Drivenow: How to Use Car Sharing in Foreign Countries

Drive time from meeting to meeting in London, sightseeing at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna or in the holiday relaxing sunset to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen for drivenow there are certainly many beautiful application scenarios abroad. So that this works, you need to advance your drivenow account for use when abroad unlock.

Drivenow abroad use

There are only four sites abroad, where you can use drivenow: Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and Vienna. To get there with drivenow cars, you should call the drivenow website prior to departure and sign in using your log-in data. In the settings, call the point of international use and select the country in which you wish to travel around United States of America. Click on accept and already working the car hire outside Germany by customer card. Abroad which is advantageous, to go high roaming charges for the use of the Internet the drivenow app out of the way. The detailed step for step instructions shows how activation works. Continue reading “Drivenow: How to Use Car Sharing in Foreign Countries”

New Vulnerabilities in ios and OS X.

A team of security researchers from the universities of Indiana, Beijing, and the Georgia Institute of technology have a report to unpatched vulnerabilities in ios and OS X released. These vulnerabilities affect one only OS X, allowing malicious apps on both operating systems passwords and user data from other apps to read.

Known affected apps

Examples lead the apps very popular and well known apps on. So an app that is manipulated by the researchers, managed to read contacts and notes from evernote, or stored passwords from 1Password. The passwords in 1Password are no longer in danger, because the researchers informed the manufacturer and this quickly even though the error is Apple. Continue reading “New Vulnerabilities in ios and OS X.”

Recipe for Success: No Sports Car and Listen to the Belly

What started in 2000 with the first steps in the parental home, ended spar mobile the largest independent online provider of action packages for Wilke current in a company that currently has generated 300 million euro per year with Smartphone and tariff. The short time available exclusive deals due to negotiations with almost all manufacturers and wireless providers. Wilke reveals the reasons of the ongoing success story current in an interview on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of savings mobile and gives personal insights.
Learn more about saving mobile

Our site: you can still remember your first phone?

Wilke current: Ja.Ein Siemens S6, I later by Siemens to Nokia and then Apple changed.

What has driven you establishing saving mobile? Were a mobile freak or an entrepreneur type?
Continue reading “Recipe for Success: No Sports Car and Listen to the Belly”

Samsung Gear S: Test the Smartwatch with Mobile

Test conclusion: what you should know

The chunky mobile phone watch gear S with your own SIM card can very much, but tricky as a sand Viper. So the call forwarding from your mobile phone to the gear properly can go S in the money. And: many great features are hidden in the depths of the menu. Best price on the Internet: 347,37 euro * this product at Amazon order per good display waterproof SIM-card slot cons short battery life without matching Smartphone not usable test note of the editorial 3.05 satisfying user rating (out of 2 reviews) also under Watch fans there people that the timepiece can be not large enough. With the gear S, they have the equivalent among the networked, digital watches, like the Phablet see the Smartwatches. It is then also a lot of technology on the wrist. The gear comes with even a SIM-card slot S. Thanks to the mobile phone connection run different functions without mobile connectivity. The built-in UMTS-chip receives notifications or dates. And Yes, you can make calls even with the gear S wrist. Greetings from Michael Knight. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S: Test the Smartwatch with Mobile”

Android Auto and Apple Carplay: 40 Brands in the Check

Mid 2014 Apple and Google presented their networked car systems. The goal: Every car driver of any car brand to offer a networked Navi with meaningful apps and a good voice control. Since then, much time is passed and hardly anything happens. Our site has checked whether carplay Android car offer and your car brand is.

