Motorola Moto Z: Hands-on with Module-the Flagship [Web]

Motorola Moto Z is a åleslank topmobil that can be a lot of tricks, thanks to its many mods.

Today topmobiler could be something special in order to rise above the crowd of excellent mid-range smartphones. And that is exactly what Motorola Moto Z can.

It is only 5 millimeters thick, but is still packed with all the topkomponenter as you would expect in a smartphone anno 2016.

Its largest party-trick comes, however, from the outside, thanks to its ingenious interface for ‘ Moto high fashion-accessories. The attaches magnetically and provides the opportunity to enhance your phone with, among other things, an extra battery, a super zoom camera or even a floodlight.

See why with in the video where our site takes a first look at the innovative, modular smartphone.

Samsung: We Stop All Sales of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will stop all sales of Galaxy Note 7 while the new round of defective smartphones are examined. Note 7 owners are encouraged to turn off their phone.

After a new round of episodes with smoke and fire development in Samsung’s Note 7-flagship, the company behind, stop all sales of Galaxy Note 7. Both operators and retail partners are asked to halt sales of Galaxy Note 7.

In a press release calls on Samsung while all Note 7-owners to stop using and turn off the phone. This applies to both the original Note 7 phones as well as the ‘debugged’ versions. Continue reading “Samsung: We Stop All Sales of Galaxy Note 7″

Google Pixel Camera to the Test: See the First Photos Here

Google believes itself to their Pixel-smartphone has the best mobile camera ever. See the photos here, and judge for yourself.

Google’s successor to the Nexus phones, the two new Pixel-the best mobile camera phones ever-according to the company itself and test specialists from French DXOMark.

When a new topmobil is introduced, however, it is no longer enough just to be satisfied with the talk. There should be pictures on the table-just like back then, Apple showed off the iPhone 7 qualities as a sports camera and Microsoft showed what Lumia 950 coulddeliver photos. Continue reading “Google Pixel Camera to the Test: See the First Photos Here”

Apple’s iOS 10 Are Experiencing Record Growth

IOS 10 rumbling forward on iPhones and iPads. After one month is the most popular update of iOS ever.

Since iOS 10 debuted on 13. September is Apple’s newest operating system has become an exceedingly popular update for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Four weeks after launch is iOS 10 now to find on 66 percent of all iOS devices-a record compared to the most popular updates, iOS and iOS 7 9, which only mustered 60 percent during the same time interval. Continue reading “Apple’s iOS 10 Are Experiencing Record Growth”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead

After several problematic weeks for Samsung Note 7 top model is over run. The production is stopped permanently.

The future looked bright for Samsung star phone, Note 7, at that time the Galaxy debuted in mid-august. It was at the forefront of technology, critics were wild with it and Samsung got scrambling just to keep up with demand.

Barely two months later, the South Korean giant now pulls the plug on Note 7 and shutter on and off for the production. It writes our site.

Samsung’s debacle started with a series of defective batteries among the first series of produced. In the worst case could phones become so hot that they could emit toxic fumes and constituted a real fire hazard. A huge recall and replacement of the first series. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead”

Uber Declares Price War: Lowers the Price by 16 Percent

From Thursday, it will be cheaper to use one sixth of the controversial samkørselstjeneste.

Uber takes a new weapon in use in their fight against the established taxi industry: now it will be cheaper to run with the maligned car service.

At a press conference today, the company announced that from Thursday 13. October will be 16 per cent cheaper to run a trip with the service. With the new prices, a trip from Frederiksberg to Copenhagen Airport amount to 164 dollars against 201 dollars earlier, writes our site.

Thus pushing the American service a Danish taxi industry had pushed for more, by offering a taxi like carpooling to a significantly lower price. Continue reading “Uber Declares Price War: Lowers the Price by 16 Percent”

Have You Lost Confidence in Samsung? [Vote]

Samsung anguish with Note 7 series raises a question: Can we rely on the quality of Samsung’s products?

The South Korean tech giant is the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer. The company sells more smartphones than any other-and technological, it is completely at the forefront.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was apparently also an unqualified success. The cell phone was a high-tech gem and reaped high praise from both critics and the first buyers. Continue reading “Have You Lost Confidence in Samsung? [Vote]”

Nordea Vrager Swipp in Favor of Mobilepay

Payment service will lose an important partner for Mobilepay.

Swipp was created by 71 Danish banks and pengeinstittuter as a competitor to Danske Bank’s popular Mobilpay. The cooperation beats now fissures, for large bank Nordea vrager now Swipp in favor of MobilePay, it writes our site.

