Google Advertises for Android-Perhaps with the Nexus 6

Only 2 days before Apple will show new things, so Google has posted some advertising for Android on the course.

The timing is not accidental, it would certainly be strange. Google has just published some new advertising for Android, and it’s only 2 days before its rival Apple has invited the press in to new revelations.

The theme of the three commercials is very simple. The advertisements would like to tell, that all can be together, but one does not have to be the same. An allusion to the Android, all of which can run the same apps, but Android does not need to be the same on all phones. There is room for individuality.

A little humor and a little nostalgia is the spices to the advertising, but there is someone who still has a little more interesting than the other.

In the first of the three commercials, which you can see below, will be there as a very great phone pulled forward. With Nexus 6, is rumored to have a screen size of entire 5.9 “, so it can easily be a hint with a trolley pole from Google.

Zombie Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is for several years the most popular grusel event of the year and thanks to the TV series The Walking Dead, this year the countless new zombie costumes and Walking Dead costumes with which you can mimic the series Heroes. Should you, however, the series not yet know, then here a no Arrange:

The Walking Dead is a television series by Frank Darabont, based on the eponymous comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. In it, the story is told of the consequences of a zombie apocalypse, after Rick Grimes and a group of survivors fight together against the threats.

Accordingly, it needs a lot of zombies to a scene from The Walking Dead readjust but with zombie costumes also can be made by you. Do not you have the time to make a costume yourself to tailor? If yes then you can find on YouTube a series of tutorial videos that make it easy to create their own costume.

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Types of Watches



Boettstorleken always measured in mm and measures at the center of bezelringen without push buttons and crown.
23-25 ​​mm Child Watch or small watches.
25-30 mm Small children or watches.
30-35 mm Larger children watch or women’s watch.
35-37 mm Smaller midsize, medium size, suitable for young people and women / girls.
37-40 mm Large midsize, suitable for both men and women.
40-43 mm Most common size of men’s wristwatch. Medium, both men and women.
43-45 mm standard size larger men’s wristwatch.
45 – 45 mm and above are more men’s watches.

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Warm Sleeping Bag Guides


The extreme range in any case, hopefully not, because it indicates the temperature at which a survival in a sleeping bag with hypothermia is still possible. The comfort range indicates up to what outside temperature a “standard woman” (Editor’s note:.. It really is so, sorry!) With 25 years, 1.60 m height and 60kg in moderate, long baselayer anytime feels.

The limit range is valid for “standard man” with 25 years, 1.73 m height and 70 kg. For this purpose there is once again a norm that unfortunately a disregarded: individuality and physical and mental state. For some people (therefore cool faster) sweat more, others move more (thus warming rather). So unfortunately, the temperature range is a subjective criterion, which can be a guide at best.

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Types of Pillow Materials

Pillows Made of Natural Fibers For Allergy Sufferers

Experts advise to cushion fillings from sheep wool, camel hair, horsehair or lyocell, unless the sleeper sweats profusely. This is consistent to natural fibers, which are derived the optimal moisture and heat. Pillows made of natural fibers feel a little harder than, say, down’ll still have sufficient resilience and adapt to your head. Natural fiber pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Is It Okay to Wear Skirts to School

After a sex scandal in several Australian schools, a high school asks the girls not to wear short skirts. Students and parents protested.

How to deal with a sex scandal in a school? In Kambrya College in Melbourne, Australia , was the answer: advising high school students not to wear short skirts. If anything, they would lose “respect for boys and integrity.” Announced at a meeting of students, the new guidelines also state that girls should abandon make-up and stop sending “sexy selfie” , it said in an article by Mashable.

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Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses: Spring Must Have

Hey my candies! Today I wanted to introduce you to my absolute Spring must-have. The Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop. For me, the most beautiful and important companion right now in the spring, where the sun finally can again look often. But let’s be honest, who is not a fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses?

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DIY Motion Sensor Security Light

Motion sensor lights can give you peace of mind knowing that you can track the movement of your property. As the name suggests, motion sensors detect heat at moving objects, including people, animals and vehicles. Once motion is detected, welded lights come on automatically. The lights will stay on as long as motion is detected. Install motion sensor lights can be a quick process that does not require professional help.

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Digital Watch Features

It can be difficult to keep track of all the technical specifications and features when you are making your purchase. We want to help! Here, we have presented the most important features to keep track of when you choose your watch.

Key features

You can set the watch to ring at a selected time. Analog watch displays the time using the dial and hands. Analog clocks is almost impossible constructed in the 12-hour display. Auto Relay Available in watch with automatic works and is a feature that saves energy and power reserve when you put it down.  Bluetooth can send information between Bluetooth equipped devices. date the clock shows the date. Some watches can display the day and month. A standard feature on digital watch.

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Wedding Costs: 30 Ideas to Save on the Budget

Create a beautiful ceremony and not spend much, it is not an impossible mission! To save we have collected 30 easy tips and cut excessive spending will be a breeze, from flowers to lunch, from music to date.