BMW, Mercedes, Porsche: not keen on Android

The South curve of the German car manufacturers is restrained with regard to car Android. Mercedes and BMW have clear words: it is in dialogue with Google and would like to find out what do the Americans with the data of the car driver. All three want to keep itself in power. For the time being should therefore only Apple carplay offer. Continue reading “Android Auto and Apple Carplay: 40 Brands in the Check”

Bittorrent Shoot: New Sharing App For Photos And Videos

Many will know it: one is at a party and shoot photos with your Smartphone like mad and takes videos. It’s not uncommon, that someone would like to have the snapshots. In this case, many users rely on Messenger or the worthy old email, send it to them. Who however do not like to give his contact details to strangers, only the transfer by Bluetooth remains on-the-fly. The opposite however has an Android or Windows phone device, and you own an iphone, be faced with a dilemma: no files to be the Apple Smartphone via Bluetooth: send and receive. Who finally want to leave all that behind, which should consider the new sharing app bittorrent shoot. You sent pictures and videos namely cross-platform and at the same time respects the privacy of users. Continue reading “Bittorrent Shoot: New Sharing App For Photos And Videos”

Medion Akoya E7416: Aldi-Nord-Notebook in the Test

The Medion Akoya E7416 supposed to be a new notebook? No, the identical Windows model was already end of January 2015 with the full model name Medion Akoya E7416 (MD99460) at Aldi Nord branches. From June 26, there will be an improved version with the type MD99585. At first glance, manufacturer MEDION has only a larger hard drive bought that influenced the pace of the work but image shows dramatic, as the test computer.

Big rather than small

The Medion Akoya E7416 is a 17-inch notebook with enormous dimensions such as the January model: whopping 41, 3 x 3, 0 x 27, 8 centimeter measures the E7416. It is almost as large as a sheet of DIN A3. So the device brings a lot on the scale: with stately 2.75 kilograms it weighs more than two current Ultrabooks in the 13-inch format. Continue reading “Medion Akoya E7416: Aldi-Nord-Notebook in the Test”

Instacast: Give up German Developer

Instacast by the software company Vemedio, based in Ludwigsburg, Germany so far was one of the most beautiful and best apps for managing podcasts on iphone, ipad, and ipod. The program convinced the users and was a very good customer reviews from around the world.

The best podcast apps for ios and Android

10 Podcast Apps

Ten recommended apps

Vemedio is

Now is unfortunately: Vemedio announced a few days ago to add Instacast and more apps. The company not managed to gain sufficient money for the development and maintenance of programs. Vemedio continued to finance mainly on your own cloud service, through which you subscribed to the podcasts and always gave the current broadcasts on his device. For this were less than 15 euro per year due Continue reading “Instacast: Give up German Developer”

15 Years Of Savings Phone: Blast Deals And Contests For The Birthday

Spar mobile is the largest independent online provider of action packages now consisting of smartphone and tariff. The company is negotiating with almost all mobile phone and tablet manufacturers and mobile phone providers exclusive deals that are available only for a few days or weeks on

The beginnings in the nursery

in his room in the home founded in 2000 as a sideline to training wilke current. For three years he worked in as a single contractor, until he founded the saving mobile gmbh in 2003 with the previous savings and hired two employees. Continue reading “15 Years Of Savings Phone: Blast Deals And Contests For The Birthday”

LTE: The Top Smartphones, Availability And Rates For The Mobile Data Turbo

2015 the transmission standard of the fourth generation (4 G) LTE Long should term evolution in our latitudes be widely available and replace UMTS (3 G), but middle of the year there are still many gaps. You can even enjoy of Turbo-fast mobile Internet, you need a LTE enabled mobile phone. In the overview you will find the hottest LTE smartphones along with mark and day-current best price. Transfer equipped with the appropriate LTE Mobile phone rates rates are possible on the road, providing even the domestic DSL connection in the shadows.

The most popular smartphone with LTE

30 smartphones Long-term evolution mobile phones Continue reading “LTE: The Top Smartphones, Availability And Rates For The Mobile Data Turbo”

LTE Plans: Germans Pay Much Money For Low Data Volume

For the study has looked at the Finnish Agency Rewheel different Smartphone plans of European provider and compared with each other. She has limited itself on tariffs with flat rate for national calls and SMS and with surf-volumes in the LTE network. The result: from 35 Euro customers receive for a price in this country just a tariff with 1 gigabyte volume, while customers in Finland are may surf proud 50 gigabytes per month.

