How to Tie Different Types of Tie Knots

Most often, many men choose to tie your taste, but if your taste is not so perfect? ​​There are a number of recommendations that are familiar with that you can choose the best so if you are a woman and want to give a gift your favorite tie, see what shirt he wears, not to be caught.

  1. Solid connections are suitable for almost all types white shirt fit any color tie and a colorful shirt and tie should be selected as one shade darker. Be sure that all the colors of the costume must be combined with each other.
  2. If you’re wearing a striped shirt or in a cage, remember that gender should not be a strong. Toy must be a solid color or combined with a strip of color in the dress should not be the whole colorful, some element must be uniform.
  3. Tie with a pattern or model designed to revivesuit. Motley tie should be chosen with dark want to link with polka dots, remember that the color of peas should be the color of the shirt. Also, large polka dots should not be placed on the full and low men.

Recommendation: tie should not be wider than tied as it should not be longer than waist pants tie, please note that it should be adapted by bias, so that they are not twisted is better not to wash the tie and give it to the dry cleaners, especially if it is made of silk.

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Send Free SMS from Your Computer

Send free SMS to phones without using your cell phone, directly from the computer. It is possible and you don’t have to spend a dime for it!

Send SMS Via Internet

Send SMS or torpedoes is increasingly common because the carriers ‘ plans in addition to include hundreds or thousands of minutes of voice, also include a daily or monthly quota of SMS text messages. Even being able to send so many messages without pay, typing messages on tiny keypads of equipment is often boring and tiring.

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Seiko Watches for Men

Among the most important companies producing watches of Japan, Seiko was founded in 1881, the first Japanese company watchmaking, for Kintaro Hattori hand. Over the years, Seiko has racked up achievements and established important milestones, such as the construction of the first quartz watch in the world, in 1969, the production of the first watch TV, in 1982 and the recent watches GPS, allowing it to enter the Olympus of LED watchmaking companies (i.e., preceded only by Casio.

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Trends of Ethnic Jacket

The ethnic trend takes several seasons as a protagonist and reflected in all kinds of clothing and accessories. This great success is due to its versatility, as there are varied inspirations, from the Aztec culture to African. In addition, this kind of prints you can make many combinations of colors, elements and forms. In the collections of major firms, both can find a deluxe version of the jackets ethnic, as the most casual and informal version. Still you not have done with you? Then record the models suggest.

You have proposed full of bright colors, which are the most daring jackets. For its many shades, they can be difficult to combine. If in doubt, choose a color of the garment to highlight and carries accessories in that color, with the other clothes in neutral tones. The mix of geometric figures is also very typical of this trend, according to Mathgeneral, so do not be afraid to excess, at least one garment.

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Apple Has Nothing New Created Since the iPad and iPhone

Comment: It is two years since Steve Jobs died, but what has Apple invented since? Virtually nothing, but they are still popular.

These days, it is two years since Apple founder Steve Jobs died, and since when is Apple, more and more, become like the other technology companies.

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What is a Tablet?

Here on the site mobile phones we’re always answering the questions that leave readers in the comments. The last one was questioned about the usefulness of a tablet and is a very interesting question, because given the huge amount of functions of a cell phone, because we still need a tablet?

For starters, what’s a tablet? The tablets are portable computers that use operating systems for mobile phones, more geared for portability and low battery consumption. It has advantages of a notebook, as large screen and ease of typing and advantages of a mobile phone, since some connect to mobile phone networks. Have camera, wireless internet and thousands of applications to do everything you imagine, both work as fun.

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Kindle: Amazon Tablet

Fire tablet line of Amazon receives a face lift with new colors and a new cut from 16 GB.

Fire can be purchased now in magenta, Blue and Orange in the two versions from 8 and 16 GB. The prices are extremely limited: the smaller model will be sold at 59.99 Euros, while you will need to add additional 10 euros for the 16 GB version.

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Nokia N97 or Motorola Milestone (Droid)?

I had a Nokia N97 for 2 months and now complete 2 months that I’m with the Motorola Milestone (A853), the famous Droid! I waited 2 months of use these pass to can write an article comparing it to be fair, having the same speaking time on each of the devices.

The comparative Nokia N97 x Motorola Milestone is separated according to the points that I thought relevant. To make the reading more pleasant avoid going into technical details, focusing more on the results obtained.

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Fashion Jacket Trends

In the third week of September is little left to reach the characteristic autumn chill. And since We are more than ready to take the big step. Join us on this journey and discover along with our writing are the basic anti-cold next season will be. Because what matters is not just covered. The important thing is not just forget about the cold while we had a cup of hot coffee. The important thing is to do all this without losing a drop of style. You notice that we consider all persuasions. And you notice that we know what this season.

So let ‘s get the cloth. Because of autumn blizzards cover is possible. But do it with maximum taste and class, although it is somewhat more difficult, it is also possible. In the city or in the countryside. We have compiled a number of options that you will like them all. And although we start from the basic, also we incorporate the must have for those who already have heard itypemba.

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Surface 2 Almost Sold out before Launch

Microsoft had to be true, that the sales figures for their Surface-tablet was disappointing, but it looks more promising with the sequel.

A few weeks before Microsoft put their new and updated version of the Surface on the street, so Microsoft warns that there will be a “limited availability” of the new Surface 2-models. It writes our site.

It is Microsoft’s u.s. head of Surface, Brian Hall, who reports that the new Surface 2 is close to being sold out in Microsoft’s online store. The type CRN.

Brian hall writes in a blog post that we at Microsoft, of course, is happy for the situation. However, there is no announcement of demand among clients is larger or there simply just produced fewer devices than there was of his predecessor.

Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro released the 22. October respectively 64 GB version, and 256 GB + 512 GB in Pro Edition.