Android 6.0 Marshmallow Ready for OnePlus X

OnePlus smallest mobile gets finally the promised update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The affordable OnePlus X quickly became a budgethit on our site editors. The design is clean, the service is good and the software is simple.

The latter is perhaps even too simple, since it is based on the ageing Android 5.1 Lollipop, which now has two years old soon.

Therefore, the owners gladly look forward to next week when the final update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It informs the team behind Oxygen US, in an ‘ Ask Me anything’-session on the news site Reddit. Continue reading “Android 6.0 Marshmallow Ready for OnePlus X”

Phone Company 3 Rearms with Multiple Stores

Now it will open more outlets in the country 3. We want to get closer to the customers, it sounds, from 3-Director.

When 3 of the year opens two additional 3Butikker in the Danish telecommunications landscape, it is a taste of the company’s bet on multiple physical stores in 2017.

With 3 aim to get closer to customers where they are and an opportunity to inaugurate an experientially oriented business concept. At the same time will 3 go back to some of the cities where 3 have previously shared premises with a defunct Fona. Continue reading “Phone Company 3 Rearms with Multiple Stores”

Financial Times: Our Site Will Buy SoundCloud

The Swedish streaming giant chop to expand business with a purchase of competitor SoundCloud.

The popular music streaming service our site is in negotiations with German SoundCloud about a possible acquisition. It informs the Financial Times, which CITES internal sources close to the negotiations.

Soundcloud is seeking new strategic opportunities for the company, which is also considered a possible sale. Soundcloud was valued by Bloomberg in July for a sum of approximately one billion u.s. dollars. Continue reading “Financial Times: Our Site Will Buy SoundCloud”

Complaints about the New Note 7 Smartphones: the Overheats

Samsung launch anguish with Note 7 seems to have no end. Now joins several users about heat problems in replacing Note 7 phones.

It was expensive for Samsung, at that time, the company last month had to launch a costly recall of the company’s newest flagship, Galaxy Note 7. Several million units were revoked and replaced in the wake of the basis of dozens of reports of fire hazard and damage caused by the self igniting phones.

In all, 2 ½ million Note 7 smoked return and undivided with new devices. Continue reading “Complaints about the New Note 7 Smartphones: the Overheats”

View Google’s Pixel-Family Measured up Against Competitors

Google’s two upcoming Pixel-smartphones will be less than most Android competitors.

After a time with over drive, seems Google to search against smaller, more tangible sizes in their upcoming Pixel-smartphones.

It couldn’t be much bigger then Google peaked with their 6-inch giant mobile, Nexus 6, which has since been scaled down in the successors Nexus 6 p and 5 x, with their respective screen size of 5.7 and 5.2 inches.

When Google the 4. October will have replacements ready, it will become even more compact in two formats: a Pixel with 5 inch display, as well as a Pixel XL with 5.5 display.

How much each of them will fill, have news blog Phandroid estimated from the leaked photos of the devices. Below you can see how much smaller the Pixel series will be in relation to market-leading Android smartphones.

Do you want to read more about what Google Pixel will bid on, you may want to read with here, where the most concrete information about Google’s two Nexus-replacements is total.

Such a Forcing You iPhone 7 to Restart [Tip]

If your new iPhone 7 strikes, not the usual method works. What to do instead.

Is your new iPhone 7 deadlocked, or is it generally a little heavy for a restart of the phone can be a simple but effective solution.

With Apple’s previous iPhones and iPads were the process simple: Home and Sleep button is held down until the screen fades–typically around 10 seconds.

In Apple’s latest iPhone 7 will this approach won’t work because the Home button is no longer a physical button.

Instead, you must have enabled ‘Volume ned’-button and hold this down until the screen fades.

Power-off the screen pops up, can the iPhone off by slide toward the right. This corresponds not, simply repeat the grip again and wait for 10-15 seconds until the iPhone shuts off 7.

Huawei Invites to a New Topmobil Event

The 3. November the Chinese mobile giant will unveil their new flagship. Invitations to presseeventet is posted.

Huaweis next flagship will set down the 3. November of this year. It is the message of an invitation by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer these days sends out for press and partners.

The actual event will be held in the southern German city Munich and the company’s ceo Richard Yu will be on stage at what Huawei promises will be an exclusive press conference.
Continue reading “Huawei Invites to a New Topmobil Event”

Now There Will Be Advertising in Apple’s App Store

Next week Apple will start mixing advertising into your search results on the App Store.

When you are searching for a specific iPad or iPhone app in the Apple app store, you will in future come across advertisements.