Only Bulgarians get even less volume

To Germany is a distant second behind countries such as Estonia, France, Great Britain and Luxembourg, where users for 35 euros between 10 and 40 gigabytes per month can borrow. In Italy it is 4 gigabyte after all 7 gigabytes, in Croatia and in Spain 3 gigabytes for just a few examples to name a few. Hungary is 500 megabytes behind Germany, in Greece, there is no volume at all Cyprus, Malta, Belgium and Bulgaria for the listed price. The average of 5 gigabytes for 35 euros. Continue reading “LTE Plans: Germans Pay Much Money For Low Data Volume”

Lenovo Miix 300 10: Tablet Hybrid Without Windows 10

At the beginning of the year Lenovo introduced the Miix 300 with 8-inch display. Before the start of the Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, the manufacturer will release a version with larger screen. The Miix 300 10 but differs in other respects from the small tablet-hybrid brother.

Processor, memory & co.

The 10.1-inch display with IPS Panel is 1920 x 1200 pixels and therefore offers a 16:10 aspect ratio. Probably the same processor is nimble computing cores used in the 8-inch brother, namely the Intel Atom Z3735 (Bay Trail) with four 1.33 gigahertz. The memory is probably 2 gigabyte (GB); the expandable via memory card data memory contains up to 64 GB. It is good to see that Lenovo is on the last meters to mass production on a younger chip architecture with Intel cherry trail, a successor to Bay Trail is already available. In addition to Wi-Fi-n and Bluetooth 4.0, a device for SIM card (mobile) seems to be integrated. Download the 7,000-milliamp hour battery, via a proprietary connector, and not as usual via micro-USB. Advantage: The charging process should faster thanks to 12 Watts of power take place. Continue reading “Lenovo Miix 300 10: Tablet Hybrid Without Windows 10”

Hoteltonight Launches New Time Out Function For Short Holidays

No dates, simply drive leave at last holiday. Before going to the beach or in the mountains, there are usually stress. Browse in countless offers, compare rates, study climate tables: fun is different. Hoteltonight would like to therefore make spontaneous travel. You can book in advance only room for the same day or up to a week in the hotel search app. Also there is immediately a new function names break: so that the user receives cheap hotels for a spontaneous trip on the same day or for the upcoming weekend. For example someone is located in Berlin, the app offers deals in Hamburg or Dresden on the night it.

Test results: Hotel search apps for the iphone

Hoteltonight also on the country

With time off we want to establish ourselves not only in large cities, but also outside in the long run in the country, said Denis Ciofu, Regional Director of hoteltonight in Germany, in conversation with Our site. So far shows the app offers from several hundred hotels in most German cities, as well as to destinations in Europe, the United States, Canada and South America. Since January 2015, the booking volumes in Germany has already tripled. The potential is image for us in the EU greater than in the United States, because of the infrastructure and cheaper flights, so Jared Simon compared to our site. Simon hoteltonight has teamed with Sam Shank and Chris Bailey 2011 in San Francisco founded. Continue reading “Hoteltonight Launches New Time Out Function For Short Holidays”

Our Site: Facebook for Africa Via Satellite


The free Internet, which already offers Facebook in many parts of India, according to official information the Internet the two-thirds of the world population bring, who have not. Zuckerberg wants to expose the Internet and thus Facebook in all parts of the world vigorously by among other things using drones and laser technology.

There is a hook

The problem however is that the promised Internet does not meet its name. Users only on Facebook and some previously inspected and selected sites of cooperating providers have access. The project is due to the limited selection for some time in the criticism. Last but not least by former partners in the project in India, which have terminated cooperation with You criticize the hostility to competition and the incision in the choice and freedom of information. Continue reading “Our Site: Facebook for Africa Via Satellite”

Crackers: Cable Internet With 120 Mbit/S For Exchange Customers For Free

There is currently the Unitymedia tariff 2Play comfort 120 spar cable to the firecracker Award for Exchange customers. Because the provider adopts the basic fee all interested parties who now want to switch, but stuck in a DSL contract, maximum one year. So users should come immediately benefit from high-speed cable Internet, without having to pay for two ports in.

Cable Internet with 120 mbit/s

The tariff contains an Internet Flatrate with super-fast 120 megabits per second (Mbps) download and 6 mbit/s in the upload, as well as a phone-flat for calls to German landlines. Also there is a free cable modem with Wi-Fi. The monthly fee is 24.90 euros.