This gives Swipp even harder by obtaining Mobilepay that Danes preferred means for mobile payment. According to the latest inventory count Swipp around 900,000 users, while Mobilepay has rounded 3.2 mio. users.

With Nordea, Danske Bank will change into the fold in the app and remove ‘Made by Danish Cashier’ branding. At the same time invite large bank other Nordic banks to join MobilePay-solution. Continue reading “Nordea Vrager Swipp in Favor of Mobilepay”

Google Pixel Pops up in Danish Shop Online

Now you can pre-order the Google Pixel-smartphones in Danish shopping. See the first Danish prices here.

Google Pixel-smartphones are not to have any official Danish sales debut-but the devices are popping up in the Danish shop online now anyway.

On both the Cdons and Webhallens websites, shapes both Pixel and the Pixel XL as being ready for pre-order-however, is leveringstidpunktet not yet disclosed.

With the two shopping will be significantly more expensive than the two phones with their German or British colleagues. For the smallest Pixel sounds Bill on 6,490 dollars for 32 GB and 7,490 dollars for 128 GB version. The greater the Pixel XL will be even more expensive, with a debut price of $ 7,490 dollars for 32 GB and 8,490 dollars for 128 GB. Continue reading “Google Pixel Pops up in Danish Shop Online”

Rumor: Samsung Will Scrap the Note Series

Note 7 the disaster will, according to internal sources, get Samsung to completely drop the ‘ Note’-name in the future.

Samsung’s travails with Note 7-launch and subsequent revocation may have consequences for the Note-the show’s future.

According to sources in Samsung’s organisation will in future completely drop the Samsung Note-name in the future. It writes Phone Arena and quote unnamed sources in Samsung Russia.

Note-the show’s and Samsung’s reputation suffered a crack after not just one but two recalls, where both the first and second series of Note 7 phones had to be pulled from the market after some dangerous episodes of spontaneous combustion. Continue reading “Rumor: Samsung Will Scrap the Note Series”

The PC Market Is Suffering Due to Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are pushing PC sales. Slump stands at eighth quarter, according to new figures from the analysis Institute Gartner.

We’d rather buy new smartphones and tablets than new PCs. It is one of the two basic conclusions in the analysis the House Gartner’s latest report.

In this it appears that the number of personal computers sold globally has fallen steadily over the last 8 quarters. In the last trimester fell PC sales with 5.7 percent compared to the same period last year. Continue reading “The PC Market Is Suffering Due to Smartphones and Tablets”

Photos of Huawei Mate 9 Leaked: Get a Curved Display

Leaked photos of Huaweis star phone reveals that a particular variant with curved screen also is on the way.

Huawei Mate-phone looks like it will offer interesting technique which has hitherto been reserved for Samsung’s toptelefoner.

In a set of leaked photos from Twitter-tipsteren Evan Blass, see how Huaweis future Mate 9 will come in two variants: one with a regular display, as well as a version with a curved display. Continue reading “Photos of Huawei Mate 9 Leaked: Get a Curved Display”

Microsoft Giving away When the Next Windows 10 Is Published

Latest test version of Windows 10 contains indications as to when the next major update to Windows 10 is published.

With Windows 10 has Microsoft screwed up for refresh rate in their operating system for Pcs and tablets. The company plans to publish two more updates next year, the first of which will be published as early as March.

Twitter user WalkingCat has, in the documentation for the latest test version of Windows 10, intercepted information about an upcoming Windows 10 Version 1703. Continue reading “Microsoft Giving away When the Next Windows 10 Is Published”

What Apps Do You Use for Mobile Payment? [Vote]

MobilePay and Swipp struggling to get law to clear the Bills for you. Which do you prefer?

It creates quite a stir when the country’s two largest banks, Nordea, Danske Bank and clashing on a mobile payment platform.

Nonetheless, it is what has happened this week, when Nordea stepped out of Swypp cooperation in order to join the already popular MobilePay-app from Danske Bank.
Thus seems to be stronger in the race MobilePay to become Danes ‘ preferred method of payment.

In the other camp, backed up by 71 of its competitor Swipp banks and financial institutions and the app has this week been strengthened with a solution to Internet payment.

What do you mean-you swear to a specific app for mobile payment? Or do you prefer still cold cash? Give your opinion below.


Pixel Smartwatch? Google has Two Smarture on the Way

Google will cut out a chunk of the smartwatch-cake with two new wearable products-in both size small and XL.

There are many indications that Google will really jump out as the original hardware manufacturer. Most recently launched its two smartphones under its own Pixel-fire and now it seems that these are followed by two smartwatches with the Google logo.