This happens when Apple on May 5. October introduces ‘ Search Adds ‘ which gives app developers the opportunity to promote their application, when users search for a given app.

When you are searching for a particular app, it is therefore no longer the most relevant search result that pops up first, but the app who paid the most for a ranking in the top of the search hierarchy. Continue reading “Now There Will Be Advertising in Apple’s App Store”

Apple iPhone 7-Should You Have It? [Vote]

So is the iPhone 7 through tested: an excellent mobile that will not delight all. Is the phone for you?

Apple’s iPhone 7 have been through our site testing machinery, where the conclusion was that the iPhone 7 is the best of its kind ever-but that, at the same time, it will disappoint some users on some essential points.

In particular, the lack of a jack plug can cause anguish for some users, while others are calling for a more forward-looking design.

What do you think-Apple has convinced you with their new iPhone? Do you stand over this time? Or do you keep you completely gone?

Give your opinion and attach like your say in the comments box below.

Google Pixel and the Pixel XL-the Full Specs Has Leaked

Two new star Google phones, Pixel and the Pixel XL, is not out yet-but an early sales ad showing exactly what they will offer.

In the morning, Google will likely launch afløserne to their series of Nexus-smartphones: Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Phones are getting a new name, which is in line with Google’s other Pixel-laptops and tablets, and will, as the names suggests, come in two sizes.

Although they officially exist yet, is a sales ad for both phones surfaced-with e-dealer CarphoneWarehouse. These is spelling out precisely what the new Pixel phones will offer of technical specifications. Continue reading “Google Pixel and the Pixel XL-the Full Specs Has Leaked”

Facebook Launches Prompt Messenger Lite App

Is Facebook Messenger app too slow on your mobile comes to the rescue with the new Messenger Facebook now ‘Lite’-app.

Is your Android mobile of older date, it may well take eons before apps like the Facebook Messenger toner appears on the display. Several of Facebooks apps, is accused at the same time to use up hard on the battery.

In order to make your chat experience on basic hardware introduce Facebook now a special light-variant of their popular Messenger app, under the name ‘Messenger Lite’. Continue reading “Facebook Launches Prompt Messenger Lite App”

Facebook Investing Massively in Denmark

The social media giant will erect a giant data center in Odense’s environs. Order sounds at three server halls totalling 184,000 square meters.

When your next status update is changed, it may in the future very well smoking a trip past the Odense suburb Tietgen byen. The social media giant Facebook is planning for building a huge data center outside the city of Odense. It writes our site.

The data center will consist of three server halls which total spans 184,000 square meters-six times larger than the largest shop, Odense’s IKEA store.

Giant servers, it will be just the third of its kind outside the United States, where Facebook has its headquarters.
Continue reading “Facebook Investing Massively in Denmark”

Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Back on the Market

Now shoot Samsung time in Galaxy Note 7 sales again. In Denmark, however, we must wait a little longer.

Samsung’s problem child, Galaxy Note 7, has had a difficult birth. The phone fails nothing, and has garnered high praise for its many features-but issues with a flammable battery, has forced mobile giant to pull the first 2 ½ million units from the market.

After a period with substitutions of the affected devices, Samsung is now officially ready to sell and deliver to new customers. It informs the company in a press release.

The first new Listing-buyers will be in the home country South Korea, where the device has been for sale since the 1. October.
Continue reading “Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Back on the Market”

Google’s New Chromecast Ultra Is Ready for 4 K and HDR

Google is faster, more powerful and Ultra Chromecast better connected than ever.

Google’s popular Chromecast streaming-dongle gets a strong older brother in Chromecast Ultra.

In the Ultra Edition supports Chromecast now both 4 k and HDR video from services like YouTube, Netflix and Vudu. In November, Google will Play Movies also support the formats.

Have you not any 4 k or HDR-compatible TV, you’ll still enjoy Ultraens more forces. Your streams will be opened 1.8 times faster, thanks to an enhanced WiFi-antenna.
Continue reading “Google’s New Chromecast Ultra Is Ready for 4 K and HDR”

Google Makes It Easy to Switch from iPhone to Pixels

It can be a hassle to switch to a new phone, but with Pixels, it will be no problem-especially if you are coming from an iPhone.

It’s probably not gone some mobile-interested past that Google’s new phones have changed the Nexus brand out with the new name Pixels, which is the first mobiles, designed and produced by Google itself-however, with a little help from HTC.