To the offer: cable Internet connection with bonus savings cable Continue reading “Crackers: Cable Internet With 120 Mbit/S For Exchange Customers For Free”

Fear of Data Theft: Mobile Payment Comes Not in Drive

Mobile payment with the Smartphone comes in Germany from the spot. Any third party can imagine but according to a study of the IT industry association BITKOM, to dispense cash. Yet 96 percent prefer still pay with cash. German consumer payment behaviour is always more conservative and also trade is in Germany very reluctant in the supply of modern payment methods, commented BITKOM Vice-President Ulrich Dietz of new representative study.

What to look for when shopping online

Fear of data theft and mobile phone theft

Last but not least, security concerns are still widespread. The fear of the theft of sensitive Bank data holds a representative survey of the auditing company pwc according to many users of money transactions via Smartphone. Generally nine out of ten Germans see therefore the risk that data be hacked and abused at mobile payment system. Almost as many think there is a growing risk that will steal her cell phone and then with payment details, criminals would done business. Continue reading “Fear of Data Theft: Mobile Payment Comes Not in Drive”

What Security App Protects Best Against Viruses, Malware Co.?

Mobile malware is still on the rise! You send expensive SMS, spy on user data, captures Twitter or Facebook accounts, or sucks with aggressive advertising. Great app-test our site took into account image this time only purchase apps. Because: All of the major manufacturers of PC security software offer free apps including; but they waive important functions such as phishing and theft protection. There is the all-round protection only against cash for 10 to 30 euros a year. Who wants to cover PC, mobile and tablet at the same time, you can save packages with multimedia device. Depending on the needs up to 25 euro are in there at G data saving, when Kaspersky just times 2 euro. Continue reading “What Security App Protects Best Against Viruses, Malware Co.?”

Business Customers Fare: Allnet Flat With 10 Gb Of The Lte Network For Under 20 Euros

Spar with the phone, there is currently the rate of o2 on business XL for business customers in an interesting and cheap Variant. He offers a flat rate for calls and SMS to all national networks, as well as a surf flat with lush 10 GB volume, even in the LTE network from O2. Ideally it’s so with 50 megabits per second on the mobile Internet. Included are 120 minutes for calls from Germany to all European countries, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

Free international options

In addition to the conditions for use in the domestic tariff offers exciting opportunities for world travelers: it contains a surf flat rate with 500 megabyte volume for the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and the United States. In addition customers in these countries 1,000 may send free SMS per month. Who would prefer phone calls, pays 20 cents in these countries per call. Continue reading “Business Customers Fare: Allnet Flat With 10 Gb Of The Lte Network For Under 20 Euros”

Quick Reply for Whatsapp: Quick and Easy Chat!

Thing! You have to get a new whatsapp message! Of course, you want to see now who it came from and what’s in it. But often talkative contacts sign up not only once per day and so this can degenerate unlock of your phone and open the chat service quickly to the sideline of annoying and tedious. Our site shows you how you voice, text messages and emoticons quickly on a locked Smartphone via whatsapp send.

Quick reply on Android

In Apple’s ios 8 this function is called a quick reply, but also users of Android Smartphone can use a little help, whatsapp messages faster to read and respond to: popups show you the contents of digital messages directly on the display , without having to open the chat app. The following overview explains in just five short steps how to use quick reply for your Android Smartphone. Continue reading “Quick Reply for Whatsapp: Quick and Easy Chat!”

Who Brings Best: Delivery Services Apps in the Test

This is the hunger he again! Not the little in between, with rice pudding placate to the leaves. No, the great hunger, which comes exactly then, if no one has desire to cook. Was it because after a stressful week, the momentum is missing, or simply no culinary delights conjure settle in the tiny kitchen. Therefore the handle to your Smartphone to help: there are shipping apps from well-known providers such as Lieferando, Lieferheld & co. Thus, you simply order your favourite food from the restaurant of your choice directly to your door. According to advertising that works even in the blink of an eye. Our site wanted to know it and has the five most popular apps in practice tested.

