These Phones Come on the Market in November

Topmobiler in giant sizes finds its way to the Danish telecommunications shelves in november.

Christmas trade soon kicked in again, but by then, a series of giant mobiles from Samsung, Google, Motorola and Huawei fight for your attention in the Danish telecommunications shops.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Motorola Google Nexus 6 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 are three heavyweights who puts up to joust in the phablet class.

Phablets is too large for you, will two smartphones from a new Chinese brand, Honor, give you full value for money. Continue reading “These Phones Come on the Market in November”

HTC Introduces Trinity with a Focus on Images

There was both a phone, an action-camera and a whole new experience on the program, since HTC held court in New York.

There was a focus on images, on action and on the social, as HTC took to the stage in New York. About 600 reporters from most of the world had taken place and so on, as HTC revealed a new phone, an action camera and a whole new focus on images. Our site is with, invited by HTC.

It was expected that there would be a phone that had a tremendously high resolution on the front, and it was also expected that there would be an action camera.

People who had hoped for a Nexus-tablet, however, had to go disappointed from HTC’s presentation, because there was nothing new on that front. Thus is rumored stock market therefore still active on the front, and the speculation is going to be many. Continue reading “HTC Introduces Trinity with a Focus on Images”

Apple Event on 16 October: New iPad on the Way

5 weeks after Apple’s iPhone launch, dual genindkalder Tim Cook and co. the world’s press for the new Apple event. Here is what we expect to see.

Apple sends out invitations again. This time, for a great made press event at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino. It says the rumors to believers, will we see new iPads, new iMacs and long-awaited updates. It writes our site.

New iPad Air

The event’s biggest star is likely to be a new iPad. iPad Air gets a sequel which undoubtedly will be thinner and will incorporate Touch ID. Continue reading “Apple Event on 16 October: New iPad on the Way”

HTC Event d. 8 October-Revisit It Here

Taiwan’s tech-front runner will some more units forward tonight. You can live streame event here.

HTC invites the press to a press event in New York tonight at 22:00 Danish time. Unlike HTC’s One (M8) launch in February, is HTC’s card held much closer to the body. Our site will nevertheless give a bid, on what we expect to see in the evening.

The title of the event is ‘Double exposure’ and suggests that tonight’s new devices will be with the cameras in the Center. Continue reading “HTC Event d. 8 October-Revisit It Here”

New Alpha-Mobiles on the Road from Samsung

Samsung extends their luxury series with two new models: Alpha A3 and A5.

Alpha-phones are about to establish themselves at the top of Samsung’s range. Not necessarily because of performance, but thanks to an investment in design and finish.

As in the newly launched the front runner in the series, which in short is called ‘ Alpha ‘, will be in the new Alpha A3 and A5 meet a rounded design, stylish encircled by a metal frame. Continue reading “New Alpha-Mobiles on the Road from Samsung”

Facebook’s Response to Snap Chat, Messenger, Day, Rolls out

An update to the Facebook Messenger app rolls out, which introduces a new feature heavily inspired by Snap chat called ‘Messenger Day’.

Snap chat introduced in the summer of 2011, a whole new way of communicating. Earlier this year left it Facebook-owned Instagram inspiration strongly just Snap chat with feature Stories.

Now follows Facebook up with his idea of how a Snap chat-looked like function should look like in beskedappen Messenger. For a little over two months ago started Facebook rollout of the new feature in Poland, and now disseminated Messenger Day slowly in several places in the world.
Continue reading “Facebook’s Response to Snap Chat, Messenger, Day, Rolls out”

Nokia’s Two Android-Powered Smartphones First Ready in the Beginning of 2017

Nokia’s two Android-powered smartphones are first ready in stores in 2. quarter of 2017. The confirmation comes, surprisingly, from Microsoft, which has just sold the Nokia.

If you are eagerly awaiting to be able to buy one of Its two forthcoming and so long-awaited Android smartphones, you must arm yourself with a little patience yet.

It seems to that the two top models revealed a little later than expected.

‘HMD Global (owner of Nokia’s commercial rights for 10 years) is planning to launch two new phones in the 4th quarter of 2016 and at least two smartphones in the beginning of the 2nd quarter 2017.0 ‘ sounds it according to Nokiapoweruser.
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Rumor: Apple Launches New Mac Computers on the 27th. October

Apple is on the road with a brand new lineup of Macs. It will supposedly happen already on the 27th. October, which held new Apple event.

If you are considering acquiring you a MacBook, iMac or something third, you should probably take a wait-and-see you in a week’s time.

The two media our site and our site can namely, independently of each other, revealing through anonymous sources that Apple is holding an event on Thursday, 27. October. There will be plenty of new Macs on the program. Continue reading “Rumor: Apple Launches New Mac Computers on the 27th. October”

HiSilicon Kirin 960: New Super Processor from Huawei

Huawei launches the new processor HiSilicon Kirin 960, which must take up the fight with Apple’s A10 processor in iPhone 7 and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821.

Huaweis subsidiary HiSilicon presents the new topprocessor which now goes under the name of Kirin 960.

With the new processor gets Huaweis upcoming top models a decent boost in performance and functionality-and this is in spite of the fact that the two existing Kirin 950 and 955-processors are already quite competitive. The processor matches not only the competitors on many points, but surpassing them also. Continue reading “HiSilicon Kirin 960: New Super Processor from Huawei”

Google Pixel and the Pixel XL: This Is the First Reviews

The first foreign reviews of Google’s top models, Pixel and the Pixel XL, is out. Our site gives you an overview of notifiers’ code dom here.

Two weeks ago lifted Google blurred the company’s big bet this year-the two smartphones called Pixel and the Pixel, which is developed and designed by Google itself for the first time.

Thus embarks on Google a whole new chapter, where the company now makes itself as producer on an equal footing with, for example, Apple. The difference is just that Google will get HTC to produce its phones, while Apple gets Foxconn to it. Continue reading “Google Pixel and the Pixel XL: This Is the First Reviews”