HTC Nexus 9-First Look at Google’s Luxury-Tablet [Web]

HTC Nexus 9 is the tablet that brings out the best from Google and HTC together. Here are our first impressions.

Follow the mobile industry closely are Nexus-news is always worth a detour, here closes Google always up for the full potential of their Android operating system for mobile devices.

Approximately every year rats Google it along with a manufacturer that develops the hardware for Google software. This year Google would replace their aging high-end tablet, Nexus 10, and a collaboration with Taiwanese HTC was for.

HTC is no debutant in the field of high-end products, and has previously been behind the first Android phones in the animal segment. It is, therefore, an old flame who revived, and HTC Nexus 9 is the result. HTC is proud of the result and invite to London where we get our first meeting with the upcoming luxury tablet. Continue reading “HTC Nexus 9-First Look at Google’s Luxury-Tablet [Web]”

Apple iPhone 7-So Good It Has Become [Test]

Apple’s iPhone 7 is a fantastic good smartphone-but it will not be for everyone.

It should be noted that when techgiganten Apple is launching a new flagship. It has become tradition that the techgiganten unveils a new design every two years, and that this design causes it to slosh in the rest of the smartphone landscape.

This year, however, Apple seems to go more conservative approach in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The design looks like something you’ve seen before, and it will therefore be on the single to iPhone 7 must select one.

Fortunately, iPhone 7 strengthened on almost all conceivable points. Screen, speakers, processor, camera and much more are now better. But is it enough to convince iPhone buyers to buy new-and how much will jack-Jack really missing? Read on, and get the answer here. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 7-So Good It Has Become [Test]”

Plus Size Evening Dress Cheap

Elegant, feminine and classy: An exclusive evening dress is the jewel in the wardrobe of every woman. The online shop makes it easy for you to find a suitable plus size evening dress, where you feel comfortable and also look like: just fine.

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HTC Desire 820 Comes to Denmark

Boom Sound, eight-core processor and a giant screen will be some of the benefits of HTC’s Desire 820. And the will to pay.

Do you want a price friendly phablet offers a large screen, fast 64-bit processor, the HTC-design as well as features like HTC’s successful Boom Sound-sound is the HTC Desire 820 may phone for you.

The generously grown phablet will incorporate Qualcomm’s newly developed eight-kernede processor Snapdragon 615, along with, as new, Adreno 405 graphics. Along with 2 GB of RAM, a 2600 mAh battery, and Android KitKat to be the many cores ensure power reserve to drive the large 5.5 “screen in HD resolution.  Continue reading “HTC Desire 820 Comes to Denmark”

Track Your Blinds with Your Phone

A Danish company rethinks the traditional Venetian blinds, so now you can control and program them directly from your phone

When George Castner in 1888 patented on “Venitian blinds” also known as Venetian blinds, næppet, he had imagined that there were approximately 130 years before that there was a further development of his patent.

It has the Danish company Art Andersen, however, done something by now, by developing it, which they have named Copenhagen Blinds.

Traditional Venetian blinds have some known disadvantages. Due to carry the cord in the middle of the embossed pattern can not stand vertical slats, and therefore there will be light in, even when they are closed. The holes in the Center closes the sunlight into. At the same time, the blinds a nightmare to clean. Continue reading “Track Your Blinds with Your Phone”

Plus Size Leisure Clothing

It could hardly be: in the morning a dress over the tights, shoes for this purpose and completed! Leisure clothes are women’s favorite pieces to bring some lightness into every day. Here a range of attractive leisure clothes is offered; bring airy elegance to the wardrobe of strong women.
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Samsung Loses 75% of Profits

Samsung’s latest quarterly result shows signs of weakness. In particular, sales of mobile phones is disappointing.

Recent sales figures for the third quarter of 2014, drag the dark clouds over the Korean gigants ability to monetize the mobile industry.

According to the most recent quarter alts report is Samsung’s profits more than halved from last year’s record high level on 56 billion DKK Samsung’s profits for the third quarter 2014 is today drattet down to 22.8 billion – a decline of 59.3%.

For Samsung’s most profitable business, cell-division, is the latest figures dark. Here, the Korean giant note a decrease of 75% in profits. In the third quarter of 2013 sounded profits at 37.4 billion, a surplus as of the most recent quarterly accounts plummet to 9.8 billion kroner. Continue reading “Samsung Loses 75% of Profits”

Xiaomi with Two New Mobiles: Mi and Mi 5s 5s Plus

The booming Chinese brand Xiaomi is known to emit powerful mobiles at very advantageous prices. Mi5S and Mi5S Plus repeats the story.

We must indeed not being cheated out of Chinese mobile news this autumn. Earlier today, we could tell about leaked photos of the upcoming Mate 9 from Huawei, but already now there are new from another major manufacturer from China-Xiaomi is ready with two new mobiles.

Xiaomi has by a larger launch event just unveiled their latest phones Xiaomi Mi 5S and 5S Plus, arriving as successors to the good half a year old Xiaomi Mi 5.  Continue reading “Xiaomi with Two New Mobiles: Mi and Mi 5s 5s Plus”

Buy Eyeshadow Palette Online Cheap

Eyes have an imposing look which exudes an impressive power in many ways. To highlight and accentuate the eyes, even the eyelids are emphasized besides the eyelashes and eyebrows. There are nearly as many eyeshadow, as there are colors and shades. Each color has its own effect, charisma and fascination. The shading of the eyelids combines very often several tones to achieve certain effects or for custom looks. Instead of buying a separate eye shadow for each color, an eyeshadow palette offers a suitable combination of different colors and shades. The color palettes or an eye shadow set are extremely convenient not only in the storage and in handling when applying the eyeshadow, but also in combination colors that harmonize perfectly with each other and that are needed for different looks.

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Sandberg Is Ready with nødlader for Mobile

There is a long way to the next charging station, Sandberg Credit Card can Power bank save your day and do not occupy more than a credit card.

The situation know most, the phone battery-level approaches dangerously the 0 percent, you’re out in the bus, the restaurant or concert and there is a long way to the nearest electrical outlet.

Here’s recently launched power bank in credit card format, save your day. The compact battery do not occupy more than a business card and measuring 4 mm in height. It can, therefore, be included in the comic book’s arsenal of short, and would like take out the boy, always be at your fingertips. Continue reading “Sandberg Is Ready with nødlader for Mobile”