Here are Bentley-the Cell Phone. Price: Us $ 93,000.

Luxury manufacturer Vertu announces a collaboration with Bentley. With the new partner surpassing Vertu itself, with an even more expensive topmobil.

Do you dream of B & O-sound, Hasselblad-photos in Pocket format, and a design that matches your Bentley is Vertus new topmobil maybe the case. If you can afford.

Vertu’s new flagship, the Vertu signature Touch for Bentley, has been developed in collaboration with the producer behind the iconic luxury sports cars. Bentley enthusiasts will retro design details like the winged Bentley badge, while the phone screws after similar to those you find in sports bandwagon.  Continue reading “Here are Bentley-the Cell Phone. Price: Us $ 93,000.”

How to Buy Bottled Water

Here is What You Must Always Check The Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

When consumers buy bottled water, there are now requested to check the bottom of the bottle in order to protect their health.

Plastic bottles with letters such as HDP, HDPE, PP and some others do not emit toxic substances into the water, and other letters can represent the chemicals in the water you drink.

Each brand must label the contents of the bottle, and we offer a little help to recognize the toxic water bottles.

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Decorate Small Bedroom Couple

The bedroom of a couple is a romantic setting that requires refinement and sophistication to decorate it. It’s a place of intimacy which the couple should feel good and have a greater freedom of expression. To decorate it, people need to get some references according to the personal taste of each and then unite them in order to make a receptive space for both. So the ideal is to get something more neutral for both.

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Wood Decks

The wooden decks are the most common and traditional options for the floor that sits around hot tubs, hot tubs and swimming pools (see decks for swimming pools), which requires that the material possesses particular technical characteristics and specialized for this type of site, such as grip, anti-slip material, resistant to humidity and heat and sun exposure. The more traditional decks are made with wood nobles treated , that is, resistance to termites and decay, as the wood of trees such as the seedling and ipê. These woods are famous for their aesthetic beauty as well as functionality and resistance presented after the sealant treatment.

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Fine to Leak the iPhone: 300 Million Us $.

Leak of future Apple devices, can be extremely expensive for Apple’s subcontractors.

Company wasting away for GT Advanced Technologies, Apple supplier of Sapphire Crystal for iPhones and the upcoming Apple Watch. The company sought bankruptcy protection last week and is planning to close the factory on 31 May. December and lay off 890 employees.

The bankrupt company scrutinized now and it is reported by the Financial Times that Apple imposes strict confidentiality clauses to the subcontractor.

In GT Advanced Technologies contract with Apple, it appears that the company agrees to pay 50 million USD, or roughly 300 million kroner, for breach of confidentiality obligations. ‘ Continue reading “Fine to Leak the iPhone: 300 Million Us $.”

Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

Down Or Synthetic?

That a less down-filled sleeping bag weighs and takes up less space than a synthetic sleeping bag (with the same comfort temperature), is basically correct. The development of the synthetic materials is steadily advanced however in recent years, and slow but sure the artificial materials weigh less and less. So far, down produce but still the most heat with low weight and volume.

Down is also almost always the more expensive option, but for a down sleeping bag keeps longer if it is well maintained. When a synthetic sleeping bag the warmth subsides namely after a few years of use, because the filling is gradually compressed and worn out. Should you intend to use your sleeping bag, often in moist conditions, then a model with synthetic filling is preferable. This warms that even if it should become a little wet, which is not the case with a down-filled (if you do not dry the sleeping bag between uses).

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Ways to Save Water in the Garden

Xeriscaping is a philosophy of gardening-not a style-which aims to create outdoor spaces as beautiful as environmentally friendly. The term “xeriscape” was coined in 1981 by the Denver Water Company to define a new approach to water conservation in its broadest sense. This system is based on seven principles inseparable from each other that create an integrated habitat, efficient and successful. If you live in an area that suffers from drought or want simply to garden without damaging your property, xeriscaping is for you.

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What You Should Not Wear in Summer

There is a reason for which there is the “beach look” definition. If you stay in the warm months in the city to work or study, read carefully what you must not wear.

  1. Avoid the flip flop rubber. Pool shoes and rubber flip-flops should be avoided like the plague. The alien effect fallen from space is immediate. Are automatic & dirt from the sidewalk. Donate to walk the grace of a duck.
  2. Forget to wear the heads in synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are a godsend when you have to iron, that prevents you to do it, but they can punish you and send you to the circle of hell if you dare to wear them in the summer. Transpiration cleared. Stinking proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant scents. Glistening red carpet under the scorching sun. Continue reading “What You Should Not Wear in Summer”

OnePlus and JBL Collaborate on Headphones

Ambitious OnePlus has received the renowned JBL to play with, as there should be made headphones for OnePlus One.

