5 New Ideas for the Weekend

My 5 ideas for weekend of holiday are:

Come out to photograph:Beautiful places, people on the street, the sky, the sea, your family and friends … and with analog cameras or Instant everything is even cooler! But if you are unprepared, the phone gets things done too! Just apply filters that create a retro effect: aftelight, snapseed and vsco cam are my favorite apps! Continue reading “5 New Ideas for the Weekend”

Made Brazil: Beauty and Sustainability Together

The Made Brazil, brand created in 2004, goes against the grain of the cosmetics industry. They have the differential in the tradition of handmade production, which consists in creating small works of art through vegan cosmetics and sustainable and providing for all Brazil. Continue reading “Made Brazil: Beauty and Sustainability Together”

Wall PepÉIs to Do at Home

The wallpaper is a decorative feature that hardly will be retired. When the classical prints fall into disuse, soon comes a brand with striking patterns and irreverent to give a jolt to this market. Yes, they are great and until there are more affordable models, but pay on average 500 or 600 dollars in each roll and still have to pay installation costs is something, at least, disheartening. Continue reading “Wall PepÉIs to Do at Home”

Fashion and Food: Mackerel

2 – seasonal grilled Mackerel with couscous salad, avocado, Tangerine and fennel

And continuing in the seasonal series, we leave for a barbecue in the garden, all to prepare properly, on the grill, the beautiful horsetails. From the sardines, dressed in silver as them and who shouted all the fish stalls of the Market, almost begging the parish: We! Us! Girl takes us! Sir, we are at the point, fatties!

I couldn’t resist, because lead was in gray color palette of the Bia, as well as a green burnt almost Moss, which gave me the idea to combine with avocado and the same finishing touch was the fennel and tangerines, which are booming in the season.

Put the Bia on the grill to finish the horsetails and Andre broke up the trimmings and assembling the dish. And when we add the look with the food, Wow! A sleeve, the collar has the refreshing orange salad with fennel, and grill marks on horsetails left all they dressed in the same coat of Bia. Bingo!

And the best part of the story, everything was delicious, hard was doing the production stop eating and go back to the test!

The recipe gives you now: grilled mackerel accompanied outlet of Moroccan couscous with Zucchini, carrot and avocado and fresh salad of fennel with Tangerine.

Nothing simpler than do fish, just grease with olive oil, a few minutes on the grill and they’re ready. To follow did a Moroccan couscous with cubes of Zucchini, carrot and avocado, as well as the garden chives and olive oil. And to finish a classic salad: Tangerine slices with thin blades of fennel, super fresh to counterbalance the deep flavors of the horsetails. Was the man of the Mediterranean, as well as very easy to do.

Ingredients-4 servings


4 horsetails

4 tablespoons olive oil

Fleur de Sel


2 cups (tea) of Moroccan couscous (semolina of hard grano)

2 cups (tea) of boiled water with 1 pinch of salt, and two cones of lemon

1 cup (tea) of Zucchini brunoise (diced minimos)

1 cup (tea) of carrot brunoise (diced minimos)

1 cup (tea) of avocado cubes

1/2 Teacup of chives

1 tahiti lime zest

1/2 tahithi lime juice

8 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Fleur de Sel and freshly ground black pepper

Fresh salad

1 cup (tea) of Tangerine slices without film

1 cup (tea) of finely laminated fennel

1 spoon (soup) of tangerine juice

3 tablespoons extra virgin azsite

leaves of fennel

Fleur de Sel and freshly ground pepper)

Way of doing

Light the barbecue

This small barbecue is called Genghis khan and I love, is mayor to a rich little, to SIP in the garden and while baking a goldfish, a shrimp … To start the fire, use a lighter and case, forgot one (like me. ..) use paper and stale bread soaked in alcohol to 98 degrees. About he put the coal. There is only light and start singing light my fire mentally … or do you prefer Franz Ferdinand with This Fire? I get between one and another.


When the pans are formed, grease the mackerel with olive oil and take them directly to the grid. Just 2 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and sprinkle with Fleur de Sel.


Hydrate the semolina with hot water flavored with lemon, a dash of olive oil and a teaspoon salt. Mix well, cover with a dishcloth and wait 5 minutes. Put the semolina with a fork, undoing the lumps. In a bowl mix the ceboura, Zucchini, avocado, grated zest and chives. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon, sprinkle of Fleur de Sel and pepper expecting things in time. Stir gently. Add the semolina and mix everything together carefully. Adjust the salt. Serve with slices of avocado.

Fresh salad

Mix all the ingredients and adjust the salt.


Serve on couscous platter. Next to the horsetails and about the salad fresh.

The Most Elegant Players of the World Cup

And there, guys. Miss writing here on the Findings. Miss also see the most stylish football guys parading by Brazil lawns. No methadones hair or beard designs. Here the guys are faithful to good taste on your essence and risk-averse baker style. But for us not to be just at the memory, here’s a gallery with those stars that also squander style off the field. Continue reading “The Most Elegant Players of the World Cup”

Sabbatical Year-Part IX

La Spiaggia, the Amalfi Coast

I often joke that I’m 47 years of beach (as the old ad for a sunscreen) because I’m going to the beach as a baby. Of memories (I think from 4 or 5 years) of when we spent the school holidays at Saints or in a cozy apartment in Praia Grande, South coast of São Paulo, being at the beach was always like home. Continue reading “Sabbatical Year-Part IX”

Nath Hats

Met in person the Nath Nogueira, hatbox of handful, actually, in Sapucaí Mirim, in the delicious Canteen Tatini. She lives in a city that sits there close, São Bento do Sapucaí, where has your workshop, and was with a group of friends. We’ve met the owner, but I already knew who she was to follow their beautiful productions (that we can follow up on the production site or at the urging of her) and for hats. I wish to take your name. I love the accessory and buy essay a long time (a few, actually) of his creations. To my delight she knew me from the “online world”.  Continue reading “Nath Hats”