How to Buy Google Pixel and the Pixel XL Already Now [Tip]

You can’t wait for Google’s Pixel-smartphones maybe-maybe not-come to Denmark? With this wizard you can easily purchase the phone already.

Google has the habit to launch its products with several months’ delay-Yes, six months is not unusual. If Google’s two new Pixel-smartphones therefore have caught your interest, the wait can be quite long, when there is not yet a confirmation that the phones actually come for sale in Denmark.

It is fortunately advice ahead of. You can already buy Google Pixel or Pixel XL, if you take advantage of the so-called ‘ mail/package forwarding’-services-in other words, companies that exclusively deals with to ask a foreign warehouse with associated address available, as customers can products ordered for. Then they will be sent from there to your home address in Denmark-for a fee, of course. Continue reading “How to Buy Google Pixel and the Pixel XL Already Now [Tip]”

Small But Powerful: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact in the Trade

With the Xperia Sony Z1 compact brings the little brother of his Smartphone flagship to Germany. The 4.3-inch device is still convenient to use with one hand and fits into most pocket. Apparently Sony when the Xperia Z1 Compact has reduced only the dimensions that stingy inside the Japanese not with high-end equipment.

Faster Processor and 20.7-Mega Pixel Camera

The 4.3-inch screen of the Sony Xperia Z1 compact dissolves with 1,280 x 720 pixels. Heart of the Smartphone is a fast Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip with a clocking of 2.2 GHz in conjunction with 2 GB of memory. Thus, Sony has the same Interior as the bigger brother the device. This State in terms of security model for the Xperia Z1 compact that is certified as a dust – and waterproof with IP58. The internal memory offers 16 GB of space, but it is expandable by MicroSD card up to 64 GB.

With the camera in the Xperia is Z1 compact Sony again megapixel standard in the Smartphone area. The main camera dissolves almost incredible 20.7 megapixels. For video telephony, the 2 megapixel range, however, the front-facing camera. But in a compact size, this equipment has its price: 470 EUR, the 4.3-inch device is not much cheaper than the 5-inch Xperia Z1.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Can Be Radically Different

It is very early in development, but there may be something completely different in store, when Samsung Galaxy S6 comes.

The next flagship model from Samsung will be Samsung Galaxy S6, it is almost certainly. Samsung Galaxy S-line, however, can look forward to getting a proper overhaul if we are to believe recent reports come from Samsung.

Sources tells the that Samsung Galaxy S6 right now goes by the codename ‘Project Zero’. Previously Samsung flag ships named after a letter. For example, it was called the two newest top models, Galaxy Galaxy S5 and Note 4, while there was work on them, Project K and T Project. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S6 Can Be Radically Different”

12 Informal Dresses

For times of heat casual dresses are needed, make you feel more comfortable and feminine, if you like the dresses but not looking for anything formal is the ideal dress for you.

Asymmetric dress

The most fashionable dresses and are super combined because they come in different patterns, lengths and types of fabric. The most common are tribal or ethnic, design without doubt indispensable for this season.

Dress below the knee

A dress ideal for those who like the short dresses, but not much are those of this Court, can be in one shoulder, strapless, or other design and prints are also very varied, ideal for use with sandals.

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Gorilla Glass 5 Is as Scratch Resistant as Gorilla Glass 4

A new video shows that you do not yet need to be worried if your smartphone has Gorilla Glass 5. It is in fact just as scratch resistant as Gorilla Glass 4.

Back in June, the company launched the fifth generation of the widely used Corning Gorilla Glass, which screens in the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are equipped with smartwatches.

Not long after, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 published asthe first smartphone with the new and even more resilient glass. YouTube user JerryRigEverything sat down, therefore, in order to make his usual scratch test by examining where on the Mohs’ hardness scale so called scratches are visible. Continue reading “Gorilla Glass 5 Is as Scratch Resistant as Gorilla Glass 4”

Lomography: Instant Camera as A Kickstarter Project

As in the good old days: with the Lomo’instant want to revive the company lomography time of Polaroid cameras. On Kickstarter, she currently seeking financial support for the development – the goal of $100,000 has already cracked the project.

Lomography login back again with a new project, the Lomo’instant. The analog camera is aimed at “Lomografen”, fans of snapshot photography. The term lomography derives this camera “LOMO compact Automat” of Saint of Petersburg manufacturer LOMO of the cult, which has a large community due to its idiosyncratic image quality. The Lomo’instant should use for the recordings of Fujifilm Instax mini film, which are snapshots right print. You can choose from three different lenses for portraits, wide angle and FishEye perspective. The aperture is to create more than all other Sofortbildkameras from f/8 to f / 32 rich – according to the developer.

Angepeilter Launch in November

The shutter speed is however fixed and is located at 1/125 seconds, exposed either but indefinitely, so that there are also night shots in the absorption spectrum. Because the funding goal of $ 100,000 has already been exceeded, nothing in the way should be in November 2014 the targeted launch. The cost for a copy should be between 88 and 110 euro. Experience with the development of hardware has the team, has released 35 mm film scanner for smartphones but it is already a vintage lens and one. Retro friends must be so excited.

View Video Presentation of HPs New Smartwatch

There have not been many details out about smartwatchet from HP, but now you can see the designer presenting it.

For 3 months ago we told you that HP had gone along with the designer Michael Bastian to fix a smartwatch. There should be more focus on appearance and aesthetics than thousands of functions, and it got there a watch with the title Michael Bastian Chronowing out of.

Now, Michael Bastian and HP then made a video in which the main designer itself tells about the new watch in order to promote it.

The clock can show notifications, such as sports scores, e-mail messages and news on Facebook, but the functionality of appsene behind lies in one’s smartphone. In return, the watch function with both Android phones and iPhones.

The watch is something you want to invest in, then it is on the page here -the watch can be purchased from the 7. November. The price is $ 349 and $ 649 for the limited Black Edition.

How to Care for the Bride before the Wedding Dress

To find the ideal wedding dress requires time and patience. Once we have the wedding dress at home, it is very important that care for it properly, so to get the day of the wedding look radiant and without imperfections.

Tips and advice for caring for your wedding dress

Keep it very well

When you take the wedding dress home, you have to keep it very well. The first thing you should do is to cover the dress with a plastic bag, then hang on a rack. Another way is to carefully fold the gown, then you wrap it with tissue paper and then put it in a box.

Try 2 times on your wedding dress

You have to try the dress on two occasions, the first when entering your House dress and the second must do it days prior to wedding. Doing this you will know if you’ve gained weight or if it has fallen.

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Top 8 White Dresses

White dresses are a basic in the wardrobe of any woman, can be used at any time of the year, but especially in spring-summer for the beach or vacation. It is the white dress that goes with your style and looks sensational.

Lace dress

The traditional lace can be an excellent choice of dress for this season, this dress with heels can be used at a party and sandals for a casual outing.

Tight dress

For those who want a white dress more formal this is ideal, beautiful sleeves and skirt pencil type that conforms to the body, ideal for use with some high heels in a more formal event.

One shoulder dress

A short white dress for the most daring of a shoulder, a sensational design primarily for the beach, or a night out.

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How to Make a Child Backpack

A tutorial for sewing that children take all their things to school

A few months ago, coinciding with the start of the school year, I made a tiny backpack for Nestor take her to the nursery with the four things that asked. You can find the tutorial on

As well, the four little things is they parcels more than what I thought, because between diapers, clothes seedlings and others, always took her butt and hardly could be closed. In addition, many cane has been in these months and poor backpack is having trouble…

For this reason, I decided to make him a new backpack, big and tough, but without losing that touch handmade that I like to give everything I do.

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