With Pixel-phones, Google has put a lot of focus on bringing together the best software and the best hardware to a comprehensive and fair exclusive device, and they include URf.eks. the new Google Assistant as well as infinite storage space in the cloud with Google Photos.  Continue reading “Google Makes It Easy to Switch from iPhone to Pixels”

Pixel Throw Nexus-Phones out of the Google Store

With the introduction of the Pixel indicates a final goodbye to the longtime Nexus program and now all the earlier Nexus’er removed from the Google Store.

It is about to go up for most people, that we have to say goodbye to the iconic Nexus-series of phones, which for many years has created impressive phones in a symbiosis of the best hardware and latest software.

Now called the project Pixel, and it is for a long to a greater extent been Google’s own product. This is that, as such, nothing wrong with that, but it just means that there is no longer space for the former Nexus’er. Continue reading “Pixel Throw Nexus-Phones out of the Google Store”

Motorola: These Moto Phones Will Get Android 7.0 Nougat

Latest Android 7.0 will be soon finding on a strip of Motorola phones. Here is the full list.

Android 7.0 Nougat is Google’s latest version of the operating system for smartphones-and now it will be soon available on Motorola’s Moto-smartphones.

Motorola promises that a total of 14 of their models will get the latest update during the fourth quarter of this year. Below you can see which phones will get Android 7.0 Nougat: Continue reading “Motorola: These Moto Phones Will Get Android 7.0 Nougat”

Dxomark: Google Pixel Has the Best Mobile Camera Ever

According to the photo experts from French DXOMark, Google has Pixel and the Pixel XL the best camera you can get in a smartphone.

You will be able to take the best photos ever with Google’s two new mobile Pixels-telephones-so reads conclusion in DXOMark’s latest test report.

The company specializes in tests of cameras and software solutions for photo editing and assigning 89 points for both Pixel and the Pixel XL, a simple points more than the category previously shared master: Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC and Sony Xperia X 10 Performance. Apple’s latest iPhone 7 scores here 86 points. Continue reading “Dxomark: Google Pixel Has the Best Mobile Camera Ever”

Update: These Pixel-Features Coming Not to Nexus

With the introduction of the Pixels you are as Nexus-owner no longer guaranteed the best and latest from Google-land. Here is what you miss.

Buy a Nexus-mobile and get the latest and greatest updates from Google.
So reads the motto, which in recent years have been loyal Android fans to jump on the bandwagon for Nexus-to enjoy pure and up-to-date software from Google.

But with the introduction of the new mobile Pixel, allows this picture to change. In addition to throw the old Nexus’er of the shelf, then it means the arrival of Pixels also that a number of the latest Google features will be reserved for the new mobile alone. Continue reading “Update: These Pixel-Features Coming Not to Nexus”

Android Cameras May Soon Get New Built-in Functionality

Android cameras probably soon get features such as RAW file format, face recognition and burst mode.

Newly discovered code snippets show that Google is working on a series of new camera tools, among other things, face recognition, burst-mode and support for RAW file format.

ArsTechnica they discovered new features which apparently has been under preparation since December 2012. It was expected that they would be included in KitKat but Api was around October marked as not yet completed. Continue reading “Android Cameras May Soon Get New Built-in Functionality”

How Do You Take Backup of iOS Images on Google+

New update of Google + for iOS, allows backup of iOS images in full resolution for Google +.

The latest update of Google+ for iOS brings several bug fixes, but also some practical improvements in particular is interesting, if one lacks a place to take backup of his pictures.

Google + for iOS allows Apple users with iOS7, to take an immediate backup of images and video in full resolution, directly to Google +.

In the settings for the program selected “Camera and pictures“.

Including selected “automatic photo backup“, and when this option is enabled, backup copies of your pictures and videos to Google +.

You have not installed Google + to iOS7, can the application be downloaded in the App Store.

Nexus 5 Only to Denmark with 16 GB of Memory

Nexus 5 are presented with both 16 and 32 GB of memory, but it is the only Edition with 16 GB sold in Denmark.

Since Google unveiled their new Nexus 5 last week, they stated that this comes in a version with both 16 and 32 GB of memory.

It will only be possible in Denmark to buy the version with 16 GB of internal memory, since Google does not want others to sell the model with 32 GB.

-“In Denmark has Nexus 5 16 GB memory. There is concluded an agreement with Google that 32 GB version only sold via Google, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

You will be able to buy Nexus 5 with, among other things, Telia, TDC, 3, Telmore, Call me and Elgiganten. Price will be around 4,000 dollars without subscription.

HBO Nordic Now Ready in the Danes’ Xbox

Danish Xbox users, with Xbox Live Gold membership, can now watch HBO Nordic directly from their console.