Arrange a cheap wedding is not very complicated, but you need a firm hand and determination. When you are one step away from the altar is very easy to get lost in trivial details, extremely charming and at the same time by the exorbitant costs. It is important, however, to establish a budget and not sforarlo. How to do it? Is easy following our 30 tips to save money. Continue reading “Wedding Costs: 30 Ideas to Save on the Budget”

CCTV Towns And Villages

What is The Role of Video Surveillance in The Security of Large And Small Settlements?

CCTV cameras are proving one of the most successful measures to control everyday crime. Globally seen a dramatic drop in criminal acts in places where there is established and functioning surveillance system , which are both public buildings and facilities and large residential neighborhoods.

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Facets Rich DIDIS Shirts for Fashion Lovers

Say Hello to multi-faceted DIDIS Shirts! If you had to describe the label in a word, it would most likely be a “rainbow”. All colors and patterns that you can imagine, can be found in the collections of the label and that makes DIDIS as a fashion brand so special. The label, which is already designed very colorful, shows how variable and diverse, it is also with the appropriate slogan “We have all colors”. So they take it right to the point what makes her label and what they stand for.

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Golden Pumps

The shoe trends for spring / summer 2015 show this year to experiment and striking. Also present: Golden Pumps! Because they rely on the already trendy Metallic and especially to tanned skin-catchers. We will show you different outfit ideas and tricks to make your charming look does not look cheap. For well done it can be worn not only the party but also in everyday life.

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Watches Specifications

Materials in watches

Aluminum-Unusual materials in watches, weight lighter materials and gentler nickel allergy. Gold-Gold, 14-18 carat gold / steel-gulddoublé laid on steel. Ceramic-Frequent in black and white, the best material to choose whether to a white clock that retains its white color without discolored with time. Is also very scratch-resistant, common in dykringen more exclusive watches to protect the bell ring from scratching. Plastic- Different types of plastic materials used in the watches of different colors. Steel-Stainless steel. Titanium-A lightweight material in a darker color than steel. Beneficial for those suffering from severe nickel allergy. Wood-uncommon occurrence but exist

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How to Sleep in a Sleeping Bag

The answer may be one of two things, or a combination of both:

1. The temperature outside begins to go beyond those provided for bag limits. Temperature ratings of most sleeping bags are certified by the European standard EN13537.

2. Your personal metabolism implies you’re more sensitive to cold. In terms of cold, everyone is tied to metabolism and can do almost anything substantial about it, except to comply with it. If, however, putting on additional clothing is required by the temperature of the air that comes out of temperature limits on the bag, it gives us a lot of useful information!

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USB Audio Interface for iPad

Although It’s an older hat, but I have long been looking for an easy solution to connect my external sound cards with derm iPad. When sound cards have a separate power supply or draw any power that is not a problem on the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

However Requires the interface voltage via USB, you must deploy it still a complementary domestic power supply because: the iPad delivers the Lightning connector in such a setup, no voltage.

Through a post in the blog Rebel I was then inspired to the following solution. Tested Erflogreich I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the ZOOM H2. The H2 can be so very good to use as a stereo microphone for the iPad.
The whole thing should (Core Audio must be able to recognize the Inreface without a driver is required Apple) with any USB 2.0 Compliant Class Audio Interface function.

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Better Pillows For Pain in the Neck

Neck pain can be a real pain, and in fact it is so that around three-quarters of all Germans suffer under them. The majority of acute and occasionally, after all, 40 percent more often-and quite a few German even permanently and chronically.

Therefore it is not unimportant that the reasons for coming to the track, off the causes. Let’s look at today whether the correct pillowpossibly can effectively and efficiently combat neck pain. Because in bed not only the mattress and the bed base for a good nights sleep are responsible.

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Plus Size Carnival Costumes

Halloween is coming, the Carnival season begins, or among friends is after a long time once again to a costume party? Of course, there is the question immediately after matching plus size carnival costume. Today I present you before some costume ideas for large quantities, where it is not necessary to hide even a gram.

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Best Pillowcases for Neck Support

We offer only the best products that you will last a lifetime.Satin neck support pillows are made from 100% cotton, are Feinfädig, smooth and extremely dense woven. The cotton is mercerized, ie specially refined and will get a long-lasting shine. A cervical pillow feels particularly soft and supple, and also have a pleasantly soft hand.