It is the well shaped Evan Blass, who in a tweet Announces that Google’s two new smartwatches will make debut in the beginning of 2017.

With the clocks will follow the first major update of Android Wear-a version 2.0. The new operating system was already on display at this year’s i/o Developer Conference and will, among other things, offer a greater degree of autonomy to the Agency.  Continue reading “Pixel Smartwatch? Google has Two Smarture on the Way”

Now Jack Also Disappears from HTC-Smartphones

Apple and Motorola have already demolished the familiar jack. With the upcoming smartphone ‘Bolt’ follows HTC for which there is no jack is to find.

A trend begins slowly to turn out on the launch of the iPhone and Motorola’s Moto Z-7 top model: the good, old 3.5 mm jack disappears. Soon will the third major manufacturer take this controversial step.

In the case of Taiwanese HTC, which right now are working at high pressure with the next model called HTC Bolt. A series of pictures shared on the website Venturebeat by the well-known tipster, evleaks, reveals that jack will soon be past in HTC smartphones. Continue reading “Now Jack Also Disappears from HTC-Smartphones”

Apple Watch Nike+ Can Be Purchased in Denmark on 28 November. October

Apple reveals, when the special Nike +-version of Apple Watch can be bought in Denmark. The 28. October started the sale of Agency.

Since Apple launched the new Apple Watch Series 2 on 7 September, the manufacturer had a surprise up his sleeve. Together with Nike revealed Apple for Apple Watch Nike +, which is a special version of the clock created specifically for athletes.

On Apple’s website has since the publication of the Nike+ Edition of Apple Watch just been informed that it’s available at the end of October’. Now, however, Apple has updated the website with the final date for when Apple Watch Nike + can be purchased in Denmark. The date is called Friday, 28. October. Continue reading “Apple Watch Nike+ Can Be Purchased in Denmark on 28 November. October”

Rumor: New Macbooks on the Way This Month

Subcontractors betrays: Apple is ready with the long-awaited upgrade to its Macbook Air and Pro series.

Apple’s current series of retina-Macbook Pros are about to have one and a half years old, which means that the series technology is about to be unshackled from.

According to Chinese subcontractors will Apple fix it, with an early launch of a new streak of Pro products.The new models can debut already this month, according to Japanese news blog Macotakara, which quotes the unnamed source. The new Macbooks will be skibbet out to sales channels this month. Continue reading “Rumor: New Macbooks on the Way This Month”

Wild 5 G on the Way-Here Is the New Technology from Qualcomm

Wild speeds on the road. The chip manufacturer Qualcomm will be ready with the first 5 g products in 2018.

There has long been talk about 5 g networks, but these have been long into the future. Yesterday, the big chip maker Qualcomm date on when the first products will be available.

The company announced that their first 5 g-modem, dubbed Snapdragon x 50, will make debut in mobile products from first half of 2018.

Phones or dongles ekviperet with Snap dragon X 50 will be able to muster the download speeds of up to 5000 Mbit/s-more than a tenfold increase of the the fastest 4 g-ekviperede smartphones can muster (450 Mbit/s). Continue reading “Wild 5 G on the Way-Here Is the New Technology from Qualcomm”

Customers Flock to Apple Because of Samsung Note 7

With the failure of the launch of Galaxy Note 7 choose millions of customers Apple instead of Samsung

Samsung’s monumental recall of Galaxy Note 7 can not only be felt on the bottom line, it felt even on the number of buyers who now vrager company in favor of Apple.

Analysis Institute KGI estimates that somewhere between 5 and 7 million Samsung-customers now choose an iPhone rather than the Samsung topmobil for autumn. It writes our site.
Continue reading “Customers Flock to Apple Because of Samsung Note 7″

Bloomberg: Apple’s Electric Car Deferred-for Now

There are many indications that Apple has scrapped the ambition to produce their own self propelled car.

A big reshuffle in Apple’s organization gives reason to suspect that Apple now dropping plans to produce self-propelled cars. It writes

Under the code name Project Titan, it was otherwise intended that Apple was going to jump out as the automaker, with a self propelled electric car as one of the first products to the public. Continue reading “Bloomberg: Apple’s Electric Car Deferred-for Now”

Get a Great Tablet for Small Money [Mobildeal]

Promotions on Lenovo Miix 700: Here you get a nice tablet-laptop hybrid for a sharp price.

You are planning on investing in a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet, you can these days make a good trade at

There you can acquire for you Lenovo Miix 700 for just under four thousand dollars-roughly half of what a comparable Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft costs.