HBO Nordic have now been available for Xbox Live Gold members, Danish on their Xbox console. The new application provides users with access to a lot of TV series-both old and new episodes, the newest episodes can be viewed 24 hours after the world premiere, even with Danish subtitles. It writes our site.

The TV series, which among other things has access to is the HBO series: Games of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, The Sopranos, Entourage, Sex and the City, the Newsroom and True Blood.

A subscription to HBO Nordic costs 79 dollars per month and is not binding.

Kazam: That Is Why We Are Here Also about 15 Years

Web TV: Kazam does not go after the rapid gains. The investors behind are experienced people who have long-term plans.

The new mobile producer Kazam throwing huge sums of money in a big European launch of, in the first place. seven smartphones.

The money comes from private investors (private equity investor’s) already is behind mobile amongst other brands on the Russian market, something they have done for over 10 years. One example is the Plane Mobile that is dominated in Eastern Europe and Russia. Continue reading “Kazam: That Is Why We Are Here Also about 15 Years”

Kazam Promises 4 G Phones at the Beginning of 2014

Web TV: Kazam starts with 3 g phones, but the Director promises 4 g products at the beginning of 2014.

The seven smartphones it debuted mobile fire Kazam has presented to the European market, are all 3 g phones.

Telecom operators focus on 4 g LTE terminals. That is precisely why Kazams products probably will in the first place, not be on the shelves in the operators ‘ businesses.

One of the reasons for the lack of 4 g products are according to the manufacturer, a temporal factor, if one were to meet the timetable, and reach to launch in 2013.

-“We have decided to set up our company and begin with 3 g. We ovevejede a launch with 4 g today, but we didn’t think the time was right for us. At the beginning of 2014, in the first quarter, we come with 4 g LTE phones, “says Kazams topdirektør Michael Coombes.

He says that 4 g products also will lie in a lower price range than the competitors offers.

That Is Why Nexus 5 More Expensive in Denmark Than in the United States

Web TV: LG and Google have different pricing on Nexus 5. Here tells more about the price of the LG new Nexus phone.

When Google introduces a new Nexus phone, be it for sale through Google’s own webshop for a relatively aggressive pricing, but when Nexus comes to Denmark, the price is somewhat higher.

Nexus 5 costs 349 dollars in Google’s online store for the 16 GB model. This is the equivalent of $ 363.62 crowns, but LG’s indicative price is just below the 4,000 dollars.

The price difference has got several potential Nexus-buyers, to accuse LG to put Nexus-phone overpris in Denmark. Continue reading “That Is Why Nexus 5 More Expensive in Denmark Than in the United States”

LG: There Will Be No Shortage of Nexus 5

There will be no shortage of Nexus phones in Denmark this year, it promised LG at a news conference.

LG promised at a news conference where they showed off Nexus 5, that there will be enough Nexus phones, at day one of with Nexus 5 in the shops.Christmas trade is vital, and this time there will not be lacking phones.

Nexus 4 has been a great success, and who are alone in Denmark sold more than 10,000 copies of last year’s model. It illuminates the LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

-“Nexus 5 comes in Danish shops between the 25. and 27. November 2013.0 “is the message from LG-boss.

From the sales start, it will only be possible to buy the black model-so if you want the white, you have to wait until the beginning of december.

The vejlendede price is around 4,000 dollars without subscription for a 16 GB model.

Our Site for iOS Updated

Our site for iPhone and iPad has been updated and makes it easier to follow one’s favorite artist both online and offline.

The popular Swedish music service our site has been updated to iOS, with new features for the iPhone and iPad, which makes it easier to follow his favorite artist both online and offline.

It is now possible to view concert dates on the iPhone and iPad, as it also is possible in desktop Edition, writes our site.

The new features have been available in a collaboration between our site and music tracking service Song Kick.

Our site has also got an improved and faster search feature that now includes the user’s playlists and profile.

Our site for iOS is available for download via the App Store.

Apple: the Next iPhone May Get Ultra Thin Sapphire Glass

Apple has signed a major agreement with a manufacturer of Sapphire Crystal, which render it probable that the next iPhone will have just Sapphire glass on the screen.

Sapphire Crystal has so far been very expensive and complicated of the produce, but also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Why has it so far has only been used in Apple’s iPhones to the glass in front of the camera lens and in the fingerprint reader in the new iPhone 5S.

But with new technology and lower production costs, it is possible that Apple’s future iPhones must be fitted with screens of Sapphire Crystal.

Apple has partnered with the GT Advanced Technologies, to a value of 578 million dollars, about production of Sapphire Crystal, writes our site.

Techsitet our site has been visiting at a factory that manufactures Sapphire Crystal-see here how it turns into.