Oppo Upgrade Find 7 and Find 7a for KitKat

Oppos two flagships will get an update to Android 4.4 KitKat. With the upgrade follows the improvements to Color US.

The Chinese mobile manufacturer has made a good impression with its latest series of budget-friendly topmobiler, Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a. Both share a fast Quad-core processor, a large 5.5 “screen and an excellent 13MP camera.

As something unique, Find 7 60s a rapid charge technology that can let the battery from 0 to 75% in just half an hour. The more expensive Find 7 can also boast more RAM, a Quad-HD display and a larger battery.

Chinese Oppo is now ready with a long update for næstnyeste Android 4.4 KitKat. With the update follows Google KitKat-improvements such as enhanced security, lower RAM usage, as well as support for future ART programs. Continue reading “Oppo Upgrade Find 7 and Find 7a for KitKat”

Reading Night Lamp

Before your eyes on the couch, in the tumult of drunken conversation sleep despite the laughter of friends people who have long not wake up – you can not guess a coach shirts and classic styles, you can see how in a dream, they are blown away by ticking arrows and spilled sand until narrowed their lips into a smile as freeze of mummification. Someone opens the door to the living room and tells you that you need to shave – and you recognize in this interloper grandfather of a black and white photo. Through the window echoing clatter of the train that has long immobilisation because it made more direct line through the mountain path.

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Site Shows Twitter Users Home

People share things on social networks. Sometimes, as we tire of seeing, too much. A site that was highlighted this week takes advantage of this information to perform a spell that can make a lot of troubled people: search tweets with the word “home” (home English), combine them with geographic location information, and set up a kind of dossier showing exactly where the Internet lives (or supposedly lives). Horrible. Continue reading “Site Shows Twitter Users Home”

Fishing Preparation

At the beginning of the season the waters tend to be cold and apathetic fish. Fisheries to the touch allows you to capture these little active fish. Discover in this Council the basis of fisheries to the touch to start the season with success.


The choice of shank will vary depending on the type of watercourse in which we obtained. The smaller watercourse, shorter should be the cane.

3.40 m and 3.60 m. rods can be used in small and medium-sized water courses, will be very versatile. In large rivers, 4 m long rods can be used, or more, that allow to reach more remote fishing jobs.

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Nexus 5 Leaked in YouTube Video

Nexus 5 has been video filmed from all angles, and many details are revealed in a new YouTube video.

With almost all specifications revealed about the upcoming Nexus 5, it was almost only a matter of time, get the device would show up in a video clip.

Now is a video clip on YouTube from franke our site -at over seven minutes long clips, displayed the phone from all imaginable angles and subsequently reviewed the salient features of the phone like camera, calendar, home screen, settings and much more.

As someone probably will notice in the clip, is Android named with version “Key Lime Pie”, but this should be changed when the final version comes on the street, write our site.

Get the Large iPad-Overview Here

There are currently 5 different models, and here you can get an overview of how they differ from each other.

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 was presented yesterday, and thus there are 5 different iPads to choose from.So can dman easily lose track, but we have compiled the most important specifications for all 5 models.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind what you want out of his iPad before you decide if you like the great or. small size? How much storage space you need? The kinds of questions is completely individual. Continue reading “Get the Large iPad-Overview Here”

Fishing Line Bait


Sometimes we have to multiply the attacks to reach remote sites. Reed and the movement of released are the only parameters that optimize. All the elements of the Assembly must also be perfectly adjusted. Discover our tips for aerodynamic mount that will allow you to fish in far away places.

The head of line

To transmit the energy with the lowest possible elasticity and to avoid the risk of breakage during launch, the ideal is to use a braided line head (diameter 25/100 – 30/100).

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Telia Gets More Mobile Customers-But Less Earnings

The third largest telecom company in Denmark, Telia, got in third quarter new customers, but they serve 21,000 less money.

Telia, which is the third largest telecom company in Denmark, going forward in this year’s third quarter.The entire 21,000 more Danes have now, as their mobile operator Telia, which helps to increase Telia’s profit margin from 14.6 percent to 16.9 percent. It writes our site.

Customers are also using the phone more than in the past, which is an advancement since otherwise in 2013 has been a decrease in consumption. Continue reading “Telia Gets More Mobile Customers-But Less Earnings”