Price includes at the same time, both the type of cover and pen-something that wont be an acquisition with Microsoft and Apple, when you invest in their large tablets. Continue reading “Get a Great Tablet for Small Money [Mobildeal]”

See How Samsung Will Capitalise on Display on the Side of the Phone

View a patent application from Samsung that shows how applications can take advantage of a three-sided display.

We have previously seen prototypes on a Samsung phone that has a display that stretches about along the side of the phone where there is, for example, can appear as notifications. Samsung’s prototype can be seen displayed here and in the video below is the curved screens further visualized.

Samsung filed back in may a patent application which has just now been made public, it describes how applications can take advantage of the curved display that stretches about at the side of the phone.

Attached are a series of pictures from the patent application, which gives an idea of what Samsung has in mind.

How useful it is in practice comes partly depends on how to use his phone and of course how well applications exercises the option.

Apple Sends the Anti-Europeans Disparage iPhone Model on Early Pension

With the launch of the iPhone 7 using Apple the opportunity to shove maligned iPhone models out of range.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 was the star when the Apple held its annual September press event, but with the launch of a new iPhone happens also shifts in the company’s other line-up.

As expected, the two year old smoking Apple iPhone 6 totally out of range-but the two newer and more expensive iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 16 GB is also sent on early retirement. Continue reading “Apple Sends the Anti-Europeans Disparage iPhone Model on Early Pension”

The History of Ice Fishing

You are a fishing enthusiast with clear water and you’re in a bad mood all winter, because you can’t practice your passion? You see other fishermen take advantage of winter to get out the fishing gear and you would like to start also, but you aren’t sure where to start, what to buy, etc. Here is an article that should guide you to start to fish in the winter! The winter season 2015-2016 is my third season so my beginnings are not too far away which will allow me to provide you with several tips and information to get you started. I still have a lot to learn and this is what makes me love this sport. Naturally, the information that I write in this article reflects my opinion and my approach to this type of fishing, you evolve according to your experience, your tastes and your interest (which will be growing) in the face of ice fishing. In addition, my usual fishing area is the Lake St-Pierre so sure that fishing on a small lake will be different. For your first release, I recommend you to go to a provider where you can rent all the equipment and even a cabin in order to see if you like it, if this is the case and you are returned to the next step and want to equip you to low-cost as well as the basics of this practice, this article is for you… Continue reading “The History of Ice Fishing”

How to Repair Bamboo Fishing Rod

Bamboo is a perennial plant from the tall and sturdy. From this we get a useful material for the construction of various objects. Is often used to make fishing rods whose resistance depends on the processing. But it must be said that even a continuous use may lead to a disruption of the fishing rod. Of course before proceeding to repair the damage should be identified. Then observe it well and decide what steps to take to fix it. The damage that can occur when damages are manifold. One of the most frequent and the tear of a ligament. Or a cleavage in the ligaments and various links. In the following guide I explain how to repair a bamboo fishing pole. Continue reading “How to Repair Bamboo Fishing Rod”

Apple Lowers Prices on a Number of iPads

Apple lifted the veil of new iPads not yesterday, but new variants popping up while prices generally lowered anyway.

Yesterday’s Apple event was first and foremost about the new iPhone 7 and the new Watch Series 1 & 2. Nevertheless happens shifts with manufacturer’s iPad line-up, where certain models are deleted and the prices will be adjusted.

Apple realizes that the 16 GB storage space no longer advocates in an iPad ad 2016, therefore, deleted all the variants of 16 GB iPad mini 2, mini 4 and Air 2. Continue reading “Apple Lowers Prices on a Number of iPads”

What Do You Need for Ice Fishing

Lovers dream many anglers, especially newcomers, to try yourself in winter fishing, anticipating a lot of fun to connect with like-minded people, cold drink, a successful capture. But not all are currently in full you need for ice fishing, so that even in extreme conditions quite comfortable. Of course, there is nothing of ‘war’, as they say, fishing, fishing, even if it is cold. But there are still some points that need to be taken into account.On what accessories are needed for winter fishing, it is necessary and not try to say in this material. Maybe this article will be useful not only for beginners! Continue reading “What Do You Need for Ice Fishing”

How to Build a Spinning Reel


Fishing is a passion that goes for more among men. Who has never made a trip to the lake or River along with the grandfather to go fishing and take home a treasure trove? Well, to succeed in this task, it is not enough to have a good cane but you need the right equipment. We see so as to better prepare for a fishing (alone or with others) starting from some small notions on how to build a reel spinning. Continue reading “How to Build a Spinning Reel”