The material for neck support pillow is often changed several times a year. On cold days of the year, cuddly beaver are usually chosen cervical pillow. The fabric is made from 100% cotton and retains heat very well.Beaver is very known especially as a reference for your neck support pillow. In winter it is almost in each bedroom for

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Guide to Mens Business Shoes


Many men take it to the care of their shoes is not quite as accurate. Here, the shoes reflected in the type of leather care and appearance also reflected what is the man for a guy.Unkempt acting shoes that have leather deep wrinkles, dirty marks and crooked heels, are treacherous. They suggest negligence in other contexts. Above all, they look as could the employees not afford new shoes, and do not get paid performance requirements. This impression is fatal. The man of the world uses for his business shoes cedar shoe trees. These counteract the formation of wrinkles. But they also provide a pleasant smell in the shoe because they can emit natural terpenes from the wood. Furthermore, wooden shoe trees rid the shoe interior of residual moisture in the leather. It should be noted that, the shoe should fail a number smaller than the shoes. This should not be widened eventually.

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Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering

In the past mountaineers ignored how many grams feather stuffing in sleeping bag has to assess how warm it will be.

They were aware that bags of less than 500g feather fillings are summer and winter looking for bags of 900g or more filling. Then taking into account the strength of the filling. For example, a bag of 500g stuffed with fluff-700 (footnote. BC. – “A 500g 700-fill bag”), provides “warm 500-gram bag.” But those were the days when users of sleeping bags are well informed and know exactly what they want. Continue reading “Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering”

How to Care for Down Sleeping Bag

There is no better thing than completely dry sleeping bag. Unfortunately, there is no more terrifying than anything wet sack. Saturated with moisture down loses 90% of its insulating properties, because moisture causes it to be matted and disrupts the delicate structure. Down absorb large quantities of water and as lost in this way the majority of the hot properties, must be dried from an external source – such as the sun or the body.
In many cases, when the environment in which work is saturated with moisture: down will fade away gradually with every night since slowly but continually seeping with moisture. The speed at which this happens depends on the skills of mountaineers and the conditions in which the bag is used. This water contamination comes from the outside and inside of the bag. Learning to slow the rate of this loss of thermal performance of the basic skills needed for effective use of feather bag.

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What is the Full Meaning of CPU

We use a computer, and indeed, if you’re reading this article is sure you’re using one. Not everyone, however, are familiar with the operation and the role they play all the parts. Many have heard of CPU, but not everyone knows what it’s for. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, or rather the central processing unit and coordinates all other units present on various hardware components, together with their activities and makes it centrally.

The CPU directs the various elements such as devices, electronic boards (such as network adapter or video adapter) to various chips. The role of this unit is to carry out the directives of the programs inside the RAM (main memory), after taking it from some secondary storage, from ROM or from other devices.

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Avoid Counterfeit Sunglasses

I know, I know, at the time of glorious sunshine, the temptation to buy counterfeit sunglasses is very strong, especially when you see the price that some pairs can cost. This is when I walk on the beach I saw the incredible number of fake Ray Ban outstanding. So I would like to make some simple reminders on counterfeit glasses to the health of your eyes and your style:

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How to Wear Hawaiian Shirts

Get yourself a holiday in the everyday-a dream scenario, but with Hawaiian shirts come the dream at least mode technically a little closer! Men’s shirts in fun colors and great floral prints are not only on holiday, but also to the absolute trend-summer fashion 2016 which can be integrated into a fresh super leisure outfit. When we hear the word “Hawaiian Shirt”, we usually think directly to the typical Hawaiian shirt, in particular known from the cult series “Magnum” with Tom Selleck, but other great personalities like Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby wore it to popularize.

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Embroidered Bucket Hats No Minimum

Embroidered hats bucket type are a great alternative to fishing hats. They wear mainly during the summer to bring more cheer during the warm summer days. Furthermore, in terms of practicality, these caps protect the skin of the neck from harmful ultraviolet rays, unlike other types of hats that are open neck. And in terms of commerciality, it’s a kind of walking billboards. Well, for no other reason but because besides various flowers and frills of these hats can be embroidered logo or name of different companies. Hat can advertise products, services, companies or meetings. And all this naturally, without anyone’s opinion, for example, “Buy such and such a product because it is better than the other,” phrases that our hourly flooded the small screen and print media all the way from different websites.

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Down Sleeping Bag Tips

Fueling the Fire

November last year I spent a very cold week in Hyornli hut, waiting time Matterhorn improve. Although my sack was rated to -18 and wearing many clothes froze my ass beyond recognition and there is no way the temperature in the cabin have been well below freezing. We ate only field their ration consisting of small meals couscous. After 2 nights of bad food and even bad dream, we decided to sleznem to Zermatt and stuff ourselves with some “food for the soul.” When we returned at night to the hut, we were crammed with a mountain of pasta, cheese and tomatoes. What difference did this only! Go to bed in my sack, I was in an oven and soon stripped all my clothes and stuck their legs out. The lesson here is that sparing food is pure self-deception, if you want to warm. Stoking the fire inside you and you can go with a lighter bag. Fat is what you need in such cases as because of their slow digestion, heat is released in your body longer. In very cold routes already I carry with me a little plastic bottle with olive oil. Also I take nuts – pine nuts are a wonderful addition to any dish – cheese.

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