Decorating with Wallpaper for the Bathroom

The sink is usually the lowest and most frequented toilet of a residence, as it is the destination for visitors, employees and even the locals in moments of haste or urgent need. Usually located close to the social area of the residence or the TV room or dining room, the toilet is a bathroom to which a visit, a relative less intimate or a client will have access if you can visit your home and you don’t want to or don’t have a bathroom for guests and guests. But also don’t usually have an area of bath, shower, bathtub, is is the toilet usually have less moisture inside, allowing the use of different materials to create your decorations.

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Most Common Fishing Mistakes

Fishing technique to bottom has very ancient roots and is therefore widespread. Brutalizing the speech one can say that the technique is to bring the terminal in bottom fishing, to catch the fish that feed on the bottom like carp, chub, eel, catfish, gudgeon, thrushes, sparlotte, mullet, bream, etc. Knowing the details, you can highlight those which can be the 5 mistakes to avoid. In the following guide we will see what they are.

Be sure to have on hand:

Fishing rod;


Baits such as corn, the worms, the polenta, the worm, the worm of rock, the sea cucumber;

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Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy

With the arrival of summer many expectant mothers have posed the problem of hair removal during pregnancy, wondering if hair removal with intense pulsed light can be harmful to an unborn baby. Let’s find out together.

It is probably the most advanced method for the treatment of unwanted hair. The pulsed light epilation can eliminate permanently and safely that terrible fuzz too which until a few years ago we could monitor only provisionally. But it is safe for pregnant women? Are there any side effects to an unborn baby? Continue reading “Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy”

Makeup Trends Fall

Makeup Trends fall winter 2014-2015, the collections do not miss: the most famous brands dictate the rules to the makeup of the cold season. Let’s see what it must not fail in our beauty case.

All the big brands are ready with the new fashion and makeup for fall winter 2014-2015 and we women can do is find out what will be the trends that will accompany us throughout the cold season. The arrival of autumn does not disappear with colors, but rather enhances them, especially on our face. It starts with beautiful warm shades, shades of Brown and plum, merged with Golden hues according to this blog. Continue reading “Makeup Trends Fall”

Eye Makeup Trends Winter

Eye makeup Trends winter 2015, the golden rule for a deep look and well delineated and the cat eye make up. To achieve it it takes very few products but a certain dexterity. All the tips to make a make up a cat can be found in this article.

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Are You Wearing the Right Pants?

Over such details, such as underpants you might not even think about thinking. Just in the shop you take the ones that you like, you estimate the size and head straight to the checkout. Then at home but maybe a rage that somewhere dig and feel good in them, or are comforted by the fact that this is not normal, and it did not not thinking.

Yet if the pants too small or too large, they are always under clothing to see, and they can spoil your whole outfit. Not for nothing that says how you feel today, it depends on what kind of underwear you’re wearing.

By the way, did you know that women buy most often either too small, or too big pants? Let’s start by choosing the right size.

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Dry and Style Your Hair with the Diffuser

Dry your hair with the diffuser. If your hair is curly and tend to dry and Frizz, the speaker is an indispensable tool for protecting the health of the hair: it sticks to the hair and protects hair from direct heat that could ruin them. Useful for any hair type: curly, straight, treated with paint, stains, the speaker will not harm because it wipes them gently. Let’s see how best to use the diffuser on your hair to get voluminous curls and natural-looking. Continue reading “Dry and Style Your Hair with the Diffuser”

Dry Your Hair Without Using The Hair Dryer

Dry your hair without using the hair dryer, beauty tips to follow to have perfect hair and silky without having to use the hair dryer, real instrument of torture during the summer!

Dry your hair, especially with the heat and the heat, is a kind of torture for many women with long hair. Let them dry out freely in the Sun, while also achieving the beautiful natural beach waves, is certainly not the solution, but it must be followed small indications not to find himself leading a shapeless nest and Frizz. Let’s see How to blow dry your hair without blow dryer and have soft hair and tidy. Continue reading “Dry Your Hair Without Using The Hair Dryer”

Braid Short Hair

Braid with short hair, you can accomplish with a little imagination or alternatively bind in your hair braid pretend to make a hairstyle like the one sported by celebrities on the red carpet. Here are all the tips and instructions for use.

The braid is one of the most popular hairstyles of the summer because it not only allows us to disguise a not quite in order, but apparently also the hairstyle anticaldo par excellence. And if we have your hair too short? Continue reading “Braid Short Hair”

Summer Hair Trend Bronde

Hair bronde, the new color of summer 2014. The coolest shades is bronde. A new term that is born from the marriage between two words: brown and blonde, a fusion between the Brown and blond. A hot color that is depopulating especially among the stars: from the beautiful Gisele Bündchen to American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, passing through the soft Jennifer Lopez.

The bronde is a color that can be customized, depending on the base of your hair that can be more or less dark than departure. After the great return of the Classic Brown and the continued dominance of blond shade from shades of gold is the most popular. The bronde is not a uniform color, nor the result of treatments like shatush, light effect or the balayage, which emphasize the gap between net between castano and blond but has warm tones and makes it seem like your hair naturally bathed in sunshine. Continue reading “Summer Hair Trend Bronde”