For every taste

Tastes are different, we know, which is why the selection of kitchen styles and restaurants do not can be large enough. The widest range in the test areas had Lieferando with 132 restaurants in Berlin and 77 in Hamburg. Thus (110/78 finds) and supply Hero (110/68 finds) could not quite keep up. Less offered the competition of (77/71 finds) that differentiates itself from the thin range of bringing Butlers (13/25 findings) but still significantly since. The latter found not even a restaurant in a test run on Android in the Hamburg test area. In Hamburg, considering almost impossible, the high density of food riders fighting in armies on bicycles, motor scooters and smarts by the daily traffic. Continue reading “Who Brings Best: Delivery Services Apps in the Test”

droid M and ios 9: Trial Versions Compared

Better battery life, Splitscreen mode, improved personal assistants and a lot more promise Google and Apple for their upcoming Mobile OS Android M and ios 9. First Google I/O showed only his news on Google, then followed with a presentation on the WWDC Apple. Android M nor ios 9 developer versions to install is finished and try out there already. Our site checks to see what similarities and differences are both system.

Video on the subject

The beta of ios 9 is because our site has tried out the new features picture and says, what changes with iphone and ipad. Ios 9: these are the new features Continue reading “droid M and ios 9: Trial Versions Compared”

WIKO Highway Star in the Test: Metal Housing, Octa-Core, LTE More

Test conclusion: what you should know

Beautiful WIKO made! Up on the surround of the display, it’s Highway Star in a prima processed and haptically attractive housing. The operating speed is high, and also games run fast on the crisp AMOLED screen, which could use a few extra pixels. Best price on the Internet: 149,90 EUR * Pro order this product at Amazon very slim metal body with good feel high-contrast display LTE ordinary pace slot for memory card or dual-SIM contra pixels at Hinsehen recognizable no NFC display frame is set up assessment of editorial good users rating now to review the last our site tested WIKO smartphones were always slim and properly processed; also the Highway Star is no exception, and put even more. WIKO speaks of a soft aluminium effect and flip over almost in the description: it feels soft and at the same time refreshing cool and thus ensures optimum grip and a special feeling in your hand.

Actually, WIKO has built a voluptuous, together with the 6.6 mm thin LTE phone. Less ex long charged, confirms the tester: the ALU feels good! Continue reading “WIKO Highway Star in the Test: Metal Housing, Octa-Core, LTE More”

Fujitsu Lifebook S935: Faster Notebook Cross-Country Skiers in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Fujitsu lifebook S935 is a great notebook: it offers an impeccable processing, good image quality, high pace of work and extremely long battery life. However, the price is extremely high. Best price on the Internet: 1,729.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon very high pace of work very high image quality very long battery life lightweight touchscreen, Wi-Fi-ac, veins scanner, smartcard Reader replacement of DVD burner for hard drive or SSD possible cons not for elaborate games suitable under full load something according to some long loading time screen not anti-reflective assessment of editorial good users rating now assess standard notebooks with Windows 8.1 have a hard: On the one hand, tablets are highly in demand, on the other hand, more and more versatile convertibles on the market spill. The manufacturer must come up with something and Fujitsu’s lifebook S935 wants to score points because even with good facilities, extremely long battery life and an innovative access restriction. The our site test shows whether the performance convinced. Continue reading “Fujitsu Lifebook S935: Faster Notebook Cross-Country Skiers in the Test”

HTC One M9: Alu-Smartphone in the Test

Test verdict: What you should know

The HTC one M9 is no revolution. That is also not necessary: with the higher resolution camera, HTC has defused the greatest shortcoming of the predecessor. Really good photos don’t shoot the M9 but always still. Pace and receive values provide, however, little cause for the nagging. Traditionally all in a noble housing is. Best price on the Internet: 299,90 EUR * per order this product at Amazon sharp and bright display very high operating tempo high pace of work quality housing storage card slot counter battery set user rating well installed no fitness features mark of the editorial 2.48 (of 5 reviews) before the new 5-inch Smartphone in the test lab, the Our site experts to the Security took a few pictures of the farewell. The simple reason: measurements at the contact of the battery are the test course and for that it is necessary to open the housing. Predecessors such as in particular the one M7, which worked but only with violence… Fortunately, the new M9 turned out to be cooperative: with some skill and hot air, the large black cover at the top could be remove. See photos from the test of the inner workings, the open enclosures, details of the impeccable uni body and the original protective cover in the photo gallery, by the way. Continue reading “HTC One M9: Alu-Smartphone in the Test”

