Care and Maintenance of a Flashlight

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not leave it in places that reach high temperatures or where they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Heat is the biggest enemy of the LED, which quickly lose effectiveness because of the heat. If we light a flashlight low quality with a freshly charged batteries, it illuminates much, but after a while illuminates much less, not because the battery is discharged in such a short period of time, but because as the LED temperature rises, emits less lumens.

Replace the batteries if they have not been used in a long period of time. Looking for a flashlight that provides ease of replacement batteries, which do not need any extra tools whenever you need to change the batteries. >>

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Now You Can Pay Online with Swipp

Swipp launches Denmark’s cheapest solution for easy, safe and fast mobile payment online to compete with MobilePay.

Competition between Danske Bank’s app for mobile payments, MobilePay, and 71 of the nation’s other banks and banking ‘ app, Swipp, continues.

Now launches its bid for mobile payments for Swipp while shopping on the Web. Just as you can choose to pay with MobilePay of certain dealers instead of fumbling with payment card, will now also be an option at Swipp the websites that choose to implement it. Continue reading “Now You Can Pay Online with Swipp”

What is an USB Memory?

A USB memory (Universal Serial Bus) is a storage device that uses flash memory to store information. It is also known as USB flash drive, memory stick, USB stick, hard MiniDisc, memory unit, memory stick, pen drive, among others. The first models require a battery, but current use electrical power from the USB port. These memories are resistant to scratches (external), dust, and some even water, factors affecting previous forms of portable storage, such as floppy disks, CDs and DVDs.

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Apps Can Retrieve the Secret Numbers [Update]

Third party apps can access and collect phone numbers – even secret-without having been allowed to the

In order to get things to slide a little easier, telecommunications companies sometimes automatically sends customer phone numbers to its partners. There is a vulnerability in the tilsneladende approach, and it means that apps can harvest and save the phone numbers-even if they are secret.

A HTX-student and his buddy with an app has proven that it is possible to have pulled the phone number with out-though it should not be possible to do, it is write our site.  Continue reading “Apps Can Retrieve the Secret Numbers [Update]”

Vintage Oxford Shoes

In 1950s, they brought with them the rock ‘n’ roll and the divas, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. The war had ended and life seemed a commercial for milk shakes. Femininity returned to fashion and the girls wore gloves and skirts. The 1950s, by the hand of Charles Jourdan, also brought with them to the stiletto, shoes with thin, high heel & toe thin and long. Special to help highlight the female figure, as dictated by fashion.

The younger girls however, used flats, loafers or Oxford with laces with white socks, giving them an innocent look .

For men the look was also quite conventional. Young people were limited to the use of sports shoes. The more adults continued to worship their shoes with laces classic or two tone.

At this time were introduced to the market the well-known creepers, shoes sticking with a thick rubber sole that is dressed in brightly colored socks.

The song of Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel says it clearly: “revolt begins, are the sixties;” and it is completely true. The Beatles, Viet Nam, the miniskirt and false eyelashes. You can learn more by visiting internetages official site. Soon the light of times echoed in shoes and emerged the beloved boots go-go’s. Ideal for the miniskirt-wearing, this boot had distinctive feature high shank, which sometimes could exceed the height of the knee.

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Lack of AMOLED Screens Slows OnePlus 3 Violently

OnePlus suffers continued with long delivery times due to shortage of AMOLED screens. Rumors sounds that will solve the problem with a revised OnePlus OnePlus 3.

Since the Chinese producer OnePlus launched its third top model, OnePlus 3, have interest in the phone been so great, that it has not been possible to produce enough phones.

Therefore, the producer at the beginning of august had put sales temporarily on hiatus in nothing less than 24 countries in a whole month, but it has, according to the company’s co-founder, Carl Pei, has not had the desired effect. On the contrary, the situation became worse when the many weeks of delay soon after spread to Denmark. Continue reading “Lack of AMOLED Screens Slows OnePlus 3 Violently”

Nexus 9 in Stock at Google

So it is possible to order the newest Nexus-tablet from Google, which is ready to accept orders.

We have taken a small look at the new HTC Nexus 9 and it looks perfectly reasonable at first glance. There are probably many, there appears, and you have decided to buy a Nexus 9, so one should not wait so long for it.

The for in stock at Google in Google’s Play Great, and Google is ready to send the package off to you from tomorrow the 5. November.

When the new tablet so dumper in the door is a little more difficult to say, but Google has an estimated delivery time in Denmark on 3-10 business days.

The Tablet gets with 16 GB and 32 GB storage space, if you settle for WiFi to 2890 and 3690 dollars respectively, and with LTE and 32 GB storage for 4190 crowns.

Modern Fashion Dresses in Black

A black dress usually can be used to various events, although it is not very common that a wedding or a quinceañera use this color of dress, but now has been some cases in which brides have opted for a black dress, similarly some quinceañeras. But this dress if color is one of the most recommended for girls attending such events as the 15-year party, a wedding, promotion, among other major events, now not only is an elegant color, but that also is a very formal color, but so you can see the most beautiful dresses I’ll show you a series of dresses black fashion models.

Surely you know that in celebration of a party or special event guests also have a special role, clear that in the case of a wedding or Quinceanera the main protagonist is the wedding or quinceañera, but so are the guests but in the background, so you can be for you the most radiant and beautiful guest don’t let opt for one of these beautiful models of dresses black.

A patterned dress

If you want to wear a dress with prints, of course also have original design options of black patterned dresses. As you can see in this case a beautiful dress bright short with prints of flowers that range from the bust area have the end of the skirt. This dress has a beautiful neckline shaped heart, as well as some elegant prints in flowers that make it a perfect dress for a modern woman who wants to look elegant. This is a perfect dress for cocktail design.

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Short Dresses for Spring

It was time to store winter clothes and begin to dust off the casual dresses, shorts and mini-skirts for spring, that is why we show you some options in short dresses that you can wear this season.

Striped dress

This striped dress is ideal for fun girls who like fashion and be elegant all the time, its striped design is perfect to wear the trends of this season and the combination of colours is ideal to wear in spring, either by chance or for a day meeting.

Dress Halter

So you look fresh and modern this halter dress is ideal, its fabric soft fall with a print skirt and pleats accentuate the shape of your body, has a perfect Empire type waist to mark your figure and the color Mint is one of them that most will be in short dresses for spring.

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10 Best Short Skirts

In the hot season the skirts are always the perfect garment for women. You share here a selection of the best, combined with fashion necklaces, silver rings, earrings and bracelets and looks incredible and fashionable.

10. Buttons short skirts

One of the most comfortable short skirts is this skirt buttons ideal for day, night, beach or city.

  1. Skirts frills short

Another short skirts that like most people, are skirts frills look stunning with sandals, and are ideal for beach.

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