China Hacker Its Own Inhabitants iCloud

The inhabitants of China, who would enter their iCloud from your computer has been hacked by their own Government.

There are a number of organisations, which keeps an eye on all sorts of things, and one of them is, which keeps an eye on censorship around the world. Chinese users of the iCloud has been subjected to a ‘Man in the Middel’-attack, and the Great Four says that it is the Chinese Government which is behind.

A ‘Man in the Middle’-attack, shortened to MitM attacks, is that the attacker intercepts the communication between two parties, but sends it further between them, as if nothing had happened. In this way the attacker gets the information in communication, without the appropriate recognition of falsehood. Continue reading “China Hacker Its Own Inhabitants iCloud”

Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Withdrawn Around the World

After problems in the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung compelled to revoke the phone all over the world. At the same time halted all sales.

It has just emerged that Samsung was working on a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 over the weekend or early next week, after a high number of users have reported suddenly ignited batteries in your phone.

Now Samsung has already taken the step and has just issued a press release in which the manufacturer confirms, that all sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is stopped immediately and that the phone be revoked-throughout the world. Continue reading “Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Withdrawn Around the World”

New Yoga Tablets from Lenovo Tomorrow

Tomorrow Lenovo keeps a Yoga event, but already now there got rid of interesting details out.

Lenovo is probably best known for having acquired IBM, and then created a lot of laptops, but they’re doing really also smartphones and tablets.

One of their tablet and PC lines is called Yoga, because it must be portable and flexible. Our site has previously notified their 8 “Android tablet, but it was only Yoga to 4 stars out of 6 possible, partly because the screen was not very good, and the Danish text translation of Android, sounded like something from” The Christmas calendar “, with The Nightingales. Continue reading “New Yoga Tablets from Lenovo Tomorrow”

Microsoft Has Found Its New Mobile-Fire

After the purchase of Nokia has been hanging fire a little in the wind, what Microsoft’s phones would be named, but they have found out by now.

Technically, it’s not official, but it is as good as stone safe, what Microsoft plans to call its phones after Nokia purchase. Nokia’s French Facebook page, which is, of course, so now will be ruled by Microsoft, has written that the switch name.

And the name that Microsoft has committed themselves to have been ‘Microsoft Lumia’. It is not a surprising choice, but the shift will no doubt make it easier for many consumers to keep track of who actually stands behind their phone.

This makes Microsoft so soon ready to make their first phone, which does not have ties to Nokia in one way or another.

Microsoft’s low-end Asha-phones that also came with the purchase of Nokia and Nokia was named Asha, there is nothing new about in relation to branding and name.

Samsung Will Revoke Galaxy Note 7 after Battery Problems

A global recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is in all likelihood just around the corner. Samsung and several retailers worldwide have also stopped sales.

The problems with the explosive battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 appears to be more extensive than first thought. The South Korean Yonhap News newspaper has been in talk with an anonymous Samsung-employee who can shed some light on the matter.

The other day could Samsung state that shipments in the country of origin was slowed down, since there would have to be made further quality and control testing of the phone. It has now happened, and the anonymous source can, not surprisingly, confirm that it is the battery in Note 7, which causes any problems. Continue reading “Samsung Will Revoke Galaxy Note 7 after Battery Problems”

Rollout of iOS 8 Is Stalled

3 weeks after its launch, is not to find at most 8 iOS of Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Have you not been updated your iPhone or iPad yet, you’re not the only one, for the big rollout of Apple’s latest iOS version is stalled.

The annual onslaught against Apple’s servers went otherwise as expected. At release the 17. September got 46% of iOS users updated to the new software within the first four days.

Small three weeks later, only a few new users come to iOS and iOS 8 share of the 8 iOS-the cake is only grown by a single percentage point to 47%. For comparison, last year’s got great iOS 7 launch convinced 70% of iOS users within the first 20 days. Continue reading “Rollout of iOS 8 Is Stalled”

Drop Smileys from Abroad-It Can Be Very Expensive!

Do you use smileys when you sms are from abroad, it can, in some cases, more than double the price.

Smileys and emoticons are too many become a habit to use when we daily send sms and mms messages to each other.

Emoticons are small graphical icons, depicting batters, phones, flowers, hearts and much more. They are used extensively in messaging and on many social media.

Many have a subscription with free sms and mms, and it is therefore very few people that think about that when you insert the small graphical icons in an sms, so it will be turned into a multimedia, that is designed to send media content. Continue reading “Drop Smileys from Abroad-It Can Be Very Expensive!”

Google’s Pixel-Smartphones and 4 K-Chromecast Launches 4. October

Google is expected to launch its two new Pixel-phones (formerly known as Nexus) together with a 4 k-Chromecast and other exciting things the 4. October.

It is not only emerged that Google scrap Nexus-the name of the two upcoming Google smartphones and instead names them Pixel and the Pixel XL.

A launch date for the two phones are also now let out together with a list of other interesting hardware that is revealed on the same day-among other things. a new Chromecast with support for 4 k-resolution.

The rumors about the two forthcoming smartphones from Google has been primarily provided by the website Android Police, and now they are at once stain. This time is the inside with information about when the phones are launched-something that has been speculated over for long periods of time. Continue reading “Google’s Pixel-Smartphones and 4 K-Chromecast Launches 4. October”

OnePlus One Gets Massive Update

Latest system update for OnePlus One, brings a number of new features and improvements to the budget-friendly flagship.

OnePlus One owners can look forward to the next system update from Cyanogen. Behind the name CM 11S 38R hiding a number of improvements and new features.

In the future, Oneplus One support uncompressed HD audio, photos in uncompressed RAW format, ANT + Fitness Accessories and get a longer operating time.

The new firmware provides a Visual update of the lock screen.

Below is the full list of the new features in CM11S: 38R Continue reading “OnePlus One Gets Massive Update”

Apple Pay Gives Double Bill

On Monday, the Americans could use Apple Pay for the first time, and although the system is easy to use, it’s not problem free

It is day 3 of the saga of Apple Pay, at least if we count from it could actually be used in the United States, and the first reports run into. It is reported that the system is easy and convenient to use, but check you bank account details through, smoking a bit of die cut.

CNNs Samuel Burke was one of those who tried the Apple Pay of in shops around New York, but when he checked his account the day after, the amounts were deducted twice, each time he paid with Apple Pay. Continue reading “Apple Pay Gives Double Bill”