Samsung-Employees Get Gagged on: Do Not Mention Galaxy S8

Samsung’s employees have been instructed not to mention a single word about next year’s top model, Galaxy S8. It has, in fact, ‘irreparable consequences’.

Samsung has experienced perhaps the biggest Downer in his time as a smartphone manufacturer, after Galaxy Note 7 turned out to short-circuit and even ignite to the right and left, after which all sales and production was stopped permanently.

Therefore, rests an enormous pressure on Samsung, where there now are waiting for a great job in getting the damage done good again with the next topmodel, next year’s Galaxy S8. Samsung is whether anyone realizes, what pressure resting on their shoulders, and that is why the manufacturer has now been out with an announcement to its many employees. Continue reading “Samsung-Employees Get Gagged on: Do Not Mention Galaxy S8”

Smart Watches Must Have Classic Look

the new and smartest technology on the arm should still preferably look like the watches, our parents bought.

In the last 10 years, our computers, cell phones and all sorts of other gadgets become associated in completely new ways. Cloud ties it all together, and everything is talking along the length and breadth.

Most of the things at the same time has changed its design, and it is clear to see that the tablets or laptops have changed appearance in a big way over a 10-year period. Therefore we also expected that the same would happen with unclean when it became more intelligent. Continue reading “Smart Watches Must Have Classic Look”

Motorola Moto Z-Good Ideas Are Not Enough [Test]

The idea with the Motorola Moto Z’s modular design is brilliant-but it is hardly in the length.

The modular Mobile has long been a wet dream among tech enthusiasts. Imagine that your smartphone consists of lego bricks as you merrily can be upgraded as needed. There is a need for better speakers, a better camera or a bigger battery, is an upgrade no more than snap away-and you won’t have to buy a new mobile.

It is precisely the thinking behind Moto Z, but unlike solutions from Fairphone or LG, Selects Motorola to make the whole enlargement process as simple and elegant as possible. Continue reading “Motorola Moto Z-Good Ideas Are Not Enough [Test]”

Waterproof Mobile, Yes Please!

Water resistance in a mobile is more than a gimmick-it is a requirement.

As consumers, we are used to the producers before or since listening to our wishes. It is there for money in for the companies that make cell phones and other vital gadgets. It is, among other things, the reason for example iPhone 7 now come in a waterproof version.

You look at the market for consumer electronics, so it is obviously an area where consumers are kings. For if the products don’t hit consumer tastes and would quite accurately, then there is quite simply no sale in them.

In recent years, we have seen excellent phones as HTC’s top models perform rather poorly in actual sales perspective, although critics in many have been wild with the phones. So here it is, therefore, failed to hit the consumer tastes.  Continue reading “Waterproof Mobile, Yes Please!”

Nokia Confirms: Keeps the Keynote at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Nokia confirms already now that the Finnish manufacturer will be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where held 2017 a keynote.

The future perhaps largest manufacturer of mobile phones, Nokia, makes small ready for his big comeback.

In a tweet the manufacturer confirms that it will be to find next year’s Mobile World Congress, which takes place from the 27. February to the 2. March 2017.Here there will be held a keynote with Nokia’s ceo Rajeev Suri. Continue reading “Nokia Confirms: Keeps the Keynote at the Mobile World Congress 2017”

Samsung Chromebook Pro with Built-in S Pen Revealed Ahead of Time

Samsung promises mistakenly revealed a new Chromebook Pro with built-in S Pen and Google’s ChromeOS operating system.

Samsung is on the road with a new laptop, but it is not quite like a traditional laptop.

By an error popped up briefly in the computer retailer our website, where all details and pictures of the new computer was revealed ahead of time. It goes under the name of Chromebook Pro and thus not running with Windows, but instead Google’s ChromeOS operating system with access to all Android apps.

This in itself is nothing special, for many companies, including Samsung, has created plenty of Chromebook-PCs-and the hitter particularly in educational institutions due to their low price and simple control system. Samsung Chromebook Pro stands out by being the first notebook pc from Samsung with a built-in Pen known from Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series. Continue reading “Samsung Chromebook Pro with Built-in S Pen Revealed Ahead of Time”

Microsoft Invites to the Event on September 26. October

Soon there is exciting news on the way from Microsoft. Mark your calendar therefore set out for the 26. October, if you want to see what Microsoft has in store.

Make a note of the date Wednesday, 26. October, if you want to view the latest news from the it giant Microsoft. Earlier this month, the American company namely issued an invitation for an event that will take place in New York City in the United States from at 16:00 to 17:30 pm Danish time.

Be seen in the invitation text ‘imagine what you want to do’, for which Microsoft writes: ‘please visit us to see what is in store for Windows 10’. It tells so little more than that there are Windows 10-news on the way. Continue reading “Microsoft Invites to the Event on September 26. October”

Now It Is Illegal to Have Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with on the Plane

If you take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with on the plane in the United States, charged you with a fine of whole 1.2 million. Crowns. Punishment can even be up to 10 years in prison.

In the United States is very serious on the flammable Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after the first edition of the phone resulted in 92 incidents in the United States, while there are 23 events registered with the model with the new battery.

Therefore, selected Samsung to stop all sales and production of the phone, just as it has been discontinued for always-in other words, Samsung has dropped all plans to restore it on the market again. Despite this, there is still a large proportion of the 2.5 million buyers of the phone, use the phone, although Samsung has strenuously tried to get everyone to return and replace it or get the money refunded. Continue reading “Now It Is Illegal to Have Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with on the Plane”

iPhone or iPhone 6s 7-Which Should You Choose?

Seen from the outside, there isn’t much that separates iPhone 7 from its predecessor. However, there are good reasons for choosing one over the other.

Every second year when Apple introduces a new iPhone design, is all. This year brings back Apple iPhone 7 design not the same stir as before-for the company is gone for a more conservative design than it usually does.

The news must instead be found under the skin on the new iPhone, which Apple offers several, small-but interesting-developments.

At the same time, lurk beneath the surface last year’s model, iPhone 6S, in the background and remains an excellent smartphone into a more advantageous price-and it can offer features like iPhone 7 do not have, such as a headphone jack.  Continue reading “iPhone or iPhone 6s 7-Which Should You Choose?”

How Much Mobile Data Do You Need? [Tip]

When you must select a subscription to his cell, it can be especially difficult to determine how much data is needed. That’s why we’ve created this guide.

While the mobile phone classic virtues such as SMS and voice means less and less for most mobile users, it becomes especially the amount of data that is interesting in a mobile subscription.

However, it may be difficult to determine how much mobile data, you actually need. That is why we have compiled this guide where we come with examples of what various mobile features use of the data, and what you are capable of different data packages. Continue reading “How Much Mobile Data Do You Need? [Tip]”