncomfortable. A rain poncho should always be on the bike. These are small foldable, that they need the space of a cigarette box and really has any.

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Windows 8.1 Lands Today-Start Button Is Back

Update Windows 8.1, today will be available to users all over the world of Windows 8 and is a free update.

Windows 8-experience be improved today with update for Windows 8.1, which among other things offers a more personalized PC experience and more and better applications and services directly from the home screen.

-“With Windows 8.1 we build further on the vision for Windows 8, which, in particular, is about to deliver a complete control system and intuitive interface that is easy-to-use across the many new and innovative devices available on the market today-whether you are looking for mobility from tablets and hybrid devices, or if you are looking for productivity from a laptop or an all-in-One-pc , “says Martin T H, Division Commander for Windows in Microsoft Denmark.  Continue reading “Windows 8.1 Lands Today-Start Button Is Back”

Google is Watching Us Lol Domains and .docs for Internet

The Google said just now that participates in the process promoted by ICANN, the maximum and transnational body for regulation of Internet domains, for new addresses ending in words or terms associated with the brand. This is the first time that the search giant details how you want to use the new possibilities for creating more interesting user experiences.

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Sony Xperia Z4 Can Become a Monster

A new leak suggests that Sony will cram Sony Xperia Z4 to the brim with goodies and reconsider the 6-month cycle.

Sony has decided that there is only to go 6 months between the versions of the flagship series Sony Xperia Z, and it means that the talk about Xperia Z4 has already begun. And it is strong cases, hiding in the first tender whispers of Sony Xperia Z4.

The next round of flagship from Sony should, among other things, save on a 5.5 “QHD display, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage space and a new camera. The camera will be on about the conversation, but will have a curved sensor, which should give more sharpness. Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z4 Can Become a Monster”

Men’s Must Have Dress Shirts

There are four shirts that every man should have. First without which no classic clean white shirt. Although the standard can be used for all occasions. Your wardrobe should be varied and balanced to be prepared with all kinds of shirts not only this.

Besides white stripped shirt for evening outings must have and black. It is great for night entertainment. It looks elegant men with – dark hair and – light skin and also combines with almost all standard colors pants. Slim (slim fit) black shirt stand very chic and if you are in good physical shape. The other compulsory shirt is light blue, it also combines a wide range neckties and jackets, especially suitable for the office. Fourth binding type shirt white shirt with French cuffs, it is inevitable at official events.

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Best Makeup for Allergy Prone Skin

This for you is a “dark period” you have allergies to grass and pollen . You perpetually runny nose and nasal congestion makes you talk like Fat Grandma Duck. Without speaking devastated aspect with red nose, swollen like a bagpipe over his face and his eyes watery you

This for you is a “dark period” you suffer from allergies to grasses, pollen and all that makes you sneeze like crazy, you perpetually runny nose and nasal congestion makes you talk like Fat Grandma Duck. Without speaking aspect ravaged with red nose, swollen like a bagpipe on the face and eyes that I have tears.

Antihistamines apart, there you straight to restructured and address the office, happy hour and dinner in the form, if not brilliant, but at least decent.  Continue reading “Best Makeup for Allergy Prone Skin”

Surface 2-Here’s Everything New

Microsoft Surface-Chief Jesper Green Frost tells here, what’s new in Surface 2.

Microsoft held Monday, their Danish, presentation of the new Surface products Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Surface 2 is the successor of the Surface, there is a tablet with Windows 8.1 installed and the ability to run applications from Microsoft’s Windows Store.

Surface Pro 2 is not much larger than the Surface 2, but differs in being a full-blooded PC that can take up the fight with laptops and ultra-books.

According to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 faster than 95 percent of the laptops available on the market.

The new Surface-models come in trade today, Tuesday, 22. October.
Here you can see and hear Microsoft’s Surface-Chief Jesper Green Frost tell what’s new in the new products-here presented first Surface 2.

Brazilian Tumblr Becomes the 3rd Most Visited in the World

Tumblr, the blogging platform that has gained interface translated into Portuguese last week, has 16 billion page views per month in its over 56 million registered blogs. This week a Brazilian tumblr managed to stand out in this crowd, called “How do I feel when” he took third place in the most accessed tumblrs list the world.

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