We must never let himself carefully, at least if you are, and that’s why they got OnePlus using JBL, as there should be made new headphones. JBL is known for getting good sound out of its speakers, and it is a feather in the CAP for OnePlus to have them as a partner.

OnePlus writes itself, that the new headphones provide a ‘massive bass’, together with crystal clear sound through the entire sound spectrum.

There are also 3 buttons on the headphones, so it is possible to switch music track, pick up the phone and even take a picture when it is most convenient.

The headphones called JBL E1+, and they can be purchased at OnePlus’ website. The price is located at 269 kronor, but they are not yet in stock.

Freshwater Fishing Lines

This year, there are in the area of braided fishing lines with WFT to rediscover much. Today we take a look at two lines, which will immediately jump not only the fisherman in the eye. New ways of production constantly find their way into our products. So also 2016. stay tuned for some absolute high-performance strings. traditionally we are always very strong in WFT in this segment, but also applies to us, that we us never satisfied with a product, as long as one can improve it a little.

WFT 8 rocks KG / 8-carrier Super braid

The WFT 8 rocks KG a Japanese premium is a string, which is made from highest quality high modulus UHMPE threads. This 8-braided line impresses with its innovative weaving method and a special coating, which increases the life expectancy of 8 KG of rocks when compared with normal braided fishing lines up to 10 x. This sophisticated coating gives their undying durability of cord and is thus well suited for difficult conditions and expected hangers on the bottom. We wish you lots of fun on the water and thick fish you with WFT 8 rocks KG

Well suited for cloudy, how clear, greenish water. An absolute allround color.

8 kg of rocks an 8-braided line of top-class. Perfect for the modern spin fishing, but also for most other fishing methods. WFT guarantees the fishermen here all information on carrying capacity and diameter.

  • extremely abrasion resistant
  • completely round
  • no ingress of water
  • suitable for hindernissreiche waters, where it depends on strong material
  • very high distances
  • ideal for fishing for predators with lures (for example, jigging)
  • perfect bite transmission of spin fishing
  • Colors: Yellow, green
  • Diameter: 0, 12mm, 0, 14mm, 0. 18mm, 0. 30mm
  • Available in 150, 300 (0. 30mm) and 2000 meters
WFT 12 + 1 KG / 12 + 1 – carrier Center braid

Highest quality UHMPE filaments become United in this line thanks to a new fishing bait invented by for freshwater fishing. This 12 + 1-fold cord braided high tech. WFT prepares new standards in the field of technically possible here, because node – as well as abrasion resistance, some 50% higher, as strings braided at 8 x.
A special braiding in the manufacture is applied at the WFT 12 + 1 KG. Here, an inner fiber is added to a 12-filamentous structure to ensure a maximum breaking load and fill the hollow core, which is produced in the manufacture of 12 braided cords. Thus, no water ingresses the WFT 12 + 1 kg which would greatly affect fishing.The admittedly not entirely cheap heavy-duty cord will accompany also the hardcore angler over a long period of time.

  • very elastic
  • no cord noise when fishing
  • absolutely round
  • very resistant to abrasion
  • Colors: Yellow, green
  • Diameter: 0, 09mm
  • Available in 150 meters and large coil with 2000 meters
New colors and diameter in the already existing WFT string range

There’s also some increases in the already existing string this year program, such as, for example, new diameters for the GLISS KG. Some braided lines were extended color, diameter and length. So there are, for example, the popular first 8 finally in strong diameters for the really big fish revised. Of course the proven KG strong, with the world’s countless officially recognized record fish have been caught and the proven KG plasma, where now a plasma indicator on the market comes, which changes the string every meter remain in the program the Silent Eight KG will also keep you, as well as the WFT Round Dynamix. We are perfectly positioned in the area of braided cords with WFT, thus can offer always an cord customers, which suits him and his angling. Whether in the freshwater or saltwater!


USB Camera Review

Video Telephony

A USB camera has useful applications. From phone she accepts telephony. Making calls with video is becoming increasingly popular, as the success of smartphones is impressive.

Cheap USB Cameras Retrofitted
In many new PCs is a USB camera inserted. PCs without a camera can be retrofitted with a USB camera. USB is plug and play, the software will automatically set up. Often, a host of facilities with software included. Use it the external camera to different PCs, so can the learned sequences transmitted. From 20 Euro cameras are to acquire in order to equip the computer. Some collect and enhance their videos to the computer. So you can combine comments and compilations with new video.On some computers, thus comes Audio on the list of possibilities

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How to Use Picture Frame Decoration

The picture frame is a great choice for framing pictures, and, with them, to complement the decor of a room, is to bring fond memories to the fore, is to break the doldrums visual of a mobile or comfortable or even as a creative piece of design. In addition to being a great option for exposing parts and moments of personal nature and importance and very own meanings, the frames can be a very effective solution to put the visitors, guests and residents of a local residence important, loved ones and travel goals.