Acer: Three New Aspire E Notebooks On Sale

Acer are powerful gas: after the Taiwanese company already presented its new smartphones in March 2015 at the MWC mobile exhibition, devoted the company following the notebook segment and presented a few weeks later in New York many new devices. Including the revised aspire E series, which now consists of three models: the 14-inch aspire E14, the aspire E15 with 15-inch and the aspire E17 measured 17 inches. The special thing about the new Windows 8.1 notebooks: The user may choose between several colors, where the surfaces have a textile-like structure for a pleasant feel. The colour is visible when closed notebook as a fine line. Is also the Apire-E series in different configurations available. Continue reading “Acer: Three New Aspire E Notebooks On Sale”

Active galaxy S6: Samsung launches Smartphone

Samsung offers a great Smartphone with the Galaxy S6, therefore it is also one of the first places in the our site leaderboard. But there are also points of criticism: In contrast to its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 users with the new top model sacrificing including a waterproof housing and an expandable via microsd card memory. The fresh presented Galaxy S6 active provides at least some of these traits after.

More robust housing

Basically is active in the new Galaxy S6 a more robust version of the S6. As the Smartphone not only against the ingress of dust and water (IP68 certification) is protected, but also from the damage caused by high humidity, strong vibrations, falls, usage at extreme heights or in extreme temperatures (MIL-STD-810 G standards). Continue reading “Active galaxy S6: Samsung launches Smartphone”

Ios 9: Tried New OS on the ipad

There are two things that have always bothered on the ipad: because one has already a so large display and much computing power and can a video in the background not even play or parallel open two apps. So Apple replaced at the best sake not the traditional laptop. Just has Apple with ios 9 fixed.

Ios 9: small facelift for fresh look

On an ipad air 2 Our site has the available since June 8 beta version of ios 9 installed. While previous beta versions were usually unstable and crashes were the rule, the ios is, however, already fairly mature 9 beta. Apple has operated here noticeably a meaningful model of care, rather than to revolutionize the design and that’s a good thing. A handful of changes there are still: in addition to the mandatory new ios-9 background image there is now a new font that replaces Helvetica. Spotlight has undergone a light revision and the keyboard now not only shows capitals, but fits upper – and lowercase. Just not a revolution, but improvements in detail. Continue reading “Ios 9: Tried New OS on the ipad”

Samsung Galaxy S4: Test Winner By 2013 Also As Value Edition

Best price on the Internet: 392,84 euros * per order this product at Amazon large super sharp display very high pace of work many Assistant features of removable battery memory card slot relative compact housing contra no assessment of editorial good users rating now write a

Video: the Galaxy S4 in the test

Samsung wants to leave the Galaxy S4 all other phones look old. Whether the Superphone disappointed or excited, you see in the video. Samsung Galaxy S4: Test of the Superphones. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4: Test Winner By 2013 Also As Value Edition”

Sony Xperia Z3 +: Test Of Sony’s New Top Model

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Sony Xperia Z3 + is a successful update of the Xperia Z3 with a slightly more sedate housing. It is also waterproof and expandable memory. The shrinking treatment is responsible for a shorter battery life. Best price on the Internet: 289.00 EUR * per order this product on Amazon high pace of work bright, sharp display excellent memory card slot waterproof housing Kontra l USB port bad photos with little light test note of the editorial 2.31 good users rating now evaluate Apple, Samsung and HTC invite media representatives of regularly to spectacular events, when they present their latest hardware. Sony gave this effort is for the Xperia Z4 and presented his new upper-class Smartphone quite unspectacular in the Japanese corporate blog. There are now also to Germany under the name Sony Xperia Z3 +. COMPUTER whether it is really so unimpressive, has image in the laboratory test to determine. Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z3 +: Test Of Sony’s New Top Model”