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Minecraft for Windows Phone on the Way

It is not surprising, but now it’s confirmed-Minecraft is on track to get a Windows Phone version.

The popularity of the game Minecraft is enormous, and it is also the main reason why Microsoft bought the company behind the game. However, there have not been a version for Windows Phone, but it gets there.

Due to the sale to Microsoft, it was anything but just expected that there would be a Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone, but now it is official.

Jens Bergen stone, which is in the forefront of the development of Minecraft, have on Twitter confirmed that it is in the process of it. Continue reading “Minecraft for Windows Phone on the Way”

Bike LED Lights Review

Dinamo most efficient are important and decisive but, without adequate lights to improved efficiency, would be useless. In this area there has been a revolution due to the constant evolution of the LED. Previously only used to flashing lights and now even to light. The main features that enhance this product are the following:

  • Operating from 10,000 to 50,000 hours lifetime
  • High efficiency (compared to conventional lights).
  • Installation flexibility
  • Secure it operates at low voltage
  • Cold Start (up to -40 ° C without problems)
  • Insensitive to moisture and vibrations
  • Duration is not affected by the number of ignitions and shutdowns

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Android N Hides the Freeform Mode

On the occasion of the arrival of the first alpha of Android N, we got to see some of the interesting innovations that will be introduced with the new release of Android. This Google has worked, what has emerged so far, out of an update can bring, at last, the official in multi windows stock and on all Android devices that will be using this system release. New products available are obviously very much and you can see them taking a look at our first video tour of Android N, while keep emerging new hidden safely inside of the lines of code of Android N, far from being used, at least at present. Continue reading “Android N Hides the Freeform Mode”

How to Choose a Brooch

Brooch, though somewhat forgotten accessory can be a great addition to your outfit. Used with finesse and skill combined with other jewelry reflects individual style brings uniqueness.Different shapes, design and method of attachment predrazpolat to multiple interpretations.Unleash their imagination – choose the right model and add to playfully tease your vision.

Brooches, badges and medals, can be defined as heirs fibula occurring during the Bronze Age.Made mostly of bronze and iron, was used to fasten and decorate clothing. A richly ornamented and inlaid patterns made of silver and gold, showed material wealth and social status. Different types of fibulae are important for the dating of archaeological monuments. Often found in burials as part of the clothing and decoration of the deceased.

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Top 5 Trends for Winter 2016

Who keeps asking “Ok, it’s been the SPFW, but until now I don’t know what’s going to be winter trend!”? Yes my loves, I believe most of you, because I was a bit like that. Unfortunately, with the rush didn’t have time to do my studies on trends and I ended up getting a little on the outside, I admit … But, how I love you and I do, yesterday I stayed all afternoon searching the top trends winter 2016 to tell you! Let’s start?

There are many seasons that the metallic luster’s appearing with everything on the catwalks, and who doesn’t? Winter is a cold season that motivates us to use dark colors, so the brightness at a time makes all the difference huh? I confess that I love!

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Apple Event on Thursday-That We Expect

On Thursday, Apple keeps another event, and there can be many things on the program for all the Apple fans.

Although Apple recently unveiled their iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, so there is not many days to Tim Cook and co. are standing on stage again.

It’s probably no more iPhones to be displayed, but Apple also do many other things to show up on Thursday at 19 Danish time.

Apple may have anything from iMacs to iPads lined up when they again opens it doors, and especially the screens can get a lot of attention, after Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus went over their Retina-resolution. Continue reading “Apple Event on Thursday-That We Expect”

Fenix TK41C LED Flashlight

The Fenix ​​TK41 is based on the Fenix ​​TK45, but there is a big difference: While the Fenix ​​TK45 is a real Flooder is and on wide-area illumination was designed, which is Fenix ​​TK41 a pure Thrower, of the manufacturer over 400 meters range offers.

First of all I want to say at this point already that the Fenix ​​TK41 mastered this task brilliantly, but more on that later.

One last thing before we begin the same: Since not every flashlight holster included (the Fenix ​​TK41 is an example) or assets the included holster to convince high or optically not always, I will of course do this in the future with my reviews whether the tested torch for universal flashlight Holster of MAXpedition is compatible.

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Child Development Stages Games

H and 5 months your child begins to catch objects-not only when you put them in his hand, but when you see them and can only touch them by hand. That, says prof. Gencho Piryova is early contact of the child with the toy.

At the end of the first year the child becomes more deftly. It can now walk and began “dangerous” period browsing the house, touching and examining everything in sight him.

At the second year ball game became a favorite child-initially That condition would roll on the floor, then learns to catch and feed. The child already has 30-40 words in the dictionary and began to speak with dolls and teddy bear to deal with a particular interest in picture books.

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Different Types of Womens Handbags

Before offering you one you crazy for weeks, you know that choosing her purse by its morphology can really change your figure? We give our advice.

Each Woman’s Handbag as its Morphology

This title has surprised you and you wonder what that might mean? Well aware that even if there is no ban in fashion, the same handbag will not give all the same rendering on all women.

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New Patent War: Samsung Risk American Sales Ban

The pending lawsuit between NVIDIA on the one hand, and Samsung and Qualcomm on the other can have major consequences.

It is not small items, when the big boys are suing each other on the other side of the Atlantic. NVIDIA have sued Samsung and Qualcomm, and now they’ve gotten the justice system to look at whether some Samsung products will no longer be sold in the United States.

A long line of Samsung’s highest-profile products can stand for the shot. NVIDIA will have stopped the sale of Samsung products, among other things, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600, 800, 801 and 805. It is specifically the Qualcomm Adreno, arm’s Mali and imaginations PowerVR-grafikartikturer, that is the problem. Continue reading “New Patent War: Samsung Risk American Sales Ban”

LED Street Lights vs Conventional

Countries, cities, community, communities, small towns… they all have problems with steadily rising energy prices and strapped coffers.Administrations try at every turn to reduce supply costs permanently, without reducing the comfort of the citizens and residents. This may immediately with economical LED streetlights happen!

LED street lighting has exorbitant advantages compared to the old street lights. Besides substantially longer burn time of the LED street lights, power consumption is minimal for modern street lighting. New products have familiar B22 lamp base, so these lamps are backward compatible with already pre-install streetlights.

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LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE

LG presents a new model Watch Urbane with LTE connectivity without Android Wear, what is that?

If you only weeks LG presented his new Watch Urbane with which try to compete with the new wave of smartwatch looming in the coming months, recently the company has just unveiled a second model of the device with LTE connectivity and with some variations significiativas. Indeed, it is not just a version of the Watch Urbane with LTE, actually, we could say that these are two different smartwatch.

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5 Trends of NYFW Spring 2016

Well, I showed you in a previous post what were the trends in street style of the NYFW Spring 2016 and if you haven’t checked out, click here. But today I will show you 5 trends that appear in weight on the runway and that promise to be the macaws of the stores next summer. As are many fashion shows it’s hard to concentrate on just a trend but for sure these that I separated for you will come with everything. They want to know?Just scroll the mouse and have fun.

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HTC One M8 Dual Sim: Business Mobile in Alu-Suit [Test]

HTC are not strangers in Dual SIM world and turns sharply with HTC One M8.

There was a time when mobiles with the SIM kortstvillinger was reserved for the price scraped. We were not allowed the luxury of both private and work phone – it had to be towed and keeping track of two units.

In Denmark, there has neither been a big focus or needs, but the truth is that many, for example, live in Malmö, but works in Copenhagen. It would then be smart with a phone which did not have to switch SIM cards or to keep track of two phones.

HTC comes to the rescue. As it was done with the first One-line version of HTC, HTC genleveret its flagship of a design gem – two SIM cards, two antennas. The original HTC One M8 was launched in March, and four months after getting Dual SIM version. Continue reading “HTC One M8 Dual Sim: Business Mobile in Alu-Suit [Test]”

3D Printing Lighting Design

That design lamp now comes from the 3D printer, is not surprising. The times at which the 3D printing was acted alone as a method for the construction of models and prototypes, are long gone. Food, institutions, cars and houses can come out of such a printer, considered in its three dimensions, used and even eaten today. What we have sometimes heard about as a headline in the news or gimmick of science, has long since penetrated in truth in our daily lives. The example of the design lamp Light Forest Danish manufacturer And tradition, we present the 3D printing as an innovative manufacturing technology before.

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Vulnerable Million Android Devices

“Stagefright library bugs will certainly be remembered as the most dangerous ever identified. To date, the threat would seem to have been eradicated with the release of patch by all manufacturers of smartphones. If Google, for its part, has created a new system of monthly releases to ensure greater safety in the whole ecosystem Android, a new cry of alarm would be raised by the team of researchers Israelis of NorthBit, through a new library exploits potentially dangerous to millions of devices.

The new exploit called “Metaphor” and through a video shot by the same researchers, runs successfully on a Nexus 5 and later also tested on LG G3, HTC and Samsung Galaxy S5 all labelled as being at risk. Continue reading “Vulnerable Million Android Devices”

Sports You Can Do for Free

In sports, many people think of sports paid, such as a gym or a pool. An often-mentioned excuse to not have to work out is that they have no money for it. But there are also many opportunities to play sports for free. What can you do for free sport? What opportunities